Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC

MSM (main stream media) incite "justified Black anger" by telling Blacks that Whites are to blame for Black crime, low performance in school, and low income. This "Justified anger" allows and encourages Blacks to riot and commit violence without anyone daring to call them out as felons. Violence, riot and mayhem by Blacks is excusable and understandable.  10 By PC (political correctness) definition Blacks can not be racist nor will they be prosecuted by Eric Holder for hate crimes.

MSM (main stream media) have not called out  that Michael Brown and his pal Dorian Johnson had committed half a dozen criminal acts in the last 10 minutes of Michael Brown’s life. Three criminal acts were voluntarily confessed by Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown’s companion, several more were seen on the surveillance tape [4]

Main Stream Media (MSM), due to Political Correctness (PC) and cultural marxism, cover up Black misdemeanors and felonies as good as they can [0]  [1]  [2]. The justice department and the local governor tried their best to hide the surveillance video that showed felon Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. The George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case is full of MSM (Main stream media) deceit 8 7 9 and prosecutor misconduct.  Witnesses that lie in favor of Black felons are believed, even after they are caught lying. Witnesses in favor of the true victims, the policeman Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman must fear revenge and ostracism [27]

Unsung Black People: The Courage Of Blacks Who Step Forward And Tell The Truth are rare examples.


Black Privilege in Ferguson and all USA (30 examples)

