“Emotional terrorist” or the “violence prone” women (Erin Pizzey)

Pizzey differentiates between genuine battered women and violence prone women or “emotional terrorists”. Unconsciously, these women seek or create hostile or violent relationships.

A battered person is the unwilling and innocent victim of his or her partner’s violence; a violence prone person is the unwilling victim of his or her own violence  […] A clear distinction to be made between a woman who has accidentally become involved with a violent partner and who now wishes to leave and never return again, and a woman who, for deep psychological reasons or for own, seeks out a violent relationship or a series of violent relationships, with no intentions of leaving.

[…] Opposition against my work with violence prone women and against the theories growing from this work has arisen among certain circles women working in the field of family violence who self identify as “feminists”. […] It is this circle women, clinging fast to a  specific set of political and rhetorical beliefs, who have attempted to suppress my theories.  (The emotional terrorist and the violence-prone by Erin Pizzey)

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Erin Pizzey opened the very first women’s shelters, where women victims of domestic violence could flee to.  To her own surprise she found, that a large percentage of these women were not genuine battered women that needed help to get out of violent relationships.

In domestic violence, men are always at fault. Erin Pizzey breaks a taboo: from her own vast experience running women’s shelters, she discovered a type of women that either seeks, provokes, or creates the violent environment.

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Many readers will discover that they encountered women of this type before, be it in news about domestic violence, be it their own girl friend or wife, or their own mother.

Pizzey’s findings counter the feminist dogma, that the women is always the victim, and the man is the perpetrator. Feminists countered Pizzey with extreme hostility. Feminists managed to get her book removed from most libraries. Her books are very hard to find.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

Conventional wisdom about domestic violence and divorce is based on feminist dogma, on false premises. Hence, the real problems will never be solved and false solutions harm innocent children and men.

The “guilty” emotional terrorist is a victim of her own unconscious rage and a victim of inept society: society, police, therapists and the lawt help the emotional terrorist to get her revenge but fail to help her to cure her real deep seated emotional behavior. She creates her own misery, all life long. She destroys her family, harms her husband, and might set up her children to become as disfunctional as she is.

Further Human Stupidity Analysis
1) It is also worth analyzing, if the concept of equality in relationships has not failed.  Constant bickering and arguing is not productive. Conflicts need to be solved and cannot be dragged on forever. It seems, that if one person yields, and the other person has the final say, that is the only way how a family relationship can work.

In every enterprise, in court, everywhere, the boss (or a majority vote), make definite decisions which must be respected by the over-ruled minority. In the EEA (environment of evolutionary adaptedness) , the classic stone-age family structure, this would, most likey be the man, or the larger family or tribal unit.

There is significant research in psychology, that in happy life long couples, there always is one dominant partner who has the final say.  (yes, this could be the woman)

2) PS:I differ from Pizzey here: It is quite plausible that this emotional terrorist behavior has a genetic component. There certainly are women, who, in spite of adverse childhood, do not become “violence prone”. And some violence prone women might have helped to actually create their own traumatic childhood, by their own unruly temperament.

The emotional terrorist

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