How to raise a criminal with operant conditioning and social learning. School to prison pipeline created by political correctness

Leniency as prescribed by the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague Letter” [27] greatly strengthens the school to prison pipeline, by reinforcing criminal behavior.

Instant reward for misbehavior, no punishment.

Violent and criminal minority children are treated very leniently, starting in Kindergarten. With impunity, “disadvantaged”, “traumatized” minority children reap the pleasures and benefits of misbehavior, and watch their peers do likewise. Blacks and other “minorities”1 benefit from special minority privilege2 and impunity.  Years of intrinsic rewards for exciting pleasurable violent behavior reinforces and strengthens such anti-social and criminal behavior.  It creates hardened adult criminals.

The root cause of false educational practices is dishonesty: Political correctness, egalitarianism, the gag orders3 that do not allow to report on minority crime and race differences.

Antisocials engage in  criminal behavior because is rewarding.  A pleasurable feeling of power, the pleasure of beating, of punishing, of humiliating, in addition to tangible benefits like getting lunch money or forced homework help by the victim. 

Colin Flaherty documents the smiles and shrieking laughter when black mobs beat their victims.4. Seeing authorities punish the bullied child for self defense is especially edifying.

Watching other children getting away with mayhem strengthens criminal propensities even more5.

Social Learning Theory, theorized by Albert Bandura, posits that people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling. The theory has often been called a bridge between behaviorist and cognitive learning theories because it encompasses attention, memory, and motivation.Feb 7, 2019 [Social Learning Theory – Learning Theories]

Rarely is there a swift, quick, and strong punishment. Rather, extra money is funneled into social measures to retain and recover such students.

In Europe, Brazil etc. this is much worse because under 12 or under 14 year olds have total impunity and get away with murder

6.  Under 18 year olds also get a slap on the wrist, can not be judged like an adult. It is insane to think that these uncontrollable kids will suddenly behave like responsible citizens the day they turn 18.

By the time they become adult, their criminal behavior has been reinforced by constant rewards and not reigned in by comparable punishments

Skinner’s behaviorism is not simply psychobabble, but established psychological science7. Behaviorism has its limitations in fields like language acquisition8

, which does not apply here.

Operant conditioning is a form of learning. In it, an individual changes its behaviour because of the consequences (results) of the behaviour.[Wikipedia]

The person or animal learns its behaviour has a consequence. That consequence may be

  1. Reinforcement: a positive or rewarding event. This causes the behaviour to occur more often [Wikipedia]

Bully threatens victim, gets lunch money or lunch bread. This pleasant rewarding reinforcement by operant conditioning.  This causes bullying to occur more often.

Reward is immediate, robbing, beating, harassing, groping gives immediate pleasure.

Immediate vs. Delayed ReinforcementImmediate reinforcement that occurs immediately after desired or undesired behavior occurs. This type of reinforcement has the strongest and quickest effect in controlling behavior. The longer the delay, the less likely the learning. [skinnerlect ]

If ever there is punishment, it is delayed.  Criminal proceedings 6 months later, are less effective. When near impunity becomes official school and government policy9, reinforced criminal behavior becomes ingrained, long before adulthood.

    • Punishment: a negative or punishing event. This causes the behaviour to occur less often
      1. Positive punishment occurs when a stimulus is added, which results in the behaviour occurring less often. Example stimuli may be loud noise, electric shock (rat), or a spanking (child).
      2. Negative punishment occurs when a stimulus is taken away, which results in the behaviour occurring less often. An example might be a child’s toy taken away after the child does an undesired behaviour. [Wikipedia]


    1. minority means non-white
      5%(?) Whites in the world, 29% Whites in Los Angeles, 9% in South Africa, are not protected minorities, because of White Privilege

      1. Unequal Rights #3, Black and Leftist Privilege:
        Minorities and the Left can spew murderous hate with little consequences
      2. Unequal Rights #2:
        Unequal rights for the races, black privilege. Media quotes show what Leftists, Blacks, Minority can do with impunity
      3. Unequal treatment, unequal rights :
        Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, “no beer for racists”, affirmative action, cultural appropriation, Antifa violence, and dozens of more examples of unequal rights.

      1. Code of Silence: ::
        Conspiracies to hide the truth about racial differences, black and immigrant crime, etc. The Silence Must be Broken. This systematic coverup is the foundation of leftist brain washing, the foundation of anti-racist policies, the reason why mis-led citizens vote for leftist pro-immigration, pro-affirmative action left-racist policies and parties

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      Mordfall Susanna (14): Vergewaltigungsvorwurf gegen Ali B. im Fall …

      3. Juli 2018 Dem des Mordes und der Vergewaltigung an der 14-jährigen Susanna aus … Zudem soll Ali Bashar das Kind im Mai zusammen mit einem … ist der junge Afghane demnach nicht mehr 13 Jahre alt und damit strafmündig.


      Nach tagelangen Krawallen junger Muslime in Dänemark, will Premierminister Rasmussen die Eltern von noch nicht strafmündigen Gewalttätern für die angerichteten Schäden haftbar machen

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    7. Punish more Asian and White Students – demands Eric Holder ……/discipline-more-asian-and-white-students-eric- holden

      May 17, 2014 US Attorney General Eric Holder complained about subtle Racism “cited disciplinary practices in schools that punish black males at three times …

      School Bullying Terror

      Disparate impact theory demands Blacks cannot be punished more frequently than East Asians and Whites {Punish more Asian and White Students demands …

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