Police stand down orders: expose the truth, disobey gag orders

The Truth about police stand down orders must be said openly. Police must speak up in spite of gag orders. Police who are ordered NOT to do police duty must speak the truth, even if ordered to hide that shameful command.

Guaranteeing the safety of the law abiding citizens is the one main duty of government. It is the main reason for the existence of the state. It must be pointed out mercilessly and completely, if that duty to protect is neglected. If those stand down orders happen in very biased ways to favor Antifa and black rioters, that must be spoken, too. In most countries it is a citizen’s duty to help people in distress. It certainly should be the duty of police to help business owners whose business gets looted.

Cover-up of police stand down orders is immoral.

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  1. We Used to Shoot Looters #1:
    Deterring crime, mayhem, arson, and war can be an act of #RacismIsLove #4Racism love . Deterring violence with credible threats of government violence means protection of innocent victims, and even of potential rioters.
  2. We Used to Shoot Looters #2:
    Now we give them “space.” The riots, looting, and arson in Baltimore are yet another case of what began as a demonstration against alleged police misconduct but turned into violence. It was not political protest. People who want better treatment from the police don’t set fire to retirement homes, try to break into ATM machines, or burn down drug stores.

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Covid-19: censorship, gag orders

Social media, unashamedly, remove, delete, and block news about Covid-19 policies, unless the reports tread the official party line. Complex medical and epidemiological Coronavirus issues are decided by Leftist social media censors. Tweets by Brazilian president Bolsonaro1 * 2 were deleted. The ‘noble’ motive for censorship might be that panicked citizens are more obedient to ruinous lockdown orders. Additionally fear about looming financial, economical, disasters must be avoided.

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Official gag orders, media cover-upspolice gag orders  –regarding minority crime, IQ, quota mishaps- have become socially acceptable.  Rather they have become socially required and virtuous. #TrueSpeech about minority crime and crime statistics is a no-no. Free speech is already dead in Europe 

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Covid-19: censorship, gag orders
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