Zootopia: predators’ aggression caused by racism, not genetics

Disney’s Zootopia Is a Delightful Kids’ Movie That Is Also Totally About Racial Profiling [Slate]

Disney’s newest animated feature Zootopia, out Friday, is good! The concept–it’s about a city of anthropomorphic animals in which predators and prey peacefully coexist–is creative. The animation is vibrantly beautiful. I loved its hero, eager rookie cop Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin), and her foil, the con-artist fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). {snip}

It’s also 100 percent about racial profiling: Just as the message of Frozen is that sisterly love can conquer all, the message of Zootopia is that racial profiling by police and society is bad. {snip}

In the city of Zootopia, predators and prey recall that in the dark ages they were wild and hunted each other, but in modern, civilized times, they live side by side. But just as racial misunderstanding and inequity undergirds American society, the relationship between predators and prey in Zootopia isn’t as simple as it might seem.

German version Zoomania: Rassismus, nicht Genetik macht Raubtiere agressiv- Zootopia:

No one is intrinsically aggressive or bad

In Disney’s movie Zootopia predators are not intrinsically, genetically aggressive.

Rather it is prejudice that makes foxes and tigers aggressive. Alleging that meat eating predators are genetically inclined to violence against rabbits and other herbivores?   That is RACISM! Apologies are needed!!

Spectators get the right message: Tigers are not genetically inclined to violence, so Blacks, North African refugees are not inclined to violence. Only prejudice is to blame for misbehavior.


Tiger violence has social causes? Black and immigrant violence is socially caused?

Today’s children, indoctrinated by political correctness, do not notice the irony in this insanity.

They will not get they wrong message, that both tiger aggression and black aggression could be inborn, genetic. (racism disclaimer)

Of course it is absurd to deny that meat eating animals have a genetic propensity to butcher animals. Duh. They need to eat meat and not carrots.

If meat eating foxes, lions, and tigers don’t kill, they die within a few days. And thus the species would have gone extinct long ago.


Human races differ in testosterone levels. [Oxfordjournals], [Elsevier Science] [Researchgate].

Clearly demonstrated Race differences in IQ and race differences in criminality are probably just as genetic as foxes’ propensity to attack and eat rabbits. (disclaimer)


Cute female bunnies make excellent police officers

Quotenpolizistinnen können problemlos Schwergewichtsmänner verhaften

Of course, female quota bunnies are as capable of arresting foxes and elephants as any giant male animal. No mention how such ideology costs lives


PC Quotas kill

  • Dangerously incompetent fire fighters, weakened by gender quotas, dumbed by racial quota nonsense

  • Discrimination Police fitness test scrapped over concerns it was causing a high failure rate among women applicants. 

  • Springs Officers Will No Longer Take Fitness Tests After Discrimination Lawsuit


    And, by the way, one must not call a female bunny "cute".




    Hollywood movies, politically correct indoctrination, social engineering


    Today’s Hollywood movies are totally in the service of social engineering and indoctrination. Dark skinned predators are victims of a white sheep. Foxes suffer from prejudiced herbivores that don’t see their intrinsic good peaceful character. Women fight as good or better as men. Blacks have better character and Intelligence than whites.


    Disney’s Cinderella: Black Hero Overcomes Corrupt White Duke :

    In the Lazarus effect the computer hacker that defeats the surveillance system is … black. The typical computer nerd is Black … in Hollywood. In Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden Hollywood compulsively added  a non-existing Black hero to diversify the purely white seal team.3 4 After Nasa, the navy, now the Navy Seals will have as their most important goal to provide diversity 9 10 11, not to defend the US, or to get a man person to the moon [7].

    1) All sexes, genders, races are equal

    The PC (Politically correct) equality dogma states that all races and sexes genders are equal. Thus any disparity allegedly is due to discrimination, not to different talent, different mean or variance in iq.

    These movies are meant to slowly, subtly brainwash people, over years, to believe that women are as strong or stronger than men, and Blacks are the more virtuous and intelligent than Whites.


    2) Blacks commit no crimes

    Together with the MSM press’s express policy of not reporting race of Black criminals, whitewashing ghastly crimes like the Knoxville Horror, ignoring black crime by Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, Michael Brown

    3) The Great White defendant [link]

    Whites attacking Blacks are so rare that the MSM and Sharpton race mongers resort to  trumping up clear self defense by Whites against Blacks:  Darren Wilson and white Hispanic George Zimmerman  against Blacks as heinous crimes.

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