Ferguson war zone: riots’ immense destruction much bigger than you are told

Flames: A local storage facility is set ablaze in Ferguson during disturbances that saw 150 live gunshots fired, according to police

Ferguson riots caused immense destruction, much more than PC MSM ((politically correct main stream media)is willing to tell. MSM caused the announced riots ("protests") by constantly repeating falsehoods about the pervasiveness of vicious white police killers hunting down innocent gentle giants.


Photos from: A list of Ferguson businesses destroyed

Ferguson in flames Helicopter footage


Johnathan Gentry on Fox News – Plus His Video Speech on Missouri


(EXCLUSIVE) FERGUSON BURNING – Protesters Looting Shops, Burning Police Cars, Little Caesars & More

Ferguson-Prime-Beauty-Supply1 Ferguson-Beauty-World

MSM minimized the crimes of the felonious idols (strong arm robber and police attacker Michael Brown), his felony violent robber mother, his arson inciting step father, the riotous "protesters", and of Star Witness Dorian Johnson.:


Dorian Johnson, whose brazen lies about "Hands up don’t shoot" were the root cause of the mayhem. His lies allowed the MSM (main stream media) and raze hustlers like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama to incite this mayhem.

In spite of his prior felony record, Dorian Johnson will not be charged for perjury or for his participation in Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery.  Instead Dorian Johnson got rewarded with a Government Job

Witnesses were afraid to tell the truth: that Michael Brown attacked Darren Wilson in the car, fled, and returned back to tackle police. This atmosphere of racial anger, lies, MSM manipulation and outright witness intimidation caused the lies to spread and are the cause for Ferguson’s mayhem.

Minister’s explosive rant on violence in Ferguson goes viral

Witnesses feared for their life
if they would speak against black MSM narrative
and confirm Darren Wilson’s statements

Consider some statements by witnesses, as reported in court documents:

He advised that although present during the incident, and seeing the entirety of what happened, he would not be speaking to police for fear of retaliation from neighborhood residents. He also stated the information being broadcast by the news outlets was not accurate information and there were ‘blatant lies from those giving accounts of what they saw.’He said there were multiple people present when the shooting occurred and even those people, when interviewed by the media, were giving false statements.


Detective and Detective [s]poke with both and who said they were afraid to speak about what they witnessed. Both said they were worried about retaliation from people who live in the area [unintelligible] lives in the apartment complex and he is concerned for her safety.


Detective asked if she was home at the time of the incident and if she witnessed anything related to the incident. was apprehensive to speak with Detective advising she did not want to get involved for fear of retaliation.


At approximately 9:05 am, Detective contacted by phone and asked if he was willing to speak with detectives about his account of the incident…said, after speaking with his family on three separate occasions, he was not inclined to provide his account. He stated he was afraid to assist for fear of retaliation from the community if he told the truth and if it was learned that he assisted investigators with providing information that was not consistent with what was being reported by the media.

Read more at http://www.brennerbrief.com/deandre-joshua-witness-michael-browns-shooting-murdered/ 







Dozens more photos of Ferguson businesses destroyed. Asian and Black business owner’s life ruined by MSM propaganda and police inaction.

Photos from: A list of Ferguson businesses destroyed

Ferguson-Walgreens-via-Fox59 ferguson-store-looted-by-protestors



Ferguson riots: The day after in pictures|BBC

A police chief said there were about 20 separate fires that firefighters fought to contain around Ferguson on Monday night



Ferguson burns: 80 arrested as rioters torch police cars and buildings and looters ransack shops after grand jury decision NOT to indict cop Darren Wilson for killing black teen Michael Brown | Daily Mail



Police said that up to 25 structures were razed by rioters in Ferguson. There were 80 arrests in the suburb and in the city of St Louis



burning-police-car-ferguson3 burning-police-car-ferguson2


Night of fierce riots: Ferguson madness as witnessed by RT news team (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Russian Times

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3 thoughts on “Ferguson war zone: riots’ immense destruction much bigger than you are told”

  1. The media are only culpable, willing accomplices. The dragon’s tail of destruction, however, was all delivered by stupid black people. This is what they do. This is who they are. Whites and other races build. Blacks only know how to destroy. Witness: all of humanity’s history.

  2. I agree with Eric on this.

    My understanding was a ‘few’ businesses were burned and some windows smashed and *thankfully* mostly minor violence (except for that one poor black kid who was burned, probably for ‘snitching’).

    25 structures is about 2 and a half times what I would have thought was the absolute most (10 businesses and buildings burned would be kinda high for ‘a few’) compared to how this was reported.
    So while the MSM didn’t totally downplay it, they did minimize it.

    Surprise, surprise.
    For whatever reason the violence was thankfully controlled – except for the one poor kid I think the thugs killed as mentioned above.

  3. If the US had anything but radical Leftists (who were in sympathy with the ‘protestors’) this would have been put down by the military. The media in the US is a national disgrace.

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