Lower age of consent to 13. Who is in support of Barbara Hewson?

It is very courageous for Barbara Hewson to out herself as a *child sex apologist. She draws a lot of negativity, unfortunately, very few people agree with her.

Among all the bad press, here a few positive voices


Lowering the age of consent merits open debate, not closed minds

[Hanson] made light of what she regards as trivial sexual touching of young people by adults, saying that making an issue of it distracts people from really serious abuse, such as rape. Her view is that there are qualitatively different forms of sex abuse and they shouldn’t be lumped together.

Positive reactions to Barbara Hewson’s proposals are rare. Who dares to favor "child abuse", teenage sexuality, to protect "dirty old men"?

Child Abuse Moral Panic: a dozen great articles from Spiked Magazine

Age of Consent Should Be 13 Says Prominent Barrister | The Antifeminist

Scientific Evidence That Men Dig Barely Legal Chicks

scientists have found that men DO NOT prefer maximally fertile women.

An interesting suggestion how to implement age of consent laws

Ok, fix specific age at 12 or 13, the normal age of puberty (though apparently it is shifting). Make consent completely impossible below this age. From 13 to 18, when the person is legally a minor, give parents authority to demand any relationship stop, without making that relationship automatically illegal. Then, from 13 to 15, impose a maximum age difference of 7 years (beyond which consent is assumed to have been obtained through coercion), where a high burden of proof is needed to make consent valid. Between 3 and 7 years of age difference, decide on a case by case basis (to see if consent was obtained through coercion) and below 3 years of age difference, make it legal. How’s that for specificity? permalink

Judgy Bitch has very refreshing strong opinions:

Should 13 year olds be having sex? Probably not. They shouldn’t be fame whores, either


Lower age of consent to 13: Barbara Hewson faces outrage

Lower age of consent! Such a daring proposal by prominent barrister Barbara Hewson exposes her to death and rape threats by the vicious political correctness and sexual panic crowd of today and subjects her to fierce criticism.  In today’s lunacy of ever expanding sex crimes, ever rising age of consent3, a rare voice of reason gets drowned out quickly by the ruling powerful moral panic mongers, led by feminists.

Human-Stupidity wonders where she got the courage to voice such taboo opinions. We encourage all to read Barbara Hewson’s original article and to promote and encourage her views. One such rare positive blog is the antifeminist.

Outrage at barrister who called Stuart Hall’s crimes ‘low level’

  • Barbara Hewson also said aged of consent should be lowered to 13
  • She described Operation Yewtree arrests as a ‘grotesque spectacle’
  • Claimed disgraced Stuart Hall’s crimes were ‘low level misdemeanors’
  • NSPCC said her ‘outdated and simply ill-informed’ views ‘beggars belief’
  • Dr Brooke Magnanti, formerly know as prostitute  Belle de Jour is also fairly negative, in spite of her positive experience with older men she titles her article Making sex legal at 13 is pure lunacy

    Ironically I became very aware of this reality as a second-year student at university, dating someone twice my age. In our case, the problem was not that he took advantage of me – far from it – but rather that the age difference meant our expectations and hopes for dating were very different. To me, he was a cool, smart guy with his own flat and car. Score! What it took me much longer to see is that he was losing out by getting involved with someone who expected casual dating, not a potential long term partner. Not too long after we split, he married…someone his own age. (We’re still friends by the way. At least he saved me from having to ever date any 18-year-old boys.)


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Lower age of consent to 13: Barbara Hewson faces outrage
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Lower age of consent to 13. Yes! Barbara Hewson, lone voice of reason

      Barbara Hewson has the courage to make such suggestions in today’s sex hysterical climate. Unfortunately, she is alone, against the hysterical masses, the mainstream press and loud feminists and so called child protection agencies.

      the most remarkable facet of the Savile scandal is how adult complainants are invited to act like children. Hence we have witnessed the strange spectacle of mature adults calling a children’s charity to complain about the distant past.

      The acute problems of proof which stale allegations entail also generates a demand that criminal courts should afford accusers therapy, by giving them ‘a voice’. This function is far removed from the courts’ traditional role, in which the state must prove defendants guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

      Constitutional rights to due process have been abolished for men.

      What this infantilising of adult complainants ultimately requires is that we re-model our criminal-justice system on child-welfare courts. These courts (as I have written in spiked previously) have for some decades now applied a model of therapeutic jurisprudence, in which ‘the best interests of the child’ are paramount.

