ISIS to attack hundreds of European Airports? 50 ISIS with security clearance at Bruxelles Airport alone.

50 known ISIS workers at Bruxelles airport, with security clearances. How many many unknown ISIS supporters? Are ALL hundreds of European Airports under ISIS influence?

Belgian airport police are threatening to go on strike due to the existence of more than 50 supporters of the Islamic State who are working as cleaners and baggage handlers at the Brussels airport. These individuals have security badges which gives them access to sensitive areas and aircraft themselves, which could lead to another terrorist attack. In a drastic move, police published an open letter about the situation as their warnings had gone unheeded and the ISIS supporters were still employed. Airport police have also given evidence that individuals have been caught scouting the airport for future terrorist attacks. [Wahshington Times]

These 50 are the KNOWN Isis associates in Bruxelles airport. How many more unknown Isis sympathizers are there? another 100?  Can we expect ALL hundreds of European Airports to have dozens ISIS sympathizers each? Terror sympathizers or activists,  with full access to security areas and airplane cockpits? Do other airports have similar hiring practices, affirmative action, fear of Islamophobia?

If so, then ISIS is only playing with the Paris and Bruxelles attacks.  They could have started dozens of attacks, they are just playing with a few occasional attacks.

In reality they are in wait until they can attack hundreds of airports at once, close them down for weeks and basically paralyze Europe.

Is there anything special about Bruxelles Airport? Only Bruxelles airport welcomes ISIS as employees and workers?


Add to this:

  • Muslims (potentially ISIS connected) are hired preferentially to police
  • Muslims (potentially ISIS) in the military
  • The Muslim brotherhood strategy to destroy Western culture von within, by "integrating" into Western power structures
  • Integration of Millions of Muslims in Europe, some of them certainly ISIS sleepers. Due to lower IQ, quotas will be needed to hire under qualified Muslims.
  • Article and  comments about ISIS at airports in German



There are lots of doomsday scenarios for Europe.


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Infidels invented technology and political systems that vastly aid the spread of Islam.  European transport technology, smartphones, whatsapp, welfare, feminism, politically correct press codes, asylum law provide for fast growth of religion.


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German women are game for groping, forced kissing, with virtual impunity!

Groping German police officers’ boobs:  400 Euro fine. Just got forcibly kissed in subway? Police don’t care.

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