40 Africans and Chechens repeatedly fight in Berlin Asylum shelter


Black Africans and Chechens brawl in German refugee center and devastate facilities. Christian asylum seekers are there threatened by Muslims.  Politicians debate without consulting the population about the admission of hundreds of thousands of refugees. "The Germans will have to get used to more refugees."

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Diversity is strength. It is an enriching experience for German policemen and hospitals, to have first hand experience of international conflicts. 

Too much peace, too little crime in Germany. Germans need civil unrest and other entertainment, such as the London, Paris and Stockholm riots. 

Diversity also brings tuberculosis, measles, and who knows, Ebola. And we were concerned about petty problems like financing a rapidly growing and very fertile unproductive underclass. When will immigrant groups fight each other with bombs and guns?

One example of many: In the Lower Brandenburg Spree-Neisse Tuesday evening of last week occurred a mass brawl between asylum seekers from Africa and Chechnya. In an asylum center occupied by 240 people a dispute between two rival gangs of asylum seekers broke out. 40 to 50 participants, Black Africans and Chechens went with slats at each other. Several thugs from the asylum environment were significantly injured. The summoned police officers were initially unable to stop the mass brawl between the asylum seekers. As the Berliner Kurier reported , a total of 17 men were taken into police custody. The police are now investigating breach of the peace and assault.

A few hours later it was in another location of the home again a fight. Again, the police had to intervene. Several Chechens were arrested. The asylum seekers originate mostly from Chechnya, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Eritrea and Chad.  Google translated | German original

Which country will give asylum to Germans fleeing this violence?


Also in Germany Muslims mistreat Christians

It is increasingly common in asylum centers to bat and a massive assaults between residents. Not infrequently, the taxpayer-funded accommodation are devastated. Who helplessness in combination with quite politically motivated, especially left main thrusts of those responsible, show the events in Berlin and Hamburg on around the illegal refugee camps.

Add to that the alarming finding that in provided by the German government refugee camps Christians are humiliated by Muslim asylum seekers because of their religious affiliation, bullied and attacked .

Christian Asylum seekers, especially apostates, Muslims converted to Christianity get attacked by Muslims. Strangely, diversity in the same room is avoided: "only people with same religion and same cultural backgrounds will be put into the same room" 2.

The number of asylum seekers in Germany has reached an unprecedented level. In the previous report in 2014 , according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees 83,964 initial claims were made ​​by the Federal Office counter.

In addition, only 2013 12.700 migrants came from the Russian Federation in the first eight months of Germany. More than 90 percent of them come from Chechnya and the North Caucasus. With these "refugees", as reported blu-NEWS , comes the violence prevalent in the Chechen society, now also in Germany. Many of them then join the Salafist scene in Germany. The high readiness for violence, coupled with the medieval Islamic society ideals remain no no longer restricted to this group.

"Europe must accept 500,000 refugees"

The current demand of the Greens parliamentary leader Göring-Eckardt , Europe must take a half a million refugees, seems undifferentiated and populist. According to a survey by the Institute Emnid 51 percent of Germans would welcome the Federal Republic to accept more people from Iraq and neighboring civil war Syria micrograph. 43 percent of respondents reject this, however.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) urged against the Bild am Sonntag with a reference to the greatly increased number of asylum seekers – he assumes that a total of 200,000 claims were made ​​this year – a debate about "how many refugees Germany as a rich can absorb country ".

SPD and the Greens are opposed to the proposed by de Maizière ceiling for refugees. "I do not think it particularly good time now to discuss how many refugees can absorb even Germany," said SPD General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi.

It would be terribly racist to pay attention to Turkish name of this leading German politician, who favors unlimited immigration of his fellow foreigners into Germany.  Successful and well adapted immigrants in Germany would be better advised to reduce immigration, to avoid Germany becoming identical to Turkey, Syria, Chechnya they just left. Century old tribal hate, resistance to integration, guarantee several generations of trouble. Add to that exponential populationn growth due to high fertility, and the heritability of low IQ 4 5 and high aggression 6 7 …..

Her contemporary, the Nuremberg Mayor Ulrich Maly (SPD) believes that "the Germans have to get used again to more refugees." It is the task of policy, make this clear to the citizens and to counteract fears. (DB)   Google translated | German original


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