      It is depressing, but true, that many reforms introduced in the name of child protection involve sweeping attacks on fundamental Anglo-American legal rights and safeguards, such as the presumption of innocence. This has ominous consequences for the rule of law, as US judge Arthur Christean pointed out: ‘Therapeutic jurisprudence marks a major and in many ways a truly radical shift in the historic function of courts of law and the basic purpose for which they have been established under our form of government. It also marks a fundamental shift in judges’ loyalty away from principles of due process and toward particular social policies. These policies are less concerned with judicial impartiality and fair hearings and more concerned with achieving particular results…

      The therapeutic model has certain analogies with a Soviet-style conception of justice, which emphasizes outcomes over processes.    Yewtree is destroying the rule of law

      Courageous words for a famous lawyer

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      Lower age of consent to 13. Yes! Barbara Hewson, lone voice of rea…
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      Trophies of feminism: 10 powerful men marred and destroyed by women’s allegations.

      Unproven, or even false accusations of a single woman can destroy the world’s most powerful men and change the course of world  history. Feminism has given enormous power to any woman to derail the most powerful men in the world.

      • Al Gore, Nobel prize winner (peace) and ex-Vice-President of the USA, falsely accused of rape
      • Julian Assange, (of Wikileaks fame) accused by feminists of broken condom "rape". The entire might of the USA could not derail him, but 2 women could get him imprisoned.
      • Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF chief and French Presidential Candidate lost the leadership of the International Monetary Fund and likely the presidency of France. His arrest caused an instant decline of the Euro. Hedge funds could have made billions overnight. His successor at the IMF has a very different policy regarding the Euro bailout which potentially involves more then a Trillion (one million million) Euros. The future of the Euro, the currencies of entire nations probably were changed by the accusation of a habitual liar who already had lied about prior rapes
      • Oscar Pistorius, paralympic world record holder in 100, 200 and 400-metre events: "South Africa’s legless Blade Runner has been charged with assault after a woman claimed he bruised her leg at a party. Double amputee Oscar Pistorius spent Saturday night in jail after being accused of assaulting the 19-year-old woman". The charges were soon dropped..
      • Franco Porzio, Olympic champion in Water Polo, was accused by his second wife. His first wife came to his defense.
      • Jörg Kachelmann, Germany’s prominent famous TV weatherman spent months in jail upon the mere unproven accusation of an ex-girlfriend. He remained in jail even after she had been caught with various lies.
      • Theo Theophanous,an Australian Labor minister, lost his high government job, his reputation and much of his savings. His accuser had waited for 10 years and was shown to be notoriously unreliable. But the character assassination had already taken its toll.
      • Moshe Katsav, ex president of Israel, got a 7 plus 2 year prison sentence, because "The judges said they found the rape victim’s testimony “completely credible” and Mr. Katsav’s “false.” [NYT] Time [H]. As usual, accusations were not leveled immediately after the alleged crime, when it was still possible to find proof.
        • We can not affirm that Katzav is innocent. But like Strauss-Kahn, it looks that he is a powerful womanizer but not necessarily a rapist
        • If he really forcibly raped the woman, he deserves the jail time. Even more so because then he was incredibly stupid.
          • a) Rich powerful men have so many options to get sex with admirers (groupies) or affordable prostitutes.
          • b) And if he was really guilty , why would he be so incredibly stupid to renege on a plea bargain that would have saved him prison time?
      • Mel Gibson,Hollywood actor,  accused by his girl friend and defended by his ex-wife
      • Brazilian President with panty-less woman 1994Bill Clinton, US  president.  whose presidency was marred by the Paula Jones harassment accusations.
        • So what if he really made some indecent proposal to Paula Jones?  Weakness as a weapon: The Sexual Harassment Industry makes a point that maybe women should be empowered to withstand innuendo, cat calls, objectifying gaze.
        • The Paula Jones case led to the inquiries into Clinton’s private sex live, which led to the Lewinsky scandal. It was unfortunate that he lied, but most men and women lie about love affairs, and it should not have been anyone’s business who he has sex (or blow jobs) with
        • Monica Lewinsky rarely gets credited for having stood by her man and tried her best to protect Bill Clinton.
        • Sexually more liberated Brazilians could not understand why Clinton suffered so much harassment.
        • Brazilians also could not understand why the most powerful man on earth could not score a more attractive girl friend then Monica Lewinsky.
        • Long gone were the times, where the most powerful man on earth (John F. Kennedy) could have a secret tryst  with the most desired woman on earth (Marilyn Monroe) 1 2 3 ABC
        • In Brazil there was a minor scandal when the country’s president was photographed with a carnival princess and Playboy Cover who had no panties on. "An adorable girl," the President dreamily mused to reporters a couple of days later.  … Later "the Globo television network broadcast a recording of the President cooing, "I am in love with you," to Miss Ramos over the telephone"itamar_lilia_calcinha
      • Christian von Boetticher, 40, designated leader of the conservative Christian Democratic Union in Schleswig-Holstein,  who was set to lead Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party in its fight to retain power the north German state next May, has resigned after intense internal party pressure over his consensual and perfectly legal love affair with a 16-year-old girl. The girl did not even accuse him.
      • The 20 Most Scandalous Sexual-Harassment Cases of All Time


      Parts of this article were translated from the Italian I trofei di caccia del femminismo: le teste dei maschi infangati o distrutti da accuse di Donne.

