Arrest Arnold Schwarzenegger for rape, harassment, with no bail!

Sex with a dependent employee is rape

Schwarzenegger, the powerful strong governor having sex with a dependent employee, his maid Mildred Patricia Baena. By feminist terminology, this is more then sexual harassment, this is rape. Due to the power differential, she is unable to consent. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child more than 10 years ago outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver, a source close to the former California governor confirmed to CNN on Tuesday. […]

Schwarzenegger fathered the child with a household staffer, the Times article said. He has provided support for the child since birth, the source told CNN. 
Schwarzenegger acknowledges having child with staffer

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Mildred-Patricia-Baena-PattyIf the maid accused him of rape, Schwarzenegger would be instantly jailed with no bail

Can you imagine if the the maid Mildred came forward, now, with charges that he raped her?  Just exaggerate things a little, how she was powerless and afraid of losing her job. But, as the burden of proof is inverted, it would be more prudent to allege real forcible rape, with some lurid details how she kept saying no but she was no match for his superior Mister Universe strength.  She could allege that this was a repeated pattern, over years. She could even sprinkle in some allegations of sexual abuse of his child. He would have to prove his innocence.

Women don’t lie about rape and are instantly believed. Furthermore, our legal system and constitutional rights to due process are not valid in rape and child abuse cases. Men accused of rape are guilty until proven innocent.

Of course, after a decade there would be no way for him to prove his innocence. The child would be the proof of sex having happened. Add a few lurid stories about groping other women and orgies while pumping iron on steroids. Schwarzenegger would be arrested instantly. (like IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn) No bail, because he might be a flight risk. Probably he could re-gain his Austrian nationality in case he made it to Europe.

The female power to cry "rape"

Our man-made cultural progress made us safe. We are not in constant danger of being attacked by lions, snakes, even marauding neighboring tribes. The Magna Carta and our modern constitutions gave us legal rights against unjust unproven accusations, undue imprisonment. Unfortunately, as Human-Stupidity documents, we created new dangers looming over every man (much less over women). Child abuse accusations, possession of so called child porn, and rape accusations can be leveled at any time against every man and lead to instant arrest, jail, and conviction without due process of law.

He looks like Arnold, watch the mouthThat power to allege rape, of course, give a woman infinite power. A man would have to cave in to her every demand and blackmail. It is amazing why Arnold Schwarzenegger dare to fire his maid. But she was a nice person with character, she only told the truth and did not use her legal privilege to accuse him of rape. It does not matter that maybe Mildred was the one that pursued Arnold.

Arnold can shirk paternity: legally the maid’s husband is the father

If Arnold did not recognize paternity, then he can not be forced any more. No matter how much proof, the maid Mildred Patricia Baena’s husband is the legal father and will be obliged to support the child. No way out.  It does not matter that the child looks exactly like Arnold (see the photo)

Birth Certificate of Mildred Patricia Baena’s son   Arnold’s Secret Son: Here’s the Birth Certificate

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Arrest Arnold Schwarzenegger for rape, harassment, with no bail!
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