James Watson, ruined for telling truth about race, sells Nobel Prize Medal


World-famous biologist James Watson said he is selling the Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA because he has been ostracized and needs the money

James Watson’s most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy by the preeminent researchers of race and IQ. Arthur Jensen, and J Philippe Rushton. Both were ostracized and persecuted for their serious academic research.

This academic paper proves clearly that: Races are different in IQ, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, criminality. This is a scientific fact. We wish we could use this occasion to tell the truth to the world.  Please read at least the first page of James Watson’s most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy

Let us tell the truth about race and IQ.

"James Watson tells the inconvenient truth: Faces the consequences" is another must read article that not only explains the scientific facts about race, IQ, and genetics but also points out the lies and falsehood shamelessly spread by scientific organizations. 

James Watson, the world-famous biologist who was shunned by the scientific community after linking intelligence to race, said he is selling his Nobel Prize because he is short of money after being made a pariah.

Mr Watson said he is auctioning the  Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA, because "no-one really wants to admit I exist".

Can you imagine, if an eminent Nobel Prize winner gets destroyed and ruined for telling the scientific truth, what happens to normal mortals, lecturers or simple students.  PC (political correctness) has installed a terror regime with thought control. Research on race and iq


Auctioneer Christie’s said the gold medal, the first Nobel Prize to be sold by a living recipient, could fetch as much as $3.5m (£2.23m) when it is auctioned in New York on Thursday. The reserve price is $2.5m.

Mr Watson told the Financial Times he had become an “unperson” after he “was outed as believing in IQ” in 2007 and said he would like to use money from the sale to buy a David Hockney painting.

Mr Watson, who shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for uncovering the double helix structure of DNA, sparked an outcry in 2007 when he suggested that people of African descent were inherently less intelligent than white people.  …….   James Watson selling Nobel prize ‘because no-one wants to admit I exist’ […]


Mr Watson said his income had plummeted following his controversial remarks in 2007, which forced him to retire from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, New York. He still holds the position of chancellor emeritus there.

“Because I was an ‘unperson’ I was fired from the boards of companies, so I have no income, apart from my academic income,” he said.

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    Racial differences in intelligence: James Watson, Nobel Prize winning geneticist persecuted for scientific truth | Human-Stupidity


    Compare the freedom of speech Blacks enjoy.

    • and how CNN excuses the successful incitation to arson riots



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    6 thoughts on “James Watson, ruined for telling truth about race, sells Nobel Prize Medal”

    1. I can never forgive him for grovelling, apologizing and recanting. By doing this, he brought shame on truth-seekers everywhere. He should have stuck to his guns. Also, I find it hard to believe that he “needs the money” when he’s going to spend it on an expensive work of art. Doesn’t make any sense. For decades, he was a celebrity. Why didn’t he save money then, against a rainy day? I can only guess that he requires a high standard of living, which includes buying art that most most of us could only dream of possessing.

      1. Question: If he was so intelligent, why didn’t he make some investments, such as Apple, or Dell? And yes, he should not have backed down in the face of hostile, ignorant people. He should have stood his ground for his truthful statements.
        If you need proof of Waton’s assertions, just take a look at Zimbabwe!

      2. He should NOT have apologized for telling the truth. He should have stood his ground! If you need proof of his assertions, take a look at Zimbabwe since the Blacks took over!

    2. So he’s like a modern day Galileo? The only difference is Galileo was shunned by the Church, today it’s political correctness. No difference really.

      All they have to do is prove him wrong but apparently they can’t do that so they have to shun and persecute him. It’s the tactic of morons whose beliefs are threatened.

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