Lower age of consent to 13. Who is in support of Barbara Hewson?

It is very courageous for Barbara Hewson to out herself as a *child sex apologist. She draws a lot of negativity, unfortunately, very few people agree with her.

Among all the bad press, here a few positive voices


Lowering the age of consent merits open debate, not closed minds

[Hanson] made light of what she regards as trivial sexual touching of young people by adults, saying that making an issue of it distracts people from really serious abuse, such as rape. Her view is that there are qualitatively different forms of sex abuse and they shouldn’t be lumped together.

Positive reactions to Barbara Hewson’s proposals are rare. Who dares to favor "child abuse", teenage sexuality, to protect "dirty old men"?

Child Abuse Moral Panic: a dozen great articles from Spiked Magazine

Age of Consent Should Be 13 Says Prominent Barrister | The Antifeminist

Scientific Evidence That Men Dig Barely Legal Chicks

scientists have found that men DO NOT prefer maximally fertile women.

An interesting suggestion how to implement age of consent laws

Ok, fix specific age at 12 or 13, the normal age of puberty (though apparently it is shifting). Make consent completely impossible below this age. From 13 to 18, when the person is legally a minor, give parents authority to demand any relationship stop, without making that relationship automatically illegal. Then, from 13 to 15, impose a maximum age difference of 7 years (beyond which consent is assumed to have been obtained through coercion), where a high burden of proof is needed to make consent valid. Between 3 and 7 years of age difference, decide on a case by case basis (to see if consent was obtained through coercion) and below 3 years of age difference, make it legal. How’s that for specificity? permalink

Judgy Bitch has very refreshing strong opinions:

Should 13 year olds be having sex? Probably not. They shouldn’t be fame whores, either


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10 thoughts on “Lower age of consent to 13. Who is in support of Barbara Hewson?”

  1. Forgive me if i still don’t understand why this fear and hatred towards grown men, or “dirty old men” having a consensual sexual relationship with a teenage girl who will probably grow up and remember that as a possitive experience rather than what people belive.
    Just think, your 15 yr old daughter having sex with a 15 yr old brat who thinks he owns the world and won’t use protection. Your daughter is pregnant, now she and that boy have to find a job and most likely abandon school for the baby’s sake.
    But if she is having sex with a responsible man who cares about the girl’s health and his own, then chances she gets pregnant or contracts STDs are lower, and if she gets pregnant, the dirty old man has more resorces to help the girl out.
    Im not saying all men are sweet responsible angels who care about the others, but teenagers are no different. I think i’ve made my point?
    This is just blind morality if you ask me.

    Note: English is not my native language so please forgive the mistakes.

  2. Ha ha..
    I did some research once.
    Japan really has some strange laws related to censorship.
    At one point decades ago even showing breasts were illegal. If I remember, these initial laws were due Americans. Nowadays pretty much every thing is legal in Japan except for the the genital openings in which case they usually put a transparent mosaic over it or some bars.
    Apparently they have these devices that can be bought which can uncensor these mosaics.
    The actual people in Japan are quite liberal and the majority don’t like censorship, indeed most believe that censorship in the internet age is meaningless. But they have to deal with these laws.
    Apart from pressure from some western countries, I have also heard that there is a rise of feminism in Japan. Don’t know much about it though.

  3. Hello human-stupidity, posting here after a lot of time – partly because I was annoyed by your some of racist articles.(actually more by the idea that you support genetic determinism and stereotyping than by the fact that one group may have higher IQ than other )

    In any case, I don’t hate you and agree with you on a lot of issues :

    Here is an article you may find interesting.

    It suggests that the average men are maximally attracted to girls between 15 and 20.

    Also, I was reading about the great Indian mathematician Ramanujan. Apparently, he married his wife when he was 21 and his wife was 9. The marriage was arranged by Ramanujan’s mother.

    They probably never even had sex, though. Ramanujan spend most of his married life alone in England with Hardy and Littlewood and died soon after he returned to India.

    However, it is interesting to note that today’s Indian laws(which are very similar to western laws) would have allowed to put him behind the bars.

    Today you will never hear about such marriages except probably in some remote villages.

    Indian culture is actually pretty conservative about sex. Probably, more so than Japan, and it’s not because of religion. But before the huge western influence, they did understand that there is probably nothing wrong with two teenagers marrying.

    Japan too has become increasingly uptight about their laws, thanks to western(USA) influence. If I remember it correctly, a year or two back they passed a law in Tokyo to restrict nudity and violence in animes and such. It was believed partly to be a result of pressure from G8 summits. Also, few know that Japanese porn is censored and is uncensored only when exported and that’s also thanks to the American influence on their laws decades back.

    1. Maybe next they require Anime personalities to have wrinkles, big ears, small eyes so they certainly look senile and thus old enough to consent.

    2. “Racist”, “child porn and child sex apologist”. Everyone has a motive to hate Human-Stupidity for publishing scientific facts political correctness wants to censor.

      If we focused on only one issue, we might be more forceful. It is sad that people who are open minded on one issue still suffer from politically correct brain washing on other issues.

      We at Human-Stupidity are compelled to fight untruth and censorship. So we feel compelled to report on clear findings that Blacks commit more violent crime, have lower IQ, and run faster 100 me dashes then Whites or Asians.

      1. Sorry, may be I should have used a milder word than “racist”, but nothing else came to me at that point.

        Like I said, I don’t hate you. I don’t even disagree that one group may have lower IQ than another or that one group may be fundamentally different from another.

        The point I try to make is that we should be less biased when we make judgment about another person. Open mindedness works both ways. To say that an individual is predetermined because of his race or whatever, is not open mindedness. That’s declaring case closed before even listening to anything else.

        I am not for political correctness, I hate it, nonetheless I would like it if you approach race related issues in little milder way and with less stereotyping. i am not calling for privileged treatment for blacks or anything. But they should get at least a close to equal treatment. And of course they should be punished for serious crimes. Equality means equality and not privileged treatment.

        For example, here we don’t attack so much as “women” as we attack “feminists”. A woman is born as woman. She can’t help it. A feminist chooses to be one and it is more acceptable to attack her. Instead of directly attacking race or such perhaps it will make more sense to me if you were attacking a minority rights group.

  4. Worked well for the Japanese… American/Western popular culture itself is way more sexual than the Japanese culture in many ways yet they can’t come up from the fact that there really isn’t anything bad when two teenagers are having sex?

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