Politically Incorrect Google Search (PIG). Must try!

Google searches can be frustrating. You get all the boring main stream media lies, and you have to dig deep to get interesting alternative politically incorrect site links.


Your frustration is over.


Try pig: Politically incorrect Google Search 

at fluechtling.net/pig

(German version:
Politisch inkorrekte Google Suche (pigs) at fluechtling.net/pigs )


You must try searches yourself to believe it. You will want to use this search instead of the normal Google Search.

Please help to improve the searches by posting blog rolls and link lists with politically incorrect sites, in English and in German. There is a lot more to add, especially in German.

If you search for "Blacks Lives Matter" you get this nice result




If you were to look at the normal boring Google Search, you would get this




  • Please really try a few searches
  • Please tell your friends.
  • Please comment
  • Please list some links to blog rolls, or lists of politically incorrect sites for further improvement of this search

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

3 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Google Search (PIG). Must try!”

    1. I wonder, is that popup very bad? I kind of hate sending people right off away from my site. But many people have popups blocked.

      Please comment on the search results. I am really pleased. If you want, help me with links to a few anti=feminst blogrolls and link list, because so far the search focuses more on race realism, immigration etc.

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