  1. Black Police departments can shoot unarmed Black civilians in record numbers and Eric Holder does nothing:
    Eric Holder’s police shooting record? Dismal: Washington police shot and killed people at a higher rate than any other major city police department, as a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post investigation revealed in late 1998. The Post reported that "Holder said he did not detect a pattern of problematic police shootings and could not recall the specifics of cases he personally reviewed." Holder declared: "I can’t honestly say I saw anything that was excessive."
  2. Blacks can never be racist, even when they are racist: "I am the attorney general of the United States," Holder said last week during an appearance at a Missouri community college. "But I am also a black man." Imagine George Bush had ever dared to say "I am the president of the United States, but I am also a white man".
  3. Blacks can openly enjoy and promote mayhem against Whites: ‘Jamie Foxx promoted his new movie, Django Unchained, by saying, “I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?” [Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All The White People’ In His New Movie,By Noel Sheppard, December 10, 2012] Django Unchained. [15] Blacks and their white sympathizers defend confessed robbers, rioters, and rapists like the Central Park Five [47] [48] [49] [50]. See also the distorted movie To Kill a Mockingbird‘ .
  4. Blacks are allowed to promote violence against Whites with impunity.  The Black Panthers are leading groups of blacks in a responsive chant: “What’s his name?” “Darren Wilson.” “How do we want him?” “Dead.”
  5. Blacks may have pride in their race. No White Pride allowed, of course.  That black voters have so embraced Obama, even against the legacy of the Clintons, is not surprising to Brown. "I think most white politicians do not understand that the race pride we all have trumps everything else." Washington Post. An equivalent to "Ebony Magazine", or even a "White Students Group" would be unthinkable for whites.  Similarly politically correct "Gay pride" is very acceptable too.
  6. Blacks can crash their opponent’s public events, without fear of violence or police retribution.  "A Michael Brown supporter crashed the pro-Darren Wilson rally today in St. Louis city. The woman was screaming, “You gonna shoot me too?” and “Don’t touch me!”.  Black Panthers can even crash Ferguson police conferences. To avoid sounding racist,  historically "repressed minorities" have these right to violently silence dissent: women [16] [19] [20] [29] [28], gays,  Leftist counter-demonstrators against alleged opponents of immigration or so called Nazis. 
  7. Blacks can complain about White Privilege and get government moneys for White Privilege Conferences. White Privilege Conference handout exposed by Progressives Today | 2 3 Teachers are required to teach about White Privilege.
  8. Blacks have freedom of speech.  Blacks can use the N-Word, "cracker", and swear openly. Whites get banned from Olympics [21] [22], suffer severely punishment for use of politically incorrect wording, jokes [20] or suffer Justice department inquiries because of mere suspicion of inappropriate wording (George Zimmerman). A White throwing a banana on a Black soccer player’s car [23] [24] [25] causes much more press commotion and legal retribution then a Ferguson Black throwing a Molotov Cocktail onto police or into a store.
  9. Blacks may stereotype white policemen and Whites in general as violent, racist, and blame 21st century Whites for 18th Century slavery. Blacks must never be stereotyped, even with true research about race and iq or government statistics about Black crime.  
  10. Blacks can object to racial profiling. Nobody objects to gender profiling young males, almost [8] nobody demands to stop, frisk, or arrest equal percentages of women and old people. “When it comes to violent crime, blacks are approximately as much more likely to be arrested than whites, as men are more likely to be arrested than women.” That is directly relevant to racial profiling because police make use of “gender profiling” all the time—and no one objects. [7“Racial profiling”—the use of known correlations between race and criminal behavior for the purposes of police investigation of crimes—is not only not “unacceptable” but virtually essential for the effective performance of police work. [7]  See also “The Color of Crime.” | National Crime Victimization Survey
  11. Blacks can DEMAND racial profiling, called ‘quotas’ or ‘positive discrimination’, also called affirmative action.  So they demand more black police.  Blacks, due to their lower IQ, and lower schooling, rarely can pass objective aptitude tests for police, fire men fire fighters. Thus these tests are dumbed down, leading to dangerously incompetent fire fighters, weakened by gender quotas, dumbed by racial quota nonsense.
    Black policemen police officers seem to shoot and kill more Blacks then white police officers. Just that no one cares: Eric Holder’s police shooting record? Dismal.
  12. Blacks get into elite colleges with low SAT, GMAT test scores [28]  [30] [27] Whites or Asians would never be accepted with the same low scores. "If Rice was the only college in the country to have a quota, then, sure, it could fill its quota with black applicants who are “fairly indistinguishable” from the white norm. But, funny thing is, Harvard also has a quota, so all those black applicants are going to Harvard instead of Rice. And the black students who are just below the Harvard-bound are going to Stanford and MIT on quotas instead of Rice. So, Rice takes the blacks who would be going to Texas A&M if nobody had a quota, and Texas A&M takes … The whole system winds up pretty accurately reproducing at each college the one standard deviation gap seen in the whole population. But that`s really hard for most people to grasp" [29]
  13. Whenever Blacks commit crimes, the MSM  hides their race.  Main stream media (MSM) conspire to hide the race of Blacks (or Hispanics) that commit crimes, especially against Whites and Asians. The people who write the news stories, and the stylebooks, don`t want you to think about the “color of crime,” or the color of “antisocial activity” so they`ve decided to suppress it. They believe stereotypes to be “inaccurate, resistant to change, overgeneralized, exaggerated, and generally destructive,” rather than, as conservatives tend to think, fairly accurate and not so bad. [13] See also: Paved With Good Intentions.
  14. Blacks can always cry racism. So Obama, Holder, all were once stopped and checked by police. Well, so was I. And I got stopped more often then my grandmother.If you look like people who commit crime more frequently, you get checked more frequently. Get over it. Don’t aggress police, don’t make a fuss like Henry L. Gates, Jr., arrest: racial profiling necessary for safety, political correctness discourages neighborhood watch. A polite non-race baiting person would collaborate for police, thank them for their concerns, show ID and proof that they are legally inside the house, and stop whining and complaining and complaining about racism.
  15. Blacks are entitled to justified violent rage, whenever slightly angered. Blacks can commit real hate crimes out of rage about such trumped up hate crimes: "This is for Trayvon" beatings. The true Trayvon Martin. It is understood that Blacks may beat Whites for profiling, for distrust, and most certainly for using the N-word. 
  16. Blacks may promote cop killing in rap songs [9], and Blacks are vigorously defended if they actually kill cops  [10] [14] [15]
  17. Blacks may riot and burn their own neighborhood. Out of "justified anger", in vengeance the mob had looted and burned the wrong convenience store (painting “Snitches get Stitches” on the wall) [12]. And then demand society rebuild what they looted: Ferguson Protesters: Rebuild Our Looted Businesses, “Or It’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay” (Video). See also the "Los Angeles Riots"
  18. black-run-business-yolo-boutique-kerry-picket Blacks can racially profile and selectively loot and burn down Asian and White run businesses. A sign "Black run business" provides some protection from looting.
  19. Blacks get support of government and MSM (Main Stream Media) world wide whenever they cry "Hate Crime" : "We’ve seen this over and over: Trayvon Martin, the Duke Rape Hoax, the Jena Six, Tawana Brawley, the “Compton Cookout”/UC San Diego fraud, and America’s never-ending stream of hate-crime hoaxes. Why do we always fall for the same trick? First, we have Africa in our midst. Second, our rulers don’t realize we have Africa in our midst."   From: To Understand the Ferguson Riots, Look to Africa
  20. Blacks can be over 50% white and still be conferred Black Privilege: Ex: Barack Obama, Eric Holder. "Mulatto History Month" shows almost all successful Blacks outside sports and music are in reality Mulattos, partially White. 
  21. Black can commit crimes (felonies) that get covered up.  Press, Governor, Justice department actively try to cover up. all these tried to prevent publication of the surveillance tape of Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery. These were only published due to Freedom of Information requests by the Press.

