Millions of children watch child porn daily

Millions of children watch child porn daily when they look into their bath room mirror. If they do so while posing sexy, or masturbating, it is even higher on the copine scale of child porn, for "children" as old as 17.

Practically every single person under 18 sees LIVE child porn on a daily basis. What they see in the mirror would qualify as child pornography, if photographed or filmed.

This is not the only example where live pictures are legal, but pictures of legal behavior are not

And no, publication and distribution of the illegal pictures are not necessary for it to be a crime

If a teen makes a sexy pose in front of the mirror, what s/he sees is a live version of level 4 child pornography, according to the copine scale "Deliberately posed pictures of children fully clothed, partially clothed or naked (where the amount,context and organisation suggests sexual interest)."

If they look  straight at their genitals, they see  a live version of copine level 6 CP: "Pictures emphasizing genital areas, where the child is either naked, partially clothed or fully clothed."

They see level 7 , If they touch themselves, with their eyes open,: "Pictures that depict touching, mutual and self-masturbation, oral sex and intercourse by a child, not involving an adult."


This is why it is so hard to explain children why sexting is such a huge crime. But possessing one’s own photo in the privacy of one’s own cell phone is production and possession of child pornography. According to the voodoo theory of CP, it victimizes the child who took its own photo.

We ought to outlaw bathroom mirrors. Because what these children see in the bathroom mirror is a live version of what would be child porn, if photographed or filmed.



  1. Watching depictions of a child being beheaded by Muslim terrorists, or stoned to death for extramarital sex,  a child being clubbed to death by US inner city gang bangers is totally legal. Distribution of such movies by for-profit web sites or TV networks is legal too.  Now if there is nudity, if in the movie the kid is not clubbed to death but makes love, or masturbates, then a child is being victimized.  We fail to understand this logic.

  2. Committing actual physical violence against children carries lower penalties then possession of photos: Woman causes permanent brain damage in infant: 2 years. Kills baby: 4 years. Man possesses photos: priceless (40 years)

  3. Why would children or adolescents get victimized by mere watching? “Watching child porn victimizes the child”. The Voodoo science of child pornography laws

  4. Should some kind of child pornography (that does not victimize children) be encouraged, for reducing real crimes against children? Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii)

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Dumbing down for happiness: MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently


The final and definite solution for high IQ people, desperate to live in a world of mediocrity and outright stupidity.

MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently

We at Human-Stupidity ought to experiment with MinusIQ.

Just enjoy life, accept the world as it is. Think like everyone else. Harmonize with the multitude around you.

Maybe we stop bothering about all these taboo topics that makes everyone hate us. Race and IQ, Euro Crisis, feminism, men’s rights, freedom of academic research, language manipulation, child porn, child food porn, …….

All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quotas for Whites /Asians needed to offset black privilege.

All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black. How can we make such a racist prediction?

The fastest non-black man in the world, European champion  (Christophe Lemaitre) decided to skip the 100 m run. 9 Olympic participants run faster then Lemaitre in 100meters. He has no chance for a medal in 100 m, while he has been #4 this year in 200 meters.

In the last decades, Olympic finals and semifinals in 100 m running dashes consisted (almost?) exclusively of Black men and women.


BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES | MEN’S 100M ATHLETICS FINAL. Where are the Asian finalists? Discriminated against?

racist-dog271 fastest runners on earth: 1 white Christophe Lemaitre & 70 blacks. Are races equal?

Conventional wisdom teaches us that race is only skin deep. Gender and race are socially constructed. If there are more men then women in top CEO positions, then this is due to discrimination by the evil patriarchy.If Blacks are underrepresented in top Universities, it is due to the never-ending legacy of 19th century slavery.

Equally, the lack of Whites and Asians in the 100 m Olympic finals must be due to discrimination. As everyone knows, all races are equal. Actually, race does not exist. Check this playlist of 25 100m races . I saw one lone white man among all the Blacks. Even Asian games and European championships consist largely of Blacks.

