Weakness is a mighty weapon for fragile feminist crybaby girls: The Sexual Harassment Industry

stop-whiningSexual harassment started with quid pro quo harassment, (="sexual shakedown", extended to all relationships with power imbalance, added peer harassment (which "sets the stage for campus rape" ),, contrapower harassment”   and closed the circle with grooming and electronic harassment, Thus Title IX, an anti discrimination law, went full circle to selectively discriminate against males and heterosexuality. MacKinnon: sexual harassment ‘ is done by men to women regardless of’ relative position on the formal hierarchy.". 

All quotes from Daphne Patai: Heterophobia

Sandler also displays her gift for concept-stretching by declaring that  rape is "the most extreme form of peer harassment" (p. 51). Could it  not equally well be said that murder is the most extreme form of conflict resolution, and that it has the same effect." 



Men can not resist female weakness & fragility. Women’s weakness wins!

Harassment-feminists dis-empower women

stock-vector-crying-baby-girl-crying-small-child-vector-cartoon-illustration-of-cute-crying-baby-girl-51856987The SHI (sexual harassment industry) trains women to become more and more un-empowered, vulnerable and sensitive. So ridiculously weak, that for a "reasonable woman", innuendo, objectifying gaze , becomes a "devastating, life changing experience".

Weakness as a weapon

SHI never teaches women to become empowered. On the opposite, women get trained to be weak crybabies. It seems that chivalrous men instantly come to save a damsel in distress.

Shoop’s bland words conceal the reality of what is being attempted here, which is a modification of public behavior in accordance with the patronizing assumption that women always need protection from aggressive males. This agenda of social transformation is fundamental to all that the SHI undertakes to do. It explains why there has never (to my knowledge) been a workshop on, say, how to keep oneself from taking offense at trivial slights or innuendos, or how to respond to an unwanted sexual overture in a spirited way that ends the problem. Instead, the suggested (and, increasingly, mandatory) workshops and training sessions are designed to bring an ever greater range of behavior within the purview of sexual harassment regulations.   Daphne Patai: Heterophobia

taylor_swift_mean_1Sleights as small as touching a student’s hair or praising (or criticizing) a student’s paper are dramatized as "devastating experience" that "is life  changing".  Creation of a hostile environment by claiming, in class, that false rape accusations are a frequent and common occurrence was grounds for a harassment suit against a professor.

All quotes from Daphne Patai: Sexual Harassment

Female fragility:
cause to rescind constitutional rights & academic freedom

"We can’t lose track of the wider goal in order to defend some narrow definition of academic freedom." . And the predicament of young women caught in [harassments] relentlessly sexist system makes it a "false conflict" to set constitutional guarantees [of free speech] in opposition to harassment policies.

Damsel in Distress color presentaion piece smlSuch concepts as "merit, rigor, standards, and excellence" are viewed as code words to promote " discriminatorv self-interest" on the part of the powerful (p. 311). "Academic freedom" is it slogan touted by "white male faculty" but, she gleefully affirms, one now increasingly challenged by "nonacademic" folk. "To many," Hippensteele writes, "academic freedom is currently being used as it license to speak and behave irresponsibly" (p. 311). 

Explicit "sensitivity training" creates "victims" to demand redress

Institutions must "encourage" the reporting of "sexual harassment activity"", so that "reluctant complainants", "victims" who fail to complain will become aware of their victim status and file complaints.


in the discourse of sexual harassment, I have argued, training in victimhood plays a distinctive role. I can think of no other areas in life in which putative sufferers require so much help in order to recognize the damage supposedly inflicted on them and have come to depend on such careful instruction in how to script the accounts of their victimhood. Article after article produced by SHI writers insists-and this in itself should arouse our suspicion-that people need to learn how to identify the injuries they suffer.

Sensitive whiny un-empowered women need special legal protection

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