Mr. Emerson loses medial practice, driver’s & medical license & becomes jobless, homeless, indebted, due to adulterous wife’s unproven accusations

Mr. Emerson was a private practice physician. A series of unproven allegations by his adulterous wife, (and later by a female WalMart cashier) got him into jail, made him lose his medical license & practice, lose the children, obliged  him to pay child support to his ex-wife.  Without his medical license he was unable to pay child support and got $ 70 000 in debt with his adulterous wife. He lost his drivers license due to nonpayment of child support.  Of course he could never see his daughter.

Years later, when his then 15 year old daugher (who got spanked by her step father) wanted to move in with her father, he got another anonymous child abuse complaint regarding the 3 year old kid of his girl friend. Mr. Emerson spent multiple times in jail, lived with his father or friends as a favor, lived under a bridge, Over 10 years of ordeals. Life ruined. Because of accusations of an adulterous wife. And a legal system that suspended due process and inverted the burden of proof in most feminist issues like child sexual abuse, wife beating, child porn, etc. analysis:  Mr Emerson’s life was ruined by government and legal system

  1. extreme feminist laws protecting women, inversion of burden of proof (guilty until proven innocent), no due process.
  2. together with a vengeful wife and power seeking government attorneys
  3. It is sad if any good law abiding citizen can get ruined by government & vengeful women

Timothy Joe Emerson’s ordeal

Half of the complaints against Mr. Emerson were unproven, the other half obviously wrong or ridiculous:

We are also astounded to find that going through a cashier’s checkout line at Wal-Mart once or twice a week [based on testimony and cancelled checks provided by Joe Emerson] can be construed as a basis for a stalking complaint.

The story began in 1998. According to court records his then wife, Sacha, was having an affair with her hairdresser and petitioned for divorce on August 28, 1998, and requested a restraining order against Dr. Emerson, claiming he had threatened her paramour during a telephone call.
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Note that about half of the hundreds of married men who have contacted the Equal Justice Foundation have been charged with domestic violence or abuse after finding their wives were having an affair. Allegations of domestic violence or abuse are a standard tactic in a divorce today with virtually no recourse for the husband. Under current laws such false allegations are standard as they give the adulterous wife the house, the car, the kids, the bank account, and anything else she wants with no questions asked, i.e., due process is a thing of the past. She will also almost certainly receive child support even if the child(ren) prove not to be her husband’s. And there is no penalty for her perjury.

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