Shoot London rioters on sight! Politically correct humanitarianism risks lives of good citizens to save looters and hooligans

120792132DK018_RIOTING_BREAPolitical correctness and humanitarianism and human rights were invented by civilized intelligent academics.  They might work for civilized intelligent populations.  These good intentions have been maligned for giving more protection to felons then to their innocent law abiding victims.

Applying these rules to uncontrollable criminally minded looters and hooligans has terrible effects: good citizen’s physical integrity, lives, health, financial integrity get destroyed by such criminals. 

A furniture shop in Croydon which had been in the same family for five generations was completely destroyed after being torched. Owner Trevor Rees, 56, said the business was started in 1867 by his great-great- grandfather, Edwin Reeves, and employed 15 people. Sky News

London-riotsKilling a few rioters might save lives of innocent people. At least it can prevent HUGE property damage and suffering for millions of citizens who stay locked at home in fear instead of proceeding with their normal productive lives. Order and safety for ordinary citizens should be above the rights of violent dangerous felons.

Commander Christine Jones said events were "simply inexcusable".

"Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery," she said.

"The Met will ensure that those responsible will face the consequences of their actions and be arrested." Sky News

Humanely arresting a marauding crowd of arsonists is not practical. It will not protect safety and property of good citizens, it will not stop and prevent imminent danger.

120817027PM015_RIOTS_AND_LOPut a camera on the sights of the guns of police. Make sure that everyone shot was engaged in an act of dangerous violence, with arms, crow bars, Molotov Cocktails, and was not in self defense against criminals. If non-lethal violence can be used. But don’t be shy to use deadly force. One can even arrest an entire crowd: have you seen 5 policemen controlling a huge crowd of riotous prisoners, lying on the ground? The prisoners know, one false move and they get shot.

Using lethal force, there will be inevitable collateral damage. Certainly less damage then done by week-long riots.This damage should be accepted and excused, provided it can be shown to be accidental and due to true honest mistakes. Honest serious policemen, and citizens defending their life and property should be excused in case of honest battlefield mistakes.

Yes, we want to provoke to think different. Yes we see that there are problems in our attitude. We see that there are serious problem in the unquestioning humanitarianism that protects criminals and creates havoc.


These are not race riots: Though they began, on Saturday afternoon, with a small protest in Tottenham, north London, over the shooting of a dark-skinned man by police under suspicious circumstances, they quickly became a much wider and less purposeful explosion of youth criminality.  […]

The small crowds of very young men and women, of every skin colour, typically dressed in almost identical hooded sweatshirts, were on the main streets of the mainly poor neighbourhoods along the city’s northeastern, southern and western boundaries, engaged in running skirmishes with police, looting hundreds of shops, setting dozens of buildings and houses ablaze.
London police overwhelmed in explosion of violence by futureless youth

Yes, try to solve social problems before they become unsolvable. Really confronting taboo topics such as race and iq, immigration, dysgenics, are the first step. People that are born with low IQ (a taboo topic), to low IQ parents, with dysfunctional families (that are more frequent among low IQ people) and in bad social environment (a ghetto of likewise displaced people.

But, don’t forget to save those in imminent danger, those who are threatened with physical violence. If the use of deadly force can save upstanding citizens, then it is be negligence not to use it.

Unsuccessful males, an uncontrollable force

This is a chronic problem in Britain, which has a “lost generation” of young high-school dropouts far larger than most other Western countries.

One European Union study this year found that 17 per cent of Britain’s youth are classified as “NEETs” – for Not in Employment, Education or Training, in other words high-school dropouts with no prospects of employment – the fourth-highest percentage in the European Union. There are 600,000 people under 25 in Britain who have never had a day of work.

In the EEA, low ranking unsuccessful males do not procreate. This is an evolutionary disaster. Evolutionary psychology has shown that adolescent males are pre-wired to take high risks to gain social status in order to get access to women. Daredevil behavior, risky driving, fights, murder, criminality have their greatest prevalence in adolescence.  It

Such behavior actually makes men attractive to women: bad boys were successful in the ancient EEA where female choice and attraction were formed. Nerdy studious shy males may be successful today, but were not the leaders in the EEA.

Such men used to go on crusades, on ships to discover America, engage in violent revolutions, or whatever venue could bring success in life. If they have a 50% chance of dying, and a 10% chance of becoming really successful, by the mathematics of reproductive success, it is worth the risk to those that otherwise don’t have much of a chance.

As devil’s advocate, we suggest to seriously analyze taboo solutions like ready availability of prostitution, and polyandry (which is historically practiced where one man does not have enough resources for a family. These men are serious trouble, they have nothing to lose and great determination. 

7 thoughts on “Shoot London rioters on sight! Politically correct humanitarianism risks lives of good citizens to save looters and hooligans”

  1. Thanks for your concern Roger and you’ll be pleased to see that I am (fingers crossed) back up again.

    Regarding the article – good, controversial points. Given that I cam back from vacation to see a row of burnt out and boarded up shops in my road, I have some sympathy with such a draconian un-politically correct approach.

    I would repeat again, however, that if human rights were suspended completely on Monday, then 20,000 ‘paedophiles’ would be swinging from the lamposts by Friday – including, of course, many healthy males attracted to fertile teenage girls.

    Human-rights legislation is the ONLY coceievable way we can stop the legislative creep of the sexual trade union (short of violence or other criminal acts). For example the EU child porn law which criminlises the mere viewing of a sexy pic of a 17 year old girl surely contradicts the EU’s own human right to a private life when no state in the EU has an age of consent higher than 16 (except Ireland), as well as leading to selective justice given that it must criminilise millions of people, if not the majority of the male population.

    1. The anti-feminist said he was hacked and he will fix it as soon as possible after this (past) Friday. Thanks for letting me know, ……

  2. In principle I agree with shoot-to-kill but, since this is never going to be allowed in our so-called “democracies”, a more imaginative solution is called for.

    I have often felt sympathy for Israeli soldiers being sling-stoned by Arab rioters and, of course, whenever the Israelis responded with live fire the rioters were able to milk every casualty for sympathy.

    I thought why not respond with stone-throwing themselves but a high-tech version which fired stones like a machine-gun fires bullets? A stone-firing gatling gun..!

    If such a machine were available it would work brilliantly in these latest London riots. The stones could be fired – raked across a whole crowd of rioters – at shin level – the majority of those in the front ranks would be hit and go down on the floor where they could then be arrested. As soon as the mob sees the vanguard falling down in agony they would quickly scarper. I would recommend another volley to hit the retreaters in the calf, just as painful if not more. Many would get away and not be arrested but they would have learnt a lesson they would not forget.

    Problem solved – teach the rioters a short and sharp but not deadly lesson.

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