    Similarly, Trayvon Martin‘s school records were sealed and hidden, and his cell phone content criminally tampered with and hidden by the prosecution. And, of course, nobody objected to Trayvon’s breaking George Zimmerman‘s nose and banging the back of George’s head onto a slab of concrete. After all, Trayvon’s anger was justified because of slavery and trumped up racial profiling.

  22. Blacks can commit crimes, be excused and not be charged.  Dorian Johnson actively participated in the strong arm robbery. In the surveillance tape Dorian Johnson can be seen receiving stolen goods from Michael Brown when Michael stood near the cash register. The press does not even MENTION this, and police is not considering charging Dorian with active theft and participation in robbery, when Michael Johnson opened the path for both to leave. Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown walked in the middle of the street, disobeyed police orders to walk on the side walk, and Michael resisted and scuffled with police. Similarly, Trayvon Martin was never charged for carrying 10 pieces of jewelry with a burglary tool. [38]
  23. Decent law abiding citizens of any color would not behave like this.  George Zimmerman, on the other hand, was blamed for leaving his car and following Trayvon, against the SUGGESTION of a lowly emergency phone attendant, even though he actually did obey and stop.

  24. Blacks get punished more leniently in school.  Punish more Asian and White Students – demands Eric Holder, to racially balance school suspensions.
  25. Blacks can be a prosecution top witness after being caught lying, and having a criminal rap sheet.   Dorian Johnson participated i Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery. He has criminal records of stealing and lying to police [32], and was proven a liar again, because the autopsy proved Michael Brown was never hit in the back. [33] The only other two witnesses supporting Michael’s innocence had told the same lies. [33]. Rachel Jeantel was caught lying several times [30] [31] [34] [35] [36] [37]
  26. Blacks have their prior juvenile crime records hidden, and facebook and twitter accounts deleted, while the justice department sends 40 FBI officers to dig up dirt on Darren Wilson [39], as they tried on George Zimmerman. No one mentions Dorian Johnson’s prior theft and false police reports which perfectly fit into his scheme of false testimony, lying about a shot in the back. Compare also Child Pornography, Gun Dealings, on Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone
  27. Blacks are called a victim, while committing crimes. Michael Brown is called "victim", though he had just committed strong arm robbery, disobeyed police orders to stop walking in the middle of the street and struggled and pulled away from police that grabbed him (as confessed by , as Trayvon Martin, and Rodney King were all called "victims" even though they all were committing felonies while killed or beaten (resist arrest, life threatening attacks, reckless driving) and had prior criminal or school discipline records
  28. Politicians have to pander to Black opinions. Blacks vote mainly their racial interest, so Hillary Clinton [40] has to choose her words wisely not to offend Blacks.
  29. Blacks are believed entirely unlikely stories. A White police officer with exemplary behavior record is not believed, but the proven liar and criminal accomplice is believed.  "There is probably not a single sworn peace officer anywhere in the United States who would shoot an unarmed man with his hands in the air from 20 feet away. That’s about as likely as an entire white lacrosse team gang-raping a black stripper." [7] White on Black rape [??] is even rarer then White on Black murder [44].   Similarly, there is not one single coherent theory how Trayvon Martin did not go home but got back to where he was 4 minutes earlier to beat up  Zimmerman.  

