Wayne Rooney (british soccer) cheated on wife. Open marriage is a solution!

Headline in British tabloids:

Wayne Rooney will travel to Switzerland for England’s Euro qualifier despite claims that he cheated on wife Coleen with a prostitute
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1309220/Wayne-Rooney-travel-England-for.html

Tiger Woods was equally shunned for his infidelity.

Why should sexual infidelity prevent Wayne Rooney from playing soccer?

Amazing. What would such a private problem have to do with his playing soccer? Visiting a legal prostitute? So what if he got a parking ticket, or a speeding ticket. At least that would endanger other people. But nobody would consider stopping him from playing soccer.

Yes. He broke his mariage vow

OK. Wayne Rooney had a “marriage contract” with his wife. He was dishonest and did not keep his contract. He cheated.

What damage is done if a very rich man visits a prostitute? None!

So why can’t men have fun? What damage is done if he goes out with a prostitute? Did he neglect wife and family? Spend so much money that his family suffers (He makes  £ 100 000 a week, so spending a few thousands a week will not cause hardship to his family).

Women who actually introduce cuckold babies into her family, making her husband pay for her infidelity, are treated much more lenient and even are protected by laws that make it difficult for cuckolded fathers to do genetic testing. So there is a reason for double standards!

What damage is done if a woman cheats? 20 years of expense for her husband to feed a cuckold baby!

A cheating wife can make a man invest his life’s work and savings into a child that is not his. This is one of the worst frauds there can be. 20 years of work, a major part of a man’s life, stoled, due to fraud.

That is real cheating! Amazing, cuckolding a man with a child that is not his is not regarded high treason!  And now we have the technology to prevent this, to protect men from the worst effect of their wive’s infidelity.

Feminist laws prevent routine DNA testing of children

Feminists already found out that DNA testing can be detrimental to female cheaters. So they make laws to make DNA tests in children dependent on the cheating wife’s permission. More in another post.

Change Sex Laws into “Baby Making Laws”: A new moral code

As a sexually liberated person, I once checked out all sexual morality laws

Morality Sex Law
New Offspring Law
No sex with young girls Don’t make babies with young girls.
Though shalt not covet your neigbor’s wife: No sex with your neighbor’s wife Don’t make babies with your neighbor’s wife
No sex before marriage Don’t make babies if you are not married
(except if it is planned, you are rich, or have someone to responsibly take care of the baby
Marry a virgin Don’t marry a women if she already imight be pregnant, is (secretly?) pregnant or has a baby and wants to make you responsible for it.
(unless you consciously want to adopt the baby)

Simply changing the word “sex” into “baby making” makes all these moral laws very palatable. When the moral codes, holy books were written, sex and baby making was all the same. Now we have choices. We can separate sex from baby making. It is time to update our moral codes to adapt them to the new reality.

(we might also write “condoms” into the new moral code, to prevent diseases. So a man is unfaithful if he has sex without a condom)

I repeat: all restrictive sex laws made sense in ancient biblical times. A man really wanted to be sure he would devote his life to offspring that was his. And these sex laws were the only way to assure paternity.

We could liberate sexual morality with DNA testing, birth control, and condoms

all these new technology items can liberate our sex laws.

Why is there no freedom of contract for marriage? Polyamory, open marriage, polygamy?

Did Wayne Rooney (or Tiger Woods, or any other male adulterre) have an option? Was the “marriage contract” freely negotiated? Of course not!  There is no freedom of contract.

Why are there no options in marriage? Do you want to be faithful? Do you allow polyamory? occasional trysts? Open marriage?  Or polygamy? How come, there are no options in marriage?

Nowadays, consumer protection law voids most consumer contracts, if they don’t give enough choices and freedom to the customer. Why is there only ONE version for “fidelity” in marriage? Why can we not analyze other ways of marriage?

We legalized gay marriage. Why not polyamory, open marriage, or polygamy, and prostitution?

Gays, like feminists, united and fought for their rights and liberties.

Regular heterosexual men are persecuted by feminist morality. Brazil, for example, fights all “sex tourism”, prohibits post-cards that focus on the rear end of bikini-clad beauties. But fought to proudly exhibit the title “best gay tourist destination of the world”.

Heterosexuals of the world, unite. Fight for your freedom.

Serial monogamy problems

Nowadays, men marry in youth. Then they get a  “midlife crisis” which usually has to to with the fact that the old wife became unattractive, by sheer biology and age. Then he gets a divorce. Feminists make sure that he has to pay a lot to the ex-wife. And in spite of having lots of cash, his old wife probably stays alone.  And he gets himself a younger wife, if he is a successful man.

Open marriage, prostitution or polgamy as alternative to serial monogamy

Where polygamy is legal, a middle age man gets a younger wife. Instead of divorce and separation, the old wife stays home, has friendly relations, is respected, takes care of the household, and keeps the young wife in line.

If the man can have lovers, or prostitutes, he just remains in his old relationship and gets his fun elsewhere.

In both cases, there is no need for separation, huge expenses, huge legal cost, and single divorced unmarriagable middle aged ladies.

Monogamy actually protects low status males, not women

There is a problem with polygamy. The “better” males pick up all the women. Nothing left for the low status males who are condemned not to get a wife. There just are no women left.

This is also happening in China due to the one child policy, plus the selective abortion of female fetuses. Too many men for to few women. It is pure math, there are not enough women for the men.

I believe that prostitution, or polyandry, are the only solutions. GIve some outlet to the unmarried and unmarriagable men.  Lots of frustrated men who will never find women are a recipe for crime, upheaval, dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, lots of women prefer to be Tiger Woods lover or fourth wife, to marrying a fat dumb poor loser.  These women would greatly prefer polygamy.  Of course, the first wife thinks differently.  But, if there was freedom of contract, I have no doubt that Tiger Woods (or Wayne Rooney) could find a find a first wife that would sign a contract that she agrees to 5 more wives in the future, as long as she can get US$ 10 000 per month for herself and her kids’ spending money.

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