Germanwings suicide crash: Muslim involvement

Germanwings crash was Islamic terror; co-pilot was Muslim convert” [4] is mere speculation.

Muslim 9/11 terror attack sparked regulations to lock cockpit doors
Muslim 9/11 terror attack sparked regulations to lock cockpit doors


  1. Without the Muslim 9/11 terror attack the cockpit door would not be impenetrably armored and hardened.
  2. Thus Germanwings Flight 9525 Pilot Would Not Be Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash in France. Instead he could get back into the cockpit to save himself and the 149 passengers and crew
  3. Most deliberate crashes of passenger air planeswere perpetrated by Muslims
    1. the 911 Twin tower terror attack
    2. Previous plane crashers tended to be from the Third World, including the pilot of EgyptAir 990, which crashed in 60 miles south of Nantucket. Read more: Germanwings Suicide Crash–Unusual For The First World
  4. We all have to endure and pay for an enormous safety check before boarding flights,  because Muslims have successfully tried, and still try, to blow up and kidnap air planes.

Of course there are many peaceful adherents of Islam, the religion of peace. Most Muslims do NOT crash planes. Though most intentional plane crashers were Muslims, most Muslims do not adhere to the Koran’s order “to strike terror into the heart of the infidel”.

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3 thoughts on “Germanwings suicide crash: Muslim involvement”

  1. Without the Muslim 9/11 terror attack the cockpit door would not be impenetrably armored and hardened.

    Holy Cow.. you buffoon.. you have gone full Right Wing loon.
    Why stop at “Muslim 9/11 Attack”?
    If the Japanese Kamikaze pilots had not demonstrated how it could be done, Bin Laden would not have gotten the idea to use planes.
    And who created Bin Laden? Zbigniev Brezinski under Jimmy Carter’s Administration. How come you didnt go there?

  2. That’s a very good point HS. I would add that those poor people were also victims of governments that refuse to permit people the freedom to protect themselves. Locking the cockpit is the equivalent of gun-control. It’s based on the mentality that the public cannot be trusted to protect itself.

  3. I just find it hilarious that the regulations that were created to help safeguard against an attack actually helped to allow an attack to happen. I guess it made sense if you assume that the attacker would be a passenger and not a pilot. I guess they really didn’t think about it that much.

    Some airlines and US airlines have a rule where two people have to be in the cockpit at all times. Still don’t see how that would help very much especially if the other person is a stewardess. I mean I imagine it would be pretty easy for a guy to knock her out if he really wanted to crash a plane. But it would give an extra loop that the attacker would have to go through so maybe it would have helped, I don’t know.

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