    Women have the same privilege. It makes no sense how Strauss-Kahn, a rich sophisticated man would rape an ugly black maid instead of ordering a luxury prostitute, or that Kachelmann, successful man with a harem of girl friends like  would rape his girl friend exactly on the day of their separation 

  30. One can talk about White Privilege without being called Racist. Government sponsors "White Privilege Conferences" for teachers to learn how to indoctrinate gullible children on White Privilege theory.  Talking about BLACK PRIVILEGE is racist, of course.
  31. Black parents can give a racist talk to their children, [45] [46]"warning them how to survive in a racist world". But it is "most racist possible" [41] if Whites or Asians tell children The Talk: Nonblack Version.  Warning children to stay safe by avoiding Black Ghetto neighborhoods, to avoid Black group violence like the Ferguson riots, and Black individuals like Michael Brown that violently shoved store clerks and police officers alike. 

Equality Dogma

The main culprit for Black privilege is the equality dogma, the denial of scientific research findings about race and iq and about black crime. Thus all differences in school success, in school suspensions, in income, in imprisonment, are claimed to originate in "racism" and white privilege. White privilege is caused by, on average, being born more intelligent, with more self control, and to parents that provide a better education.  

We can not even blame Blacks. Rather, the misinformation stems from cultural marxists, feminists, MSM (main stream media), feminists, certain sociologists and certain anthropoligists, that distort everyone’s world vision.

Similar issues arise with women, Muslim immigrants, and violent leftist demonstrators, and even criminals in general. Human Rights are for criminals.




Re: Steve Sailer’s The Cultural Construction of the QuikTrip Pogrom

In general, as I’ve been pointing out in movie reviews and the like, there has been a moral panic building over white violence in the increasingly distant past against blacks, thus justifying black violence in the present against whites (or pretty much anybody who happens to object to blacks taking what is rightfully theirs, such as Swisher cigars).

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12 thoughts on “Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC”

  1. Research by Jensen and Rushton proves beyond a doubt that Black IQs are inherited, which accounts for their lack of progress. Also, THE BELL CURVE offered an analysis of the lack of Black achievement.

  2. Black parents can give a racist talk to their children, [45] [46]”warning them how to survive in a racist world”

    >The talk about standing up straight, dressing the part, keeping your hands in sight at all times and never, ever letting your anger get the best of you.

    That’s hardly racist unlike the “white talk” which is a whole bunch of “black people are stupid, black people are dangerous, avoid black people”. No part of The Talk suggests that white people are less or more intelligent. It does suggest that they will be in positions of power over them.

    1. Black people commit more criminal violence anywhere in the world, and White people are more intelligent then Blacks. And, to irritate White supremacists, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, and especially Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent and less violent then Whites. This can be derived from statistics with sample sizes of tens of millions including all US armed forces recruits, and crime victim reports and crime statistics of the US department of Justice. It really is not my fault that these are established FACTS.

      Quite a large percentage of young black males are violent felons. Sadly, it is wise to avoid groups of such people. It is said that even Jesse Jackson is scared when followed by a group of Blacks, at night.

