Press media’s lies, deceit about George Zimmermann trial

How would the US Department of Justice, President Obama, the entire world press conspire to engage in a campaign of lies, deception and misinformation?

We used to believe in an objective investigating press in the Western democracies, US, Europe, elsewhere. But political correctness utterly corrupted freedom of press and academia. Hate crime laws prohibit true information about race, crime, and iq, feminism corrupts academic research about  domestic violence and legal due process.  We bemoan our loss of freedom, our constitutional rights, are dumbfounded and still seek explanations for such misinformation campaigns. Do these journalists, prosecutors, opinion-makers self-deceive and really believe in their own lies?

Political correctness creates hate and mayhem

Had Press and Government told the truth about George Zimmerman‘s clear self defense, the New Black Panthers would not seek vigilante justice, Blacks would not feel entitled to commit violent crime "in revenge for Trayvon Martin:  Remember the  misleading edit of the 911 tape, cause of a law suit by George Zimmermann against NBC?

Had the press chosen to always show the following photos of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, the trial would have never happened, or the verdict readily accepted.


George Zimmerman’s head 2 minutes after the shooting. Below recent photos from  Trayvon Martin’s own social media.

Instead the press chose to show Trayvon Martin as an angelical 12 year old boy, and used Zimmerman’s heavyset mug photo, falsely suggesting a huge weight and fighting advantage for Zimmerman, and, falsely, a criminal past for George Zimmerman.  

By any objective standard, the prestige press has shamed itself by its repeated distortions of the facts to make them fit its desires for a tale of White Privilege, Innocent Black Victimization, and Stereotyping. (Of course, by controlling the narrative, there will be virtually no accountability.) As I’ve mentioned before, when the press decides to go all in on a race story, they seem to pick ones that unravel into travesties at a higher than random rate. This story began to fall apart the moment George Zimmerman’s picture was printed.
The central mechanism that leads the press astray is its War to Wipe Out Stereotypes, to wipe clean the collective mind, to render the blank slate as blank as possible. The fundamental problem of journalism, in the minds of the more elevated sort of journalist, is that its readers can notice patterns for themselves 9

The trial was based on an illegally lying prosecutor who would not have had a case, had she told the truth.

It turned out, once pre-trial discovery was exchanged, that the affidavit upon which probable cause was found had not disclosed a lot of significant exculpatory details.  There was no mention of the significant injuries to Zimmerman, or of John Good’s eyewitness account that Martin was on top of Zimmerman hitting him Mixed Martial Arts style.  All the Affidavit said on the subject of the physical confrontation was that there was “a struggle.”

The Affidavit identified the voice screaming for help as that of Martin based on an interview with his mother, but did not reveal what we now know, that Martin’s father initially denied it was his son.

The Affidavit also was inaccurate, such as alleging that the 911 operator “instructed Zimmerman not” to follow Martin — a false fact which lives on in the media mythology of the case. Alan Dershowitz vs. Angela Corey over misleading Affidavit of Probable Cause

If Angela Corey threatened suit against Dershowitz and Harvard, she needs to step down from Zimmerman case

How would the US Department of Justice, the entire world press 
conspire to engage in a campaign of lies and distortion?

Our belief in a free and objective press in Western democracies lies shattered. The press, in unison with the US government and justice engaged in a successful campaign of lies, deceit, and omission.

The only one that actually tried to find a theory to explain this world wide campaign of lies is Steve Sailer from  isteve and the excellent vdare site


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Press media’s lies, deceit about George Zimmermann trial
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"Der Spiegel" lügt: George Zimmerman, Opfer von schwarzem Rassismus und Verleumdungen

Der Spiegel 1 2 3 4, zusammen mit der gesamten deutschen Presse wiederholt kritiklos die  Lügen der Amerikanischen "Bürgerrechtler".  Daher ist das deutsche Publikum vollständig falsch informiert und hat eine sehr verzerrte Ansicht.

George Zimmernann wurde von Trayvon Martin lebensegefährlich angegriffen und hat ihn in Notwehr erschossen. Zimmerman selber rief die Polizei, bereits vor der Tat. Er wurde festgenommen, erkärte alles der Polizei die es penibel überprüfte. Da alle seine Aussagen mit den Indizien voll übereinstimmten, wurde er frei gelassen.

Schwarze "Bürgerrechts"-Aktivisten, zusammen mit einer rassistischen Regierung (Obama mischte sich ein) und Justiz erzwangen eine Festnahme und fadenscheinige Anklage voll von Lügen.  (Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest Affidavit ‘Irresponsible And Unethical’)

Da der Polizeichef sich weigerte, einen erwiesenen Unschuldigen festzunehmen, musst er erst entlassen werden bevor Zimmermann festgenommen werden konnte.


In unseren 15 Artikeln über George Zimmerman und Trayvon Martin werden die hier im Folgenden aufgestellten Behauptungen bewiesen.


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"Der Spiegel" lügt: George Zimmerman, Opfer von sch…
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