Habitual criminality of Michael Brown, his parents and his Ferguson supporters whitewashed

Michael Brown, his parents, and his violent rioting supporters like the New Black Panther Party commit felonies, misdemeanors on large scale (evidence below). These crimes are whitewashed, on purpose, by MSM and US government. Due to clear evidence for shooter Darren Wilson’s innocence the grand jury will rightfully refuse to indict Darren Wilson [9]. Inevitably, large scale riots will follow.

PS: Michael Brown’s mother has been invited to speak at the United Nations in Switzerland [11] and been arrested for armed robbery of " Michael Brown"  T-shirts [4a 5 6 7].

  1. Michael Brown committed over 5 felonies and misdemeanors in the last half hour before his death.
    1. Government tried to cover up and hide [???.2] the surveillance tape of Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery. 
    2. Michael Brown most likely has a criminal history we can not know because it is sealed [???.3].
    3. Similar to Trayvon Martin whose prior crimes had not been prosecuted and were covered up.
  2. The main witness of the accusation against highly decorated policeman Darren Wilson is Dorian Johnson, a felon participant in Michael Brown’s crimes and known to lie to police. We are unaware of him being prosecuted for his recent crimes committed with Michael and filmed by surveillance cameras. 
  1. Michael Brown’s pal Dorian Johnson admitted criminal behavior
  2. 8 black witnesses confirmed policeman Darren Wilsons version of what happened. All eight were justifiably afraid, because of Ferguson’s ghetto mob mentality "snitches get stitches".
  • Michael Brown Ferguson Race Baiting Hoax Refuted
    1. Evidence Supports Officer’s Account of Shooting in Ferguson: "The St. Louis Post-Dispatch late Tuesday night published Brown’s official county autopsy report, …  In interviews with The Washington Post, sources said blood spatter evidence shows that Brown was heading toward the officer during their face-off, but analysis of the evidence did not reveal how fast Brown was moving. […] Seven or eight African American eyewitnesses have provided testimony consistent with Wilson’s account, but none of them have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety, The Washington Post’s sources said."
  • Due to the violent nature of Michael Brown’s supporters like the new Black Panthers, Darren Wilson will have to spend the rest of his life in hiding, just like acquitted innocent George Zimmerman. What type of country has the United States become? (*Racism Disclaimer
  • Michael Brown’s mother has been arrested for armed robbery. She orchestrated a mob attack on vendors of Michael Brown T-Shirts 4a 5 6 7. It is unbelievable: Ferguson Shooting Victim’s Parents to Speak at UN, A robber, mother of a strong arm robber who attacked police, to speak at the UN. Well, so did trumped up proven fraud and liar Somaly Mam.  Where is our civilization going?
  • Justified Rioting and Looting: Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man!
    1. Everyone knows this title is a hoax, it is not true. There was not a hint of white riots when OJ Simpson was acquitted, and there was none when George Zimmerman was indicted illegally based on criminal lies and omissions by the District Attorney [???.8].
    2. US history, and recent Ferguson history is full of violent Black riots, looting, [???.4], while Darren Wilson’s supporters demonstrate peacefully [???.4].
    3. PC (political correctness) is too shy to forcefully intervene and stop Black rioting and looting [6]. (*Racism Disclaimer
    4. Black looting seems to be an announced inevitable natural catastrophe.
      1. Ferguson Braces for Grand Jury Decision in Michael Brown’s Shooting, Wall Street Journal
      2. We need to change our policy of appeasement of rioters. Instead we need to protect good law abiding people, owners of stores, and, yes, decent law abiding Blacks in Ferguson. The way things are going, Ferguson is poised to go the way of Detroit, into total chaos and total white flight to safer places.
    5. The infamous Los Angeles riots with the racist maiming of white trucker Reginald Denny were caused by life-long serial felon Rodney King‘s violent resistance to arrest and to weapons search, who was so high on PCP that even tasers could not subdue him.
  • White man Beaten at Ferguson Protest Strategy Meeting: Ferguson "protestors" have a violent dangerous streak. Dangerous not only for Asian store clerks, but for Blacks, and especially naive white PC idealists, who are unaware of "the color of crime", Black crime and The Talk
  • MSM’s (main stream media) telling lies to Blacks is causing unnecessary unjustified hate:
    1. that whites are to blame for all black failure, that white policemen are out to hunt innocent Blacks to shoot them in the back.
    2. Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM (main stream media) and PC (political correctness) and causes hate and mayhem
    3. There would be much less hate if we told the truth: that people get shot for serial crime, committing robbery, jay walking, disobeying police, grabbing police weapons and charging to attack police, all in a 20 minute period.
  • Michael Brown Ferguson Race Baiting Hoax Refuted

     Man Beaten at Ferguson Protest Strategy Meeting, Assailants thought the white college student was filming their meeting.

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    1. There is no surprise here. They need to enforce the victim mentality, and keep the American people divided against themselves.

      Feminism and the MSM do it to women – throw them into perpetual victimhood.

      They do the same for blacks – always have.

      Nothing ever changes.

      Nothing ever will.

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