Discrimination everywhere?

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All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quot…
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"Reclaim the night" money-slut walk in gang area @2am. We don’t deserve to be told to leave our cash and Rolex at home to avoid being victimized.

We will get drunk first and then walk with cash, Rolexes, gold jewelry in the inner city gang area.

This money-slut walk is in response to a police recommendation, not to carry large amounts of cash. We object to such victim blaming. The money is ours. We can carry it wherever we want. No matter if we are drunk or not.

These money-slut walkers are simple fighting for their right show off their money

These ‘slut walk’ women are simply fighting for their right to be dirty

Its my hot money, I do what I want

moneyMen and women march through East Los Angeles high crime neighborhood during the money-slut walk, which organizers described as a demonstration against those who blame the victims of robberies.woman-moneybagMexican Street Gang

Women march through downtown Boston during the ‘SlutWalk’ in Boston, which organizers described as a demonstration against those who blame the victims of sex crimes
True liberation is men or women carrying the cash they want and abandon credit cards and modesty

True liberation is women wearing what they like and abandoning the Hoover.

For the right to carry money bags anywhere, anytime, any alcohol level

street_gangs_la 220107mexicans4gangs2-744750


The Toronto policeman who in January told a "personal security class" at York University that "people should avoid showing off their money and carrying large amounts of cash in order not to be victimized" said nothing unusual. What made news was what happened 10 weeks later, when a thousand people hit the streets of East Los Angeles in a "money slut walk".

The Toronto policeman who in January told a "personal security class" at York University that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" said nothing unusual. What made news was what happened 10 weeks later, when a thousand people hit the streets of downtown Toronto in a "slut walk".

Nor do I deserve to be told to leave my Rolex and my money at home to avoid being victimized! (Nobody tells me what do do!) Nor do I deserve to be told that I should cover up to avoid being victimized Nobody tells me what to do

Judgybitch has some good avice: Don’t want to get robbed on holidays? Don’t dress as a tourist and some other advice (if you don’t want to get raped.)

Innuendos are safer then overt language. Hidden meanings in communication (Steven Pinker)

In this Video, the great Steven Pinker how and why we convey innuendos instead of overt clear language.  Why do we use veiled hidden messages behind our words. The topic is  clarified with nice enlightening drawings by rsa-animate. Must see!

I leave it to the watcher, what this has to do with our favorite topics like dishonesty, unconsciousness,hypocrisy …

Unborn Child Porn is Unborn Child Abuse. Outlaw fetal abuse!

"Unborn child pornography is unborn child abuse. In any of its forms, it is an affront to humanity. Any delay in reporting unborn child pornography gives a green light to those who take pleasure from the rape of unborn children."                   (Adapted freely from

This is a terrible flaw in our child porn laws: unborn life is not protected. There is must be mandatory 10 year jail sentence for pedophiles that watch unborn nudity. We must protect our unborn fetuses from the perversity of pedophiles (embryophiles and fetophiles). Watching such unborn child porn kills: Often, ultrasound pictures lead to abortions, to killing of unborn life. Tell the House: Protect the unborn child against abuse. Criminalize production, possession, and possession of Unborn Child Porn.



Perverts take ultrasound photos of unborn babies and  distribute them on the internet. source 

But does it harm nobody? Weinstein’s critics argue that merely “viewing” unborn child porn does real harm to unborn kids by perpetuating a $3 billion annual market. The Justice Department estimates that in creating their product, unborn child pornographers have abused 1 million unborn kids in the United States. And some studies suggest that between 30 and 50 percent of viewers of unborn child porn also molest a child.     (freely adapted from

twin kiss Source:

Fetuses engaging in indecent touching. Perverts owning such photos deserve to be raped in jail forever. This picture would be rated 7 on the 10 point Copine child pornography scale:

Pictures that depict touching, mutual and self-masturbation, oral sex and intercourse by a child, not involving an adult.

The fetuses also should be arrested at birth:  handcuffed, jailed, and be registered as sex offenders for life. 

