A doberman guard dog does not know about human rights. If your attacker kicks or shoves a Doberman, he get what he deserves, and nobody feels pity for the attacker.

(in case you don’t get the joke.

  • If you shove a policeman and he gives you one single punch only, the policeman already suffers an inquiry.
  • if you punch a guy, and he knives you in self defense, your punching victim may go to jail
  • You mess with a dog, the dog has no human rights training. The dog has no scruples.
  • The dog is like a mobster, like a motorcycle gang member. The has a short trigger, and reacts impulsively, with no mercy.
  • You don’t mess with a mobster, a gang member, a motorcycle gang member. Nor with a dog.
  • so if someone invades a yard guarded by 3 dobermen, he gets dilacerated. And nobody pities him.
  • if a group of punks invade a yard guarded by 3 security guards, the security guards are too afraid to respond in force



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