"White House" is racist! Repaint it "Black House".

The "White House" was built with the sweat of Black slaves [2 3].

Black House! Because "White House" is racist. The name "White House" is the legacy of centuries of Institutionalized Racism. The "White House" symbolizes White Repression of people of color, in the USA and world wide. An eyesore, a constant micro-aggression against disadvantaged minorities. 

Black Power in the Black House!
Abolish "White House", white Privilege!

It is not enough to have a Black President in the white "White House". We need a Black President in the the black "Black House".

We have already taken down the confederate flag. We now have to take down the white "White House". 

The White House should have been called "Black House" from the beginning, to honor the Blacks that built it.

 White House


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4 thoughts on “"White House" is racist! Repaint it "Black House".”

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    I posted an article about political correctness in some guys /r/socialengineering in reddit. Oooooo, the offense taken! It’s just like a communist to want to ‘social engineer.’

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      Depends on your definition of “racist”. If you think Anti-Racism is equality, yes. But, officially, “Black Lives Matter” is not racist, “All Lives Matter” is racist, and “White Lives Matter” is so racist is must never be mentioned.

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