Michel Temer (70), new Vice-President of Brazil was 63 when he married Marcela Temer at age 20. Borderline Pedophilia or healthy human sexuality?

Marcela Temer- Vice President Michel Temer - Dilma Toussef The second lady of Brasil, Marcela Temer (27, born May 16 1983), wife of the new Brazilian vice president Michel Temer(70, born September 23, 1940), called attention for her extraordinary beauty. She was elected Miss City of Campinas 2002 and secone place Miss São Paulo State 2002.

According to newspaper reports they are happily married and deeply in love. They married in 2003, when she was 20 and he was 63. Marcela Temer - Vice President of Brazil Michel Temer


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Dangerous pedophile vigilantes who cheer German Dad, 47, for castrating the boyfriend, 57, of his 17-year-old daughter certainly would violently object such an age difference as indecent, immoral and borderline pedophile . Marcela clearly is a “victim”, in need of judicial help.

After all, when they married, she was 20, he 63.  He could easily be her grandfather.  If she were 3 years younger (17) and he were 40 years younger (23), in the USA, the land of the free, this would be  considered pedophilia, worth of a decade in jail. Even if they had no sexual relationship, he could face criminal  charges for grooming her.  And notice, in the case of the german dad who castrated the boyfriend of his daughter, there is no mention of sexual relationship.

Marcela states that it is as if her husband were 30 years old (Estadão newspaper)

In Brazil, nobody thinks that the young wife of a much older extremely successful politician is a victim. Certainly many young women would love to be in her place. Maybe something is wrong with our sexually-obsessed religious morality.

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7 thoughts on “Michel Temer (70), new Vice-President of Brazil was 63 when he married Marcela Temer at age 20. Borderline Pedophilia or healthy human sexuality?”

  1. Healthy Sexuality.
    Charlie Chaplin,Elvis ,etc .There are many more examples.

    I can’t find a link,but I read about this study where they found that the average man,regardless of age,finds a woman maximally attractive when she is 16 and half.

  2. Being a politician, I’m sure he is guilty of far worse crimes than marrying somebody so much his junior (not that this should be a crime). In fact, I would not be surprised if he supports laws that would put others in prison for what he has done; this is how most politicians behave.

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