Trayvon Martin, on suspension for drugs, for punching bus driver. A violent burglar upset about being followed?

Civil rights proponents picture 17 year old Trayvon Martin as an angelical 12 year old.17 year old football playing Trayvon-Martin! Angelic innocent 12 year old boy? child.  The mainstream press shows nothing but 4 year old photos of little Trayvon. Are there no recent photos?

Trayvon’s potentially lawless attitudes

are rarely mentioned.

  1. Why did the Martin family, and the entire world press, show only 4 year old Trayvon childhood photos?
    1. Maybe because, without exception, all the more recent photos are of the thuggish gang style rapper kind?
    2. Recent photos all were Trayvon with gold teeth, gang signals, typical for a self declared "NO LIMIT NIGGA" on Twitter?
  2. Was Trayvon an adept of thuggish violent rap Black Culture?
    1. with all its propensity for violence
    2. and the entitlement feeling that he is allowed to attack, punch, and punish a white man if he dares to racially profile, be suspicious of him, or follow him?
  3. Did Trayvon get suspended for punching a bus driver?
    1. did Trayvon have multiple suspensions in school, for graffiti, drugs, violence?
    2. Was Trayvon Martin really on a 10 day suspension?
    3. Would anyone but an inveterate serious repeat offender get a 10 day suspension?
  4. Was Trayvon a burglar?

    1. If Trayvon burglarized jewelry, the easiest place to steal would be the gated community of his father’s girl friend and of George Zimmermann. There Trayvon could roam without appearing suspicious (except to paranoid George Zimmermann)
    2. When followed by George Zimmermann, did Trayvon avoid to go to his nearby home, afraid of being identified?
    3. Or did Trayvon Martin run because he had burglary tools, burglary loot, or drugs?
    4. Was the time between the seven-eleven surveillance video and George (Zimmermann)’s 911 call compatible with Trayvon Martin going straight home. Or was there time for having done mischief on the way?
    5. Did Martin go home, leave whatever incriminating evidence of burglary tools or drugs there; and then go back to confront Zimmermann? 
    6. Or where else was Martin for the few minutes George was on the phone?
    7. Obviously Martin backtracked or went in circles. If you study the map, and the time line, this is obvious.
    8. Why would someone (Trayvon Martin) backtrack? Instead of going straight to one’s nearby home, if one is really scared of a bad man (George)  following?
    9. Was Trayvon Martin afraid of identifying himself to George Zimmermann, afraid Zimmermann would make the connection between his suspicious behavior and recent burglaries?
    10. Did Trayvon know who Zimmermann was and therefore was afraid of being discovered?
    11. Of course, Trayvon could have fled and hidden.  Then returned an hour later. But that would be inconvenient in the dark and with the rain.
    12. Why is it ok to suspect a decent, law abiding neighborhood watch man of being a criminal, senselessly hunting down and shooting an innocent 17 year old 6′ 1” "child". For no reason, and with no apparent motive. But it is a sacrilege to suspect a black kid, on long term school suspension, to be a potential criminal? That would be racial profiling.
    1. Did the jewelry, allegedly confiscated from Trayvon Martin at school, stem from one or several of the frequent burglaries at George Zimmermann’s gated community.

      1. That  would be the perfect closure of the Trayvon Martin court case. It would explain Trayvon behaving in suspicious ways, well, like a burglar checking out houses.
      2. It would explain Trayvon Martin getting concerned, angry, and violent when followed.
      3. It would explain why Trayvon Martin did not want to go home, to be identified.
      4. I very much hope that George’s lawyer will request an analysis of the jewelry (allegedly) confiscated from Martin.
      5. Of course, Trayvon Martin’s girl friend would not volunteer such information, unless, maybe, under oath.
    2. We will have a chance to find out because
      1. George Zimmermann’s defense wins right to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social network data
      2. This is relevant to ascertain if Trayvon Martin is the type of person who would throw the first punch.
      3. It might be an attempt by the judge to cover his @ss when he inevitably has to acquit George. Only with overwhelming evidence, with acquittal for proven innocence can riots be avoided.


    We might be wrong

    The true 17 year old Trayvon MartinYes, our theory is a bit far fetched and more likely untrue then true.

    We try to be a provocative, thought provoking Devil’s Advocate. 

    Probably our theory is partially true.

    It is more likely and makes more sense then the theory of a neighborhood watch man being a senseless killer of innocent kids.

    We very much hope the New Black Panther Party will not put out a bounty on our head, dead or alive.

    It is scary and dangerous to be in favor of George Zimmermann, even for judges, witnesses or jurors.



    Alternative theories: If George Zimmermann is guilty of 2nd degree (non-premeditated) murder

    All the civil rights activist carefully avoid to give an alternative theory. How could the "murder" have happened, consistent with all evidence?

    1. Zimmermann sees a Black person and due to racial profiling suspects the innocent child is a criminal
    2. He calls police (strange, if you soon will murder someone)
    3. George follows innocent little Trayvon,
    4. George Zimmermann disobeys the suggestion (not order) of the dispatcher ("we don’t need you to follow") and continues following Trayvon.
    5. Trayvon avoids going to the safety of his home
    6. Minutes later Zimmermann tracks down Martin exactly where Zimmermann started out a few minutes earlier.
    7. Trayvon Martin was going in circles when followed.
    8. Angrily George Zimmermann confronts Trayvon Martin
    9. Zimmermann screams for help, to create diversion (risking to have witnesses of his future killing)
    10. Or Trayvon screams for help, afraid of the gun, but is so scared he does not run away nor counter-attack
    11. Zimmermann shoots him point blank. (it has been determined that the shot came from close by). If you have a gun, you would be safer shooting from a distance, but Zimmermann planned his murderous act to look like self defense.
    12. Immediately, George Zimmermann threw himself on the ground, rubs his back on the wet grass, bangs the back of his head onto concrete slabs and punches himself in the eyes and breaks his own nose. He does so carefully, not to injure his own hands.
    13. Zimmermann convinces a neighbor to declare to police that he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmermann, punching him
    14. Thus Zimmermann has a witness that he committed normal self defense. No need to insist on stand your ground law if you are pinned to the ground getting slammed against concrete.


    To be fair, there is an alternate possibility. Zimmermann was beaten up, with  Trayvon Martin mounted on Zimmermann. Somehow Zimmermann managed to escape, Once no more on top, Trayvon suddenly became peaceful. Zimmermann shot him point blank, as a racist revenge.

    Had Trayvon continued to attack when standing, Zimmermann could have invoked "stand your ground" (except, of course, that he had started the altercation).

    The alternative theory is pretty unlikely. Zimmermann could re-enact this travesty, without being caught at any inconsistency?



    Here is a video that makes a real effort to explain how a murder could have happened and tries to consider all facts (but very speculative)

    I give them credit for trying hard.  In their theory, Trayvon ought to have a wet back with grass marks. I don’t think that was the case. It also does not explain Zimmermann’s wet back. Furthermore, Zimmermann has to be very whacko to call police before hunting down and shooting a guy.

    We will post more alternative theories in the next days.



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