Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.

This TV series about Race and Intelligence shows the facts pretty well. The authors are fairly open minded. In the end they trying to remain politically correct and find what they want to find: that there is no genetic basis, or that differences are only due to discrimination.


Race and Intelligence 1/7 por NzingahMorena


Race and Intelligence 2/7 por NzingahMorena
It is easily forgotten: Human-Stupidity is not really about the scientific discussion and solution of racial theories. We are most interested in unconsciousness, blindness, dogmatism.

We are watching how clear scientific statements by Jensen, Rushton are met with ire and pseudo-scientific rebuttals. Even Mr. James Watson, who is not a normal Nobel Prize winner, but considered one of the most prestigious of Nobel prize winners was destroyed when he dared to speak unpopular truths. Even he is so wrong, where are the scientific rebuttals instead of the ad hominem attacks?

We wish that the truth would be accepted, so the discussion would be based on the truth, not on wishful thinking. Further discussions are here:

These videos are also on youtube, but part of it already has been deleted by demand of a TV station. We wish there was an honest way to see these videos respecting the producers. Either to suffer through some commercials, or to do some micro-payments (no, not human-stupidity, but the interested watcher. I.e. we would gladly pay one fee for your own watching)

Race and Intelligence 3/7 por NzingahMorena


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This movie let Lynn and Rushton speak first, and then Nisbett gives a few counter-examples, and finally Flynn give his opinion. The trick is, that there is no chance for Rushton and Lynn to give a final rebuttal. A discussion of the four would be great.

Let us give Rushton a chance for rebuttal:

Note that one of the thrusts of the well intended help to improve the fate of blacks is to save them from the culture they themselves created. The same way how culture can influence intelligence, intelligence influences the type of culture people create.


Race and Intelligence 7/7 por NzingahMorena

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

9 thoughts on “Evolution, Intelligence, Behavior, Race.”

  1. Are the makers of that program seriously claiming the reason for the success of Asians in universities is the teachings of Confucius from TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND YEARS AGO?

    I think a more likely explanation would be that Asians back then were smart too and understood the importance of study and knowledge, just as they do today.

  2. Yes the director does seem to think that “my people need saving” kind of approach, but I recommend watching the videos but take politics out of the equation.

    The stuff on Flynn’s Spectacles is fascinating and easy to believe. My one question would be “what has changed on the IQ tests over time for the subjects?” – and “how would a change to an IQ test today invalidate a test done one or two decades ago” ?

    I was always told I had a high intelligence and I did well at school until the last year. Family problems meant I ended up getting in trouble, and I messed my life up a lot. IQ (e.g. academic excellence) doesn’t mean success – it just offers another (massive) door for those youngsters starting out.

  3. I think my hero, the French mathematician George-Louis de Buffon said it best about intelligence, when once accused of it

    “Intelligence is nothing more than an aptitude for patience”

    Ergot – it is more likely that poor academic excellence is a social problem rather than the frankly tenuous notion that it is a biological one.

    In addition, women achieve more academically on average than men, yet they will grow up to be treated as a risk and as less intelligent than men because society expects that they will not achieve as much because they’ll be taking leave to have children at some point.

    Treat someone as X and they’ll become it (except under rare situations with motivated individuals). This kind of program does nothing to change social stereotypes.

    Finally, it is widely accepted that there is a very real problem with IQ scores. They test a limited range of human traits. This is the reason why wit and IQ can be so different.

    Anyone aware of the nature of pseduoscience will understand that there is a lot of “academic” research out there that just looks and sounds the part, and because there are few others willing to undertake the same expenses to perform the same research only to be laughed at for proving again the very notion that someone else proved before. Therefore they research something slightly different, relying on the first “research” to back up their argument – and before you know it the whole of human society agrees with some radical notion – at least for a while.

    You can make statistics read like anything you want them to. Businesses often use these kind of tricks to back up their campaigns or as ways of selling various products to the comsumer.

    Don’t for a second think this doesn’t happen inside of every other institute. There’s too much money being thrown around to discredit a faction’s political agenda.

  4. What truth are you talking about? That there are average group disparities in IQ score? That isn’t being denied. Skepticism is being made toward the theory that races differ in intelligence. There is a scientific basis for this.

    If your problem is with the academic equivalent of stamping out heresy by intimidating racialist researchers into silence then I agree that there should be no political bullying within the academic arena. All theories should be subjected to critique.

    To say that James Watson was telling the truth is an over-statement. First of all he didn’t say anything as an objective fact he simply said that the research on intelligence testing has made him gloomy about Africa because he personally speculates that Blacks are not as intelligent as Whites. Watson is not speaking from a position of authority. He has no scientific proof for his statement only an opinion based on research he has read.

    All the proponents of racialism on human-stupidity are entitled to their opinion however if you are going to promote this research as valid science it should be open to debate. There’s a difference between saying it’s stupid to censor scholarship and saying that it’s stupid not to accept controversial, hotly contested and unproven theories.

    1. Hi there. Here is a video I put together documenting my personal experience with parental alienation. I think it’s a high quality production, and a powerful rebuttal to those experts who claim “parental alienation” doesn’t exist–that it is just an excuse used by “bad” parents. Please let me know what you think. Please consider promoting or passing along this video to whomever you think may benefit.




  5. Blacks were already saved from the culture they created. They were saved by colonialism, liberalism, and modernism. Surely, the results speak for themselves by now.

    The only solution ever was to cease saving other people “because they aren’t like the us” and to let them find their own way in their own time and space unmolested for a change.

  6. Well… I got through the first two of those; I don’t want to spend all day watching them. From the get go, he makes it clear that any unpopular conclusion is “his enemy” and that he finds it hard to view this topic professionally. The video uses dramatic music – to make it appear that something substantial is being done. In reality, it is just a propaganda piece (at least from what I saw).

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