George Zimmermann’s defense wins right to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social network data

George Zimmermann killed an "unarmed teenager", we hear in the media. George Zimmermann had a broken nose, serious gashes on the back of his head, from being banged onto concrete. He was so secure, so honest, that he had waived his right to a lawyer and told the complete story in violation of the rule "Never speak to police". His story of self defense was totally coherent, so police let him go. A concerted action by black race activists, with the involvement of president Obama forced the case to be re-opened and had Zimmermann imprisoned and later freed on bail. The racist New Black Panthers put up a bounty on Zimmermann’s head, with impunity. Zimmermann has been in hiding and fleeing vigilantes ever since.

Now the judge permitted Zimmermann’s defense to access Trayvon’s school records and social media records. The defense will try to show that Trayvon is not the 12 year old innocent little kid as falsely depicted in the media but rather a gang-signal flashing, drug using football player with a history of violence and suspicion of burglary, on long school suspension.  This is necessary to support Zimmermann’s contention that Trayvon Martin had followed him, punched him and that "unarmed" Trayvon Martin has tried to kill Zimmermann by punching and showing Zimmermann’s head into a concrete slab.


Here is the very complete story with original evidence, we will comment below.

Here is how the events unfolded as told through recordings, video, and police documents that are evidence in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder case.


George Zimmerman judge OKs question: Who was the real Trayvon Martin?

The new judge in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial allowed defense attorneys to subpoena social media networks and peruse Trayvon Martin’s school records to determine whether the slain teen had a violent past.

And while the race issue continues to define the case more broadly, it became clear this week that the tension in the case has come to revolve around whether Trayvon’s personality and whether the boy’s actions – not his race or his hoodie, which in part drew Zimmerman’s attention on the night of the shooting – played a role in the tragedy.

Trayvon had been on a 10-day suspension from his high school when he was killed. The suspension came after school officials found an empty marijuana baggie on him. An eyewitness to the shooting has also testified that Trayvon was straddling Zimmerman, punching him “MMA-style” in the moments before he was shot.

The press: Trayvon about 4 years younger, Zimmermann in prison garb

The true pictures? Trayvon with gang signals, self declared "NO LIMIT NIGGA" on Twitter?

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmermann: was it self defense? We demonstrated manipulative press photos and totally misleading selective 911 excerpts.


The DC has identified a second Twitter handle associated with Trayvon Martin. Writing under the name “T33ZY TAUGHT M3” in December, Martin tweeted: “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”



USA Today has a very interesting, very complete

Timeline of the George Zimmermann – Trayvon Martin encounter.

Here is how the events unfolded as told through recordings, video, and police documents that are evidence in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder case.

You hear and see  Zimmermann’s re-enactment of the event. Various 911 calls. A witness that saw Trayvon straddling Zimmermann MMA style. Only one witness that, strangely, said there was no fighting right before the gun shot. But that witness is proven wrong by material factual evidence: because in a 911 call one can hear lots of screams for help, and then the shot, in the midst of the scream.

On the first days, Zimmermann had waived his right to a lawyer and imprudently testified to police and explained the events. Yet Zimmermann’s story has absolutely no contradiction.

If Zimmermann’s version was wrong and the accusation is right, that Zimmermann had hunted down Trayvon, that Zimmermann was on top, and Trayvon Martin screamed for help, than how could Zimmermann possibly have gotten the serious injuries to the back of his has?

  1. Trayvon was on a 10 day school suspension for Marijuana possession. We suspect that he got such long a suspension for a joint, because he was a habitual offender.
  2. It seems he was a football player, not the weak little boy in the outdated press photos
  3. there are rumors he trained MMA, multiple martial arts
  4. there are rumors that Trayvon had punched a school bus driver
  5. there are rumors that Trayvon was caught, in school, with possibly stolen jewelry and break-in tools
  6. Trayvon Martin had plenty of time to get home, one block away. He had several minutes time to walk, maybe 100 yards or so. So Zimmermann’s claim makes sense, that Trayvon returned to attack him.
  7. Note that in the map in the USA Today documentation Trayvon’s destination home is NOT marked. That is a serious omission.


In the very unlikely case that George Zimmermann really started the fight, he still had a right to self defense after being on the ground getting the back of his head slammed onto concrete.

Trayvon Martin shooting: Should victim’s high school file be made public?

“Let’s say you walk up to somebody and slap him in the face and he turns around and decides to try to use deadly force against you,” he adds. “Because you provoked that situation, under the law you don’t have a right to stand your ground, but under preexisting law, if you get backed into a corner, where you cannot retreat anymore, you still have a right to defend yourself, and use deadly force doing it.”

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5 thoughts on “George Zimmermann’s defense wins right to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social network data”

  1. If you must kill a black in self defense,you cannot expect justice from the courts unless the evidence is overwhelmingly in your favor. Otherwise, keep it quiet if you can. This is the lesson we learn from this case and similar cases.

  2. You’ve twice described Trayvon as “unarmed”, like that, in quotes. Of course, he was unarmed.

    Self-defense is justified as being in response to an aggressive act. It is an aggressive act itself. In a situation where attack follows attack, either party can be described as attacking in self defense, depending on whose action you last looked at. What matters is which party initiated the sequence of aggressive action.

    1. There are unspoken or outspoken assumptions about black rights:

      1. Blacks, when suspected of a crime, or followed from afar have the right to beat the crap out of the “guilty” racial profiler, if he is white
      2. Blacks have the right to put up a 10 000 dollar bounty on a man who was not wanted by police, and whose whereabouts were known to police. No consequences for the New Black Panthers for such illegal vigilante action
      3. “Unarmed” Blacks have the right to bash, pound and kill armed Whites, who don’t have the right to kill in self defense when their head is pounded against concrete slabs by a Black mounted on top of them in Ultimate Fighting MMA style
      4. Blacks can come up with the most amazing theories without proof and against obvious evidence. They claim Zimmermann hunted Trayvon down, confronted and killed him. No proof necessary. That theory does not explain why Zimmermann had a broken nose and several gashes at the BACK of his head. No need to even try to come up with a theory how these gashes could have happened if Zimmermann was the agressor. Except items #1 and #2 above.
      5. If Zimmermann gets acquitted, Blacks have every right to riot and are justifified to burn down half of Florida and attack, kill and mutilate a bunch of non-blacks with a few Blacks as collateral damage

      72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(Gallup). Why the racial differences?

      This is so pervasive that I will write another article about this.

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