Husband to blame for woman teacher’s affair with 16 year old student

A teacher has blamed her husband’s deceit in hiding his secret love child for leading to her having an affair with a 16-year-old pupil, which ended with her spending the night in his bed.

Men are always to blame for women’s misbehavior. Even if a woman kills her husband, battered wife syndrome battered woman syndrome squarely blames the murder victim. Women have no agency, they are not responsible for sex when drunk, but men are responsible for sex when drunk

Gary Ralston’s father Richard invited Bernadette Smith, 35, into the family home and even said he was “a bit proud” his teenage son had managed to attract the teacher.

Nice father. Proud about the sexual conquests of his son.

Smith, a mother of three, insists the pair did not have sex and said the affair was triggered when her husband Brian was asked to pay maintenance for a child he had fathered with another woman, and kept secret from her. She said their marriage started to crumble.

Taking away resources from a woman’s own child is the real evolutionary reason for hating infidelity. Having childless sex with a prostitute is much less of a problem.


The English and History teacher claimed the affair started after she tried to help the 16-year-old and she claims she wasn’t attracted to him but admitted, “I just knew I was thinking about him too much.”

She said she also told the youngster about problems in her marriage which started to break down when her childhood sweetheart was contacted by the Child Support Agency. She later confessed to the teenager that she had feelings for him.  Telegraph

After his grandmother complained to police Smith was suspended and went straight to Gary’s home in Cowie, Stirlingshire, where his father let her stay.

Grandma and police traumatize 16 year old boy

Grandmother must be a feminist. Spoiled the boy’s fun. Unconcerned if the boy will be traumatized by

  • losing his conquest
  • his private life exposed publicly
  • feeling guilt for being the culprit that destroyed the teacher’s life, be it only suspension and dismissal, be it serious imprisonment, as it would happen to a man.
  • being told by police and psychologist, that he suffered terrible trauma and will be scarred for life, because he cuddled with his teacher.

See: child sex trauma myth 

She told the Daily Mail: “I took off my T-shirt and lay on his bed. I had a wee vest top on underneath. He was under the covers but I wasn’t.

Due to the slippery slope of feminist sex laws, even such relatively innocent actions are "sex" and punishable. Not just penetrative sex that takes virginities and can make children

“We did kiss that night as well.”

How innocent. She probably would have been better off denying everything. Had she talked to the boy beforehand, they could have been complicit in denying all wrong doing, except sleeping in the same room, while fully dressed. But thanks to the pussy pass, she probably will get away lightly.

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