    2. @Gabriel Utterson: Black people commit multiple times more crime than non-Hispanic Whites. Black neighborhoods are multiple times as many times than white neighborhoods. Check statistics of the US department of Justice. Google: the color of crime Jared Taylor. But MSM (main stream media) conspire to hide Black criminality. Black criminal’s and white victim’s race are hidden, by official order and policy. So you will not notice. It requires a racist like Jared Taylor to cite official statistics to prove these facts. I am sorry you are being misled by MSM main stream media.

      It is also very natural that people of higher intelligence rise to higher positions in job hierarchies. There is not the slightest doubt, after 100 years of IQ research and statistics, that White IQ is around 100, Black IQ is 85 in the US (mainly due to white genetic admixture) and 75 in Africa. So we need quotas to get Blacks into job positions and Universities with much lower test scores then Whites.

  3. O Reilley does not dare to suggest genetic reasons for the unsolvable gap between the races. Or else he would be unacceptable and fired for good.

    Persistent Gap

    More than seven years have passed since No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), President Bush’s much ballyhooed effort to close the racial achievement gap, went into effect (see “Fantasy and Fraud: No Child Left Behind, AR, Feb. 2004). There is little to show for the $100 billion NCLB has cost taxpayers. Blacks and Hispanics are getting better scores on standardized tests, but so are whites, and while the gap has narrowed slightly since the 1970s, it remains wide. The US Department of Education says it is roughly equivalent to between two and three school years’ worth of learning, meaning that blacks in their senior year test at about the level of whites at the beginning of their sophomore years. “There’s not much indication that NCLB is causing the kind of change we were all hoping for,” says G. Gage Kingsbury, a testing expert who is a director at the Northwest Evaluation Association in Portland.

    Freeman A. Hrabowski III, president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, believes schools need to do more for black students at an early age. “Where there are programs that encourage that additional work, students of color do the work and their performance improves and the gap narrows,” he says. [Sam Dillon, ‘No Child’ Law Is Not Closing a Racial Gap, New York Times, April 28, 2009, p. A1] If whites got the same attention, the gap might widen.

  4. Guilty until proven innocent and imprisoned for over half year:

    Not Guilty After All

    When Brandon McClelland’s mangled body was found by police in Paris, Texas last September, authorities feared they had another James Byrd case on their hands. James Byrd was the black man who was chained to a pickup truck and dragged to death by three whites in Jasper, Texas in 1998. The Byrd death was frequently cited as evidence of the need for state and national “hate” crime laws and was an issue during the 2000 presidential campaign.

    Forensics tests determined that McClelland’s body was caught under a truck and that he was dragged at least 70 feet. Police arrested two white men, Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley, friend’s of McClelland’s who were drinking with him the day he died. Prosecutors contended that Mr. Finley and Mr. Crostley deliberately ran over McClelland, who was black, after a drunken argument. The case garnered national attention (the men were presumed guilty be the media), and brought out protesters from the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, and one lonely counter-demonstrator from the Ku Klux Klan.

    Mr. Finley and Mr. Crostley always said they were innocent, and over the last few months the case against them has unraveled. They told police that they argued over whether Mr. Finley was too drunk to drive, and McClelland got out of the car to walk home. Investigators could find none of McClelleand’s DNA on Mr. Finley’s pickup. In May, the driver of a gravel truck gave a sworn statement acknowledging he might have accidentally run over McClelland, and in June, prosecutors dropped the charges. “I think it’s very simple,” says David Turner, Mr. Crostley’s lawyer. “These fellows didn’t do it.”

    Mr. Finley and Mr. Crostley were released from jail on June 4. They had been behind bars since they were arrested last September, since they were unable to post bond. [Charges Dropped in Black Man’s Dragging Death, AP, June 4, 2009.] Their release has attracted little attention. Had blacks been finally let out of jail after being found innocent of racially-charged accusations there would have been much soul-searching about a primitive Texan justice system that had falsely accused innocent blacks.

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