From holocaust denial to race/gender equality denial

Lawyers and historians who testified in court in defense of holocaust deniers, are threatened with prosecution1. Such a blanket prohibition of speech, where truth is no valid defense2, can lead down the slippery slope to hate speech laws and repression of #TrueSpeech.  Denying that the Nazi holocaust killed 6 million Jews is a felony3 in many countries. “Scholars have pointed out that countries that specifically ban Holocaust denial generally have legal systems that limit speech in other ways, such as banning “hate speech.”[Laws against Holocaust denial|Wikipedia]

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Switzerland: Prison Term for ‘Holocaust Denial’

On April 10, 2000, a Swiss court sentenced 79-year-old publicist and retired teacher Gaston-Armand Amaudruz to one year in prison for “denying” the existence of homicidal gas chambers in World War II German concentration camps. […]

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From holocaust denial to race/gender equality denial
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