IQ tests prohibited for job requirement, mandatory at death row


America’s elite, normally so dismissive of IQ, found themselves having to consider                                                                                                      and publicly in the US Supreme Court (from March 3) a case brought forward from Florida to the effect that IQ  80, not 70, should be the cut-off point for deciding mental defect in criminal cases (Nature, 20 ii). Chris Brand

At issue here is PC (political correctness). Whenever IQ disadvantages Blacks, it is prohibited. While a cutoff at IQ 70 exempts 2 of Whites, it exempts 30% of Blacks. While it inches closer to 85, the Black average, it gets closer to exclude half of Blacks from responsibility.

Scoring low on purpose


It is very easy to run a race slower then one’s slowest speed, or to do bad on a test in school, on purpose. So scoring low on an IQ test is very easy.  2 3

An IQ score can dramatically misjudge intelligence, depending on how motivated the person is when taking the IQ test, scientists discovered.

Academic performance, level of education, job performance, criminal record and even physical health and longevity are often linked to the person’s intelligence quotient, or IQ score, which tends to suggest intelligence is primarily responsible for all these outcomes.   1

With sufficient coaching even dumb people can learn to score even dumber on IQ tests. It is important though, that no amount of effort will make you run faster then Usain Bolt, and no amount of effort (other then outright cheating) will make you score higher on IQ tests. One can pretend to be dumb or slow, but not pretend to be fast or bright.  

Or can can score low just for lack of effort and motivation. Offering money for good results can increase IQ scores 4 5 6

IQ Test illegal for job entry requirements

In Griggs v. Duke Power Co. the Supreme court decided that IQ tests must not be used in job admission tests. In spite of the fact that a vast amount of  research shows that IQ test is by far the best predictor of job performance. As the Bell Curve cites, the US military has tested millions of recruits for a century, and tracked the professional success of hundreds of thousands, to establish this fact.

So, for political correctness reasons, employers are deprived of the very best tool to select the best candidates for a job. Because this correctly discriminates against Blacks who indisputably have lower IQ (read our 80 posts about race and iq), this practice is prohibited. More is done to force employers to hire incompetent workers unable to do the job

A point has been made that Millions have waste money and time on unnecessary college degrees. These serve as a proxy for intelligence tests. No low-IQ person will get a degree at Stanford, though quotas may cause distortions.

IQ tests mandatory on death row

The same supreme court decided that mentally retarded "special" people can not be fully held responsible for their crimes. 8 9 10 11 An IQ of 70 certainly is enough not to get executed, maybe 75 or 80 still are considered reason to escape death punishment

This means that 15 % to 30% of Blacks are not considered fully responsible for their crime, as US Black IQ is around 85 mean with 15 Standard Deviation.

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6 thoughts on “IQ tests prohibited for job requirement, mandatory at death row”

  1. Assimilation is a massive part of the problem

    How many blacks had low i.q before the loss of segregation, & most black men were betas, instead of thugs

    If blacks assimilated into white culture, ie in the 1950s, theyre i.qs would be a lot higher

    1. Unfortunately, low black IQ seems genetic. Evidence is here: Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the "all races are equal" dogma.

      But, certainly, the total collapse of family structure, lack of fathers, and the fact that middle class decent Blacks move away from the ghetto has detrimental social effects, probably less on IQ but on criminality and education. The Bell curve stresses also that low IQ professions are dying out, further aggravated by forcing low IQ people into dumbed down colleges instead of into vocational training. See Average Students need not apply. Swiss High Schools admit only brightest 20%

      There are also indication that genetics create culture, this is why Chinese culture is so different from African culture. Of course, the outright thug culture of US inner cities certainly is worse then the former working man family structure. The entitlement attitude, welfare, and hate caused by political correctness lies about white privilege also aggravate the situation Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC.

      Affirmative action’s giving hiring privileges to Blacks of course helped creating a Black middle class, at the expense of lower class lower IQ whites who lost these same jobs they would be more qualified for

      Dangerously incompetent fire fighters, weakened by gender quotas, dumbed by racial quota nonsense

    1. @Joseph. 100 years of IQ testing by the US armed forces have clearly shown that IQ of Whites is around 100, US Blacks 85, African Blacks 70, South East Asians like Japanese 105, Ashkenazi Jews 115. Furthermore, IQ has been scientifically shown to predict school performance and performance at most jobs. Why do you think IQ tests are prohibited in the US? Because Blacks get bad results.

      I am so sorry that I have to be so racist as to tell the naked truth. I do understand that you might not have heard of these facts, because your MSM main stream media try their best to hide it from you. This is why I write this blog.

    2. @Joseph, unfortunately there is absolutely no doubt to this issue.

      *racism disclaimer

      There could be still some doubt as to the genetic causes of Black lower IQ. But IQ is the most scientifically studied and supported issue of all of psychology. And IQ tests on probably a hundred Million people, like all US armed forces recruits, over a century, have unequivocally shown IQ differences between races, everywhere in the world. I suggest you read the first chapters of “The Bell Curve”

      Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the "all races are equal" dogma.

  2. It’s a good and fair comparison to make, although I do support the idea that mentally subnormal people should not be put to death (in fact, I don’t agree with the death penalty at all).

    I remember reading of a horrific case of a black prisoner who was given remedial classes simply in order to raise his iq sufficiently to pass the criteria for being put on to death row.

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