One out of 3 college students in Berlin would consider doing prostitution, stripping, sex work (Brandenburg Academy of Science)

Sex work an acceptable job option for 1/3 of Berlin college students (29.2% in Paris, 18.5% in Kiev). In a scientific study by "Studienkolleggs zu Berlin", that will be presented Wednesday to the Brandenburg Academy of Science. There is a lot of media gossip about this topic, but rarely scientific studies. 3200 students in Berlin, Paris, Kiev  were inquired about their attitudes about "prostitution as a part time job". 3.7 % (1 in 27) of students in Berlin work in the sex industry. They strip, work as escorts or prostitutes in bordellos or erotic night clubs.

prostitution-berlin30% of students in sex work have debts, compared to 18% of the rest of the student population. Only 50% of sex workers get financial help from relatives, compared to 65%. Most important motive : "higher hourly wage", followed by "financial emergency", "search for adventure", "enjoying sex" in equal percentages. Experts from an agency advising prostitutes said "illusions, dream of easy quick money, desire for physical closeness and sexual curiosity".  One female student said: money is always an object, or else a woman has no need to use a whore house to to act out her sexuality. They earn between 50 and 300 Euro per day.

Surprisingly, men and women work in equal percentage in the sex industry. Only 49% are heterosexual (vs. 85% of comparison group), 33% homosexual (vs. 5.3%), 37.8% bisexual (vs. 8.8% in comparison group).

Human Stupidity Analysis

We at wish there was information about gender distribution in sexual orientation. It seems to us that heterosexual male sex workers would have restricted earning opportunities. We are surprised about the openness to prostitution and sex work, compared to the main stream media hysteria, especially in the United States (Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked)

Comparisons to attitudes the United States, Brazil, etc. would be very interesting (legal prohibitions related to prostitituion would hamper such studies) It also does not seem that these students are "trafficked" "victims" that need to be saved from their own action by feminists, justice system or political correctness police.

No major character differences could be found between sex working and other students in terms of openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness. In Berlin, 40% of students showed curiosity, in Paris 40% of students valued sex workers. 60% of sex workers cited problems like stigmatization, sexually transmitted diseases, and problems with their partners.

Sources: Der Tagesspiegel  Welt Online Hamburger Abendblatt

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