Racist joke by stand up comedian: theater owner arrested in Brazil

Police were called, the justice secretary office of the state of São Paulo opened an inquiry into the crime of racism against a stand up comedian. 1 One owner of the nightclub was arrested and released on bail. The night club might get closed down. Sanitary authorities were called and the night club’s kitchen was closed. An alien kitchen worker was sent home to get his documentation.


The crime: a racist joke

The crime? Black comedian Felipe Hamachi had called a black musician "monkey".  At a comedy show where all guests had signed a waiver, that they are aware that they can be the target of offensive humor and jokes. The musician was not a paying guest and had not signed the waiver. Rather he worked in the show, but had mingled with the paying public. Legal officials stated that the waiver was legally invalid, as nobody can sign away their human rights. A comedian that can not make jukes without offending a large portion of the  population should change his profession.

The district attorneys will "take the measures they deem appropriate in relation to stand-up that offend blacks, women, homosexuals and people with disabilities"   Prosecutors handling case of Black musicians who was called monkey/ original

One commentator stated:

All humor has a "victim". Prohibiting jokes about blacks while those about Portuguese, blondes, Japanese and several other groups are allowed, it is more racist than the offensive joke itself.

and anotheroffended-musician

The solution is to prohibit and put in jail all who satirize the minorities with jokes involving physical, religious, racial, social characteristics, sexual orientation etc., as for the victims of the jokes, this is not funny. This covers topics such as: Portuguese idiot, dumb blonde , the sissy affected gay, the fat glutton, the Italian mafia, the Scottish drinker,  the stingy Jew, the Japanese small dick, old pervert, priest sex, the money grabbing minister , lazy Bahia people, the gay gaucho, the Rio rascal, the police bastard, a black criminal, the sly blind man. Legal protection against satires is needed for short people, the bald, the obese,, crippled, the spinsters, and alcoholics  Humor Criminalmente Incorreto

Human-Stupidity analysis

We could not have said it better then the above commentator.  Political correctness protects "easily offended people" and thus stifles free speech, artists, photographers (child porn laws) world wide.

Comedians are considered shocking, to be dealt with by police. Notoriously corrupt lying politicians are a laughable joke

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