It is important to realize that these images are crime scene photos – they are a permanent record of the abuse of an unborn child. The lives of the unborn children featured in these illegal images and videos are forever altered.

Once these images are on the Internet, they are irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever. The unborn child is revictimized as the images are viewed again and again.

        (adapted freely from



“He didn’t intend to hurt anyone. However, what he didn’t turn his mind to at the time is that merely having possession and viewing images such as this does victimize and hurt the individual portrayed in the image. He appreciates that now.”

Technology has made it possible to have unborn porn.


I thank Uncycolpedia for their child porn persiflage which gave me inspiration for this article


Children of 17 years, 12 years, 5 years, 1 year, 1 month of age are all protected strict laws from being abused  by viewers of sexual erotic photos and videos. Owning such photos of children and looking at such photos and videos is child abuse.

But why this 0-18 year age limit? The 18 year cutoff rate already is getting softened. Europe and Australia already punish the possession of depictions of "aparently underage" for 22 year old women in pony tails that look as if they were 17 years old. Thus  the law now protects young looking 22 year old women from child abuse. (see 17 year old "children"?)

Now we need to work on the other end of the age range. Who says that the lower age limit  for child pornography prosecutions has to be zero year old new borns? Embryos and fetuses need protection against abuse and rape, too. Right from conception, when human life is created.


Unborn-child-porn leads to 100 000’s child killings

Often such ultrasound photos are the first step in the monstrous killing of unborn babies. Most abortionists demand ultrasound photos of the unborn child before killing it.  Or even with mothers who did not plan to kill the unborn child, ultrasound pictures discover a problem with the child and thus cause her to decide to kill the innocent unborn child.

And these child killings feed the market for mutilated dead-fetus-porn (dead-unborn-child-porn)

Mutilated dead unborn-child-porn (mutilated fetus porn)


Warning: fairly gruesome photos follow. Dead-unborn-child-porn, mainly from "pro-life" organizations.

Warning: very graphic pictures. These fotos are so gruesome, we will not endeavour to publish them. Many are clearly unborn-child=porn, as the genitals are obscenely exposed. We only publish censored blacked-out pixelated versions. Click to see the uncensored mutilated dead unborn-child-porn. 


Dead fetuses in indecent poses with genitals exposed

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Unborn Child Porn is Unborn Child Abuse. Outlaw fetal abuse!
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Why a doberman is better then a security guard or policeman

A doberman guard dog does not know about human rights. If your attacker kicks or shoves a Doberman, he get what he deserves, and nobody feels pity for the attacker.

(in case you don’t get the joke.

  • If you shove a policeman and he gives you one single punch only, the policeman already suffers an inquiry.
  • if you punch a guy, and he knives you in self defense, your punching victim may go to jail
  • You mess with a dog, the dog has no human rights training. The dog has no scruples.
  • The dog is like a mobster, like a motorcycle gang member. The has a short trigger, and reacts impulsively, with no mercy.
  • You don’t mess with a mobster, a gang member, a motorcycle gang member. Nor with a dog.
  • so if someone invades a yard guarded by 3 dobermen, he gets dilacerated. And nobody pities him.
  • if a group of punks invade a yard guarded by 3 security guards, the security guards are too afraid to respond in force


Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech

The commission formally reversed its policy in March 2004 to declare even a single use of an expletive could be illegal.

The changes became known as the “Golden Globes Rule,” for singer Bono’s 2003 acceptance speech at the awards show on NBC, where he uttered the phrase “really, really, f—ing brilliant.”

All quotes  from

This not an example of profound human stupidity. It is even understandable that some want to protect their kids from foul language.

Nevertheless, the “Golden Globe Rule” seems to be going overboard.
This is just an amusing example of exaggerated dogmatic conservativism. It must be quite expensive to have all live television programs delayed a few seconds, so that professional who dedicates his live to beeper-button-pressing can bleep out any indecent word that could possibly be spoken.

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Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech
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