Lying by omission, with intent to deceive! #1 Failure to disclose is immoral misrepresentation

Misrepresentation and lack of full disclosure can be serious misdeeds, before the law.  Yet leftist’s incessant lies of omission1, required by media ethics codes2 and police gag orders, are tolerated.  Even Media and politicians rarely tell outright lies (lies of commission). They spread misinformation by strategically omitting specific relevant details3. Deceptively they fail to disclose the whole truth. They lie by omitting racist facts4 and “hatefacts”. Such lying is mandatory5

The guiding principles for the omission is the spreading the leftist narrative of egalitarianism, of the noble “disadvantaged” “minorities”.

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It is not permissible to inform the race of a black criminal6, nor the crimes of a Black shot or injured by police7. Media gag orders mandate such lies by omission in order to “avoid prejudice”. Prejudice is frequently correct, a fact that also must be omitted.

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Politically correct DISHONESTY is the root cause of disastrous social and racial policies

A parsimonious explanation to explain the roots of all evil caused by leftist woke policies.’ s Occams razor points to socially accepted and socially required dishonesty and deception as the one singular root cause

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Do not tolerate the slightest dishonesty. Shun liars, don’t let liars fool you twice!1 Never MISLEAD the voter.

  • Dishonesty must be the only taboo. Abolish the “racism” taboo2.
  • Unwavering scientific honesty3 must be the only dogma. Drop the egalitarian dogma4;

Reward Truth, shun Deception

Written and unwritten regulations and rules to  cover up Black crime and ” minority” crime must be scrapped. Lying is considered a virtue! Instead, telling the full and unvarnished truth must be the a sacred virtue of media, and duty of police, teachers, and all government entities. (Rare exceptions include public security and privacy5

Whistleblowers who uncover coverups of #RacistFacts, must be rewarded and protected, not shunned and fired. Facts are “racist”


60 years of systematic brainwashing has led to profoundly wrong beliefs6 in Western populations. Deprogramming false beliefs requires an intense focus on studying hitherto taboo topics.

The scientific method7, with unwavering scientific honesty, is the foundation of correct science; truthful science led to humankind’s enormous progress in STEM, science, technology, engineering, medicine.

PC lies, in spite of good intentions,  nevertheless led to disastrously wrong decisions8 based on wrong social science9.

Forbidden to tell Truth. Rape and murder ensues.

REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […] such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council]

It’s forbidden to divulge true facts like: “Pakistani Muslims raped white children”! Such  #TrueSpeech about minority crime is forbidden. This anti-racist taboo resulted in 15 years of sexual slavery, gang rapes, torture, murder, and forced prostitution, for 1400 mostly white underage girls in Rotherham 10*11 *12 *13 alone 14.

To reduce rape, murder15,  a #TruthRevolution is needed! Civil disobedience for immoral gag orders. We must stop deceiving the electorate16.An informed electorate might arrive at drastically different policy decisions than our systematically misinformed citizens.  For 60 years, it has been forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices17.  Misleading the voter by systematically withholding information subverts democracy. 18


No pity, no remorse! No religious outrage!

Noble social justice goals justify deceptive means. The ‘progressive’ fight against ‘racism’ and ‘inequality’ is considered virtuous.  Zero guilty feelings about withholding “racist” information. Rather, truth-telling is immoral and punishable. #TheTruthIsRacist, telling the whole truth causesprejudice”, “racism”, xenophobia. We are shocked about socially accepted lies and repression. But there is no widespread moral outrage about lies, deception.  No pity with the victims of political correctness. No sympathy with James Watson, no serious outrage about the raped children in Rotherham, Telford, a Million victims, rape victims Cologne New Year], Sweden, Finland.

There are no street riots demanding to undo the Ferguson effect that costs thousands of black homicide victims per year. Not even Christian fundamentalists assail deceit, lies, and omissions19, no demands for sincerity and honesty.

Politically correct dishonesty is the root cause of failed social policies (Version2)

  • Respect democracy: fully inform voters27! Stop deceiving and misleading citizens with PC censorship
  • No lies, no deception, no omission, full disclosure, the whole truth. No sophistry, no embellishments.
  • The fundamental dogma of our society must be unwavering total scientific honesty28


Mandatory coverup of hatefacts (“racist” facts) is the root cause for social problems (Version 3)

Political correctness stifles true speech, led astray social sciences. Facts are racist!


Pervasive mandatory dishonesty is the the root cause for …..

  • impossibility of  political discourse between Left and Right
  • mistaken social sciences,
  • wrong school policies,29
  • failure of social policies, of race relations, of international politics
  • the demise of Detroit, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malmö,
  • and the taboo to discuss any failures of “minorities”
  • increase of homicide, robbery, rape, and race riots

Citizens have the right to know about minority crime!! It’s evil to muzzle police, media, to deceive the electorate! (Version 4)