      Márcio Costa accuses pretty funk rapper politician wife Verônica Costa of 20 hours of torture. No domestic violence arrest was made.


      Verônica Costa, city councilwomen and famous funk rapper in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  was accused by her husband Márcio Costa to have ordered her brother and step father to savagely torture him for 20 hours with beatings and acid. He claims they tied his arms and legs with chains, beat him, doused him in kerosene or gasoline and threatened to set him ablaze. As proof he has his serious injuries, second and third degree burns. Police found gasoline in their home, an item that most people would not be possessing routinely in their home. 

      Torture victim in hospital Márcio Costa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, husband of funk rapper Verônica da Costa

      There could be potential doubts about the accuser’s truthfulness. Though it would be the first time of a victim inflicting serious injury upon himself in order to make false accusations.

      Brazilian men accused of domestic violence get arrested and jailed without bail for accusations of merely shoving or lightly slapping a woman. (google "lei Maria da Penha") 

      Detail of severe burns on the tortured husband's legs

      Márcio Costa claims that, during the torture session, his wife asked him about marital infidelity, asking for the name of his alleged lover. She also kissed him in the midst of the torture.

      The alleged domestic violence torturer was not arrested, rather she is counter-accusing her husband of being a violent drug addict. She claims he arrived home with all the injuries.  Domestic violence is an unbailable crime.

      Husband claims to have escaped when he was left with only one relative guarding him, he claims they were planning to kill him. Immediately after his escape he already told a neighbor about the torture. Women can get men arrested even if they tell the story months after the alleged facts.

      In addition, torture is a special crime with specially severe punishment in Brazil.


      More misandry from Brazil

      The Brazilian congress just approved a law that prohibits bodily searches of women. No word about men.

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      Márcio Costa accuses pretty funk rapper politician wife Ver…
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      Mr. Emerson loses medial practice, driver’s & medical license & becomes jobless, homeless, indebted, due to adulterous wife’s unproven accusations

      Mr. Emerson was a private practice physician. A series of unproven allegations by his adulterous wife, (and later by a female WalMart cashier) got him into jail, made him lose his medical license & practice, lose the children, obliged  him to pay child support to his ex-wife.  Without his medical license he was unable to pay child support and got $ 70 000 in debt with his adulterous wife. He lost his drivers license due to nonpayment of child support.  Of course he could never see his daughter.

      Years later, when his then 15 year old daugher (who got spanked by her step father) wanted to move in with her father, he got another anonymous child abuse complaint regarding the 3 year old kid of his girl friend. Mr. Emerson spent multiple times in jail, lived with his father or friends as a favor, lived under a bridge, Over 10 years of ordeals. Life ruined. Because of accusations of an adulterous wife. And a legal system that suspended due process and inverted the burden of proof in most feminist issues like child sexual abuse, wife beating, child porn, etc.

      Human-Stupidity.com analysis:  Mr Emerson’s life was ruined by government and legal system

      1. extreme feminist laws protecting women, inversion of burden of proof (guilty until proven innocent), no due process.
      2. together with a vengeful wife and power seeking government attorneys
      3. It is sad if any good law abiding citizen can get ruined by government & vengeful women

      Timothy Joe Emerson’s ordeal

      Half of the complaints against Mr. Emerson were unproven, the other half obviously wrong or ridiculous:

      We are also astounded to find that going through a cashier’s checkout line at Wal-Mart once or twice a week [based on testimony and cancelled checks provided by Joe Emerson] can be construed as a basis for a stalking complaint.

      The story began in 1998. According to court records his then wife, Sacha, was having an affair with her hairdresser and petitioned for divorce on August 28, 1998, and requested a restraining order against Dr. Emerson, claiming he had threatened her paramour during a telephone call.
      [ . . . ]

      All quotes from: www.ejfi.org/emerson.htm

      Note that about half of the hundreds of married men who have contacted the Equal Justice Foundation have been charged with domestic violence or abuse after finding their wives were having an affair. Allegations of domestic violence or abuse are a standard tactic in a divorce today with virtually no recourse for the husband. Under current laws such false allegations are standard as they give the adulterous wife the house, the car, the kids, the bank account, and anything else she wants with no questions asked, i.e., due process is a thing of the past. She will also almost certainly receive child support even if the child(ren) prove not to be her husband’s. And there is no penalty for her perjury.

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      Mr. Emerson loses medial practice, driver’s & medical li…
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