Combat trafficking! Patronize local prostitutes (says Danish law maker)


Female anti-immigrant lawmaker tells men to patronize Danish prostitutes to combat trafficking

Pia Adelsteen has a sensible suggestion to combat alleged trafficking of women for the purpose of prostitution.  Buy local goods. If trafficking really exists, this would be a good solution. For an anti-immigrant party, this is even more obvious.

A woman lawmaker from an anti-immigrant Danish political party said on Wednesday that men should visit only Danish prostitutes to help combat trafficking of foreign sex workers.

“I think we should try to stop this trafficking and that means it’s best if they don’t go to a foreign girl,” Pia Adelsteen of the Danish People’s Party (DPP) told AFP.

Her remarks came after a poll by the Ministry for Gender Equality showed that one in seven Danish men believe it is acceptable to use a prostitute who has been the victim of trafficking.

“I think we should look into whether there’s anything that can be done so that prostitutes could show that they have chosen this for themselves,” she said.

“I have nothing against men paying for sex, or women for that matter.”

Denmark is the only country in the Nordic region to allow both the sale and purchase of sex.

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    2 thoughts on “Combat trafficking! Patronize local prostitutes (says Danish law maker)”

    1. Also, I love the words of that psychologist – that said
      There is something worse than being a sex-object, and that’s NOT being a sex-object.

    2. I actually see this as more restrictions on men imposed by feminists. Basically it’s about cutting down the choice of men and women deciding what men should be satisfied with. That’s my interpretation, though I may be wrong.

      Since this is about Denmark, have you written anything on another stupidity issue from Denmark? I am talking about the Blachman show.

      Apparently, this show is no big deal in Denmark itself, but it has caused a great deal of outrage among the feminists in media in some of the English speaking countries.
      A lot of the critics actually didn’t even bother to watch the show or try to understand what this show is about.

      I like the way this guy Blachman put it- we are heading for a dickless society.

      The stupidity I am talking about is the reaction of some of the humans(mostly women) to this show. The women that appeared in the show are obviously consenting adults. Why should there ever any problems with it? I hate censorship, especially those that don’t have any cause.

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