Brazil’s World Cup repression of legal prostitution caused more violent crimes against prostitutes

Dilma Rousseff’s leftist feminist Brazilian Government  is ashamed of Brazil‘s world famous hot blooded prostitutes. Even though " prostitute"  constitute a legal profession, registered with the department of Labor, crackdowns have happened for almost a century, before every major international event in Brazil.

20140316_104503 The initiative causes crime and suffering, even towards the " victims" they purport to protect.  The closure of a well known short time hotel caused prostitutes to seek out other venues, like their own homes, where they became victims of robbery and other violence.

Almost all repressive sex laws inspired by feminists and religious zealots cause crime, sexual abuse, and suffering: repression of porn and child porn, age of consent laws, repression of teenage sexuality and prostitution

Nobody, not even men’s rights activists care about lonely and depressed men, for whom sex could bring a ray of happiness in their life. Very few care about prostitutes who are deprived of income to pay their rent, pay their school, or feed their babies.  Month long closure of a beach beer bar in front of Copacabana’s Fifa Fan Fest caused immense ruinous damage to the innocent businessman who can not prevent prostitutes from frequenting his venue. To no avail, prostitutes and their customers stood on the side walk and bought their beer from street vendors.



The World Cup of Prostitution: How the Soccer Tourney Is Affecting Brazil’s Sex Workers

Despite the higher rates, prostitution has allegedly decreased during the 2014 World Cup. The Observatory of Prostitution, an academic team affiliated with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, conducted over 2,000 hours of ethnographic research in the principal zones of prostitution in the Rio area (Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach, Centro Lapa, and Villa Mimosa), and host cities Fortaleza, Recife, São Paulo, and Brasilia, in order to “monitor the impact World Cup has in areas of prostitution in certain regions of these cities for the presence of foreigners.”

The study reached some interesting conclusions, including that the closures of Balcony Bar and nearby Hotel Lido led to “reported increases in violence and robbery” against prostitutes, since now prostitutes were being forced to bring clients back to their apartments. […]

Sex repressive zealots don’t care about causing crime and damage. They even invent lies and junk statistics to claim their actions are doing good.

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Sex Trafficking Lies Debunked: Somaly Mam, top 100 most influential person is a prostitution slavery trafficking hoax

Somaly Mam, the poster child of the child sex trafficking hoaxes, has been debunked. Children were trained and auditioned to tell heart wrenching false sob stories of childhood sex slavery, rape and torture in brothels. Even her own childhood rape, slavery, prostitution and trafficking stories were proven false.
Somaly Mam Sex Slavery Hoax ---NewsWeek20140523cover600x800Somaly "Mam was one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2009 and has over 400,000 followers on Twitter", spoke in the White house and admitted to lying to the UN General assembly.

Feminism, political correctness and sex repressing traditionalists lie to the entire world press and world elite, presidents, Oscar winners.

Unfounded sex repressive laws regarding age of consent, prostitution, are based on such lies and hoaxes. The lies caused Cambodian prostitutes to suffer raids, abuses, prohibitions, to be thrown back into poverty.

Another of Mam’s biggest “stars” was Meas Ratha, who as a teenager gave a chilling performance on French television in 1998, describing how she had been sold to a brothel and held against her will as a sex slave.

Late last year, Ratha finally confessed that her story was fabricated and carefully rehearsed for the cameras under Mam’s instruction, and only after she was chosen from a group of girls who had been put through an audition.  [Newsweek]

You may be amazed about the profundity of these world changing lies. We are amazed that they actually got uncovered and published by mainstream press.

According to a close acquaintance of Mam’s in Phnom Penh, who insisted on remaining anonymous for fear of retribution, there have been doubts about Mam’s life story for years, but “it’s all about image, getting to the big shot who has a lot of money and who feels sorry for this kind of story. They’re very successful, and they have been very successful in an incredible way because they connect with the right people, and they have all the movie stars, famous rock stars and famous people supporting them, and [all those people] are still being taken for a ride now.” [Newsweek]

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Shooter Elliot Rodger: Could prostitutes placate wrath of lonely male virgins?

Could easy access to legalized prostitution have taken the wrath out of Santa Barbara shooter Elliott Rodger?

Peer reviewed scientific research by Professor Milton Diamond conclusively proved that access to porn and, yes, even child porn take the edge off natural or perverted sex drives and thus clearly reduces sex crimes. (Disclaimer)

Nevertheless, feminists and religious zealots strive to take all sexual outlets away from men, be it prostitution, sex travel, or mere pornography for masturbation. Thus these politicians bear partial responsibility for increasing sex crimes against women and children, and probably for the mayhem created by Elliot Rodger.

Feminist "women studies" junk science (domestic violence, objectifying gaze) backs up such misguided policies. Additionally these policies needlessly cause silent suffering of millions of non-violent non criminal male losers who are strong enough not to be taken over the edge to violence.


"Girls, all I ever wanted was to love you, be loved by you.
I wanted a girlfriend. I wanted sex, love, affection, adoration."

"Hi, Elliot Rodger here. Well, this is my last video. It all has to come to this. Tomorrow is the day of retribution, the day I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you

"For the last eight years of my life, since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires, all because girls have never been attracted to me. Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men, never to me.

"I’m 22 years old and still a virgin, never even kissed a girl. And through college, 2 1/2 years, more than that actually, I’m still a virgin. It has been very torturous.  Shooter’s video transcript

40 year old male virgins are considered funny and rarely pitied or offered reprieve.  In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sex is in the lowest, most basic level:"breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion".



Men’s life long solitude does not concern anyone.  DNA testing has proven that in the EEA

Every slightest inconvenience to women,  harassment, no matter how light, objectifying gaze, same salary for less work (fire fighters, tennis). Women who cut of penises (Lorena Bobbitt) or who outright murder men get feminist support in academia and law:


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Sex workers can give disabled people the chance to be touched in a non-medical way, perhaps for the first time in their lives

I really love the idea of sex workers giving disabled people the chance to be touched in a non-medical way, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to be held in a warm pair of arms and have their sexual dreams respected and lived out. 1

" Biological and Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep" are the elementary need in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Social policy helps the poor and needy to get air, food, drink shelter, warmth, and sleep. Not sex. Conservative religion and feminism conspire to deprive people of their need for sex and intimacy, by restricting prostitution, porn, and free sex.

The suffering of the 40 year old male virgin, the plight of the sex-less nerd, the imbalance of the socially inept man, and the plight of the ugly, dumb, poor, or disabled male don’t concern anyone. 

We are pleased to see this article in the main stream press organ "The Guardian" from April 10, 2013

The sex workers giving disabled people a chance to live out their dreams

A forthcoming Channel 4 documentary, Can Have Sex Will Have Sex, features the sex lives of four disabled people, one of whom loses his virginity to an escort who has been hired by his mother.

The programme has been labelled "controversial", but many mothers call the sex and disability helpline, which I run, worried that their disabled son is physically unable to masturbate and desperately needs an outlet. Hiring a sex worker is one option.

They can find responsible sex workers on the TLC-Trust website which was created in 2000 by myself and a disabled man, James Palmer, who was sad about being a virgin in his mid 40s. The hundred or so sex workers who have profiles on the site say they each see about eight disabled clients a month. One told me she recently saw a 38-year-old whose father had called after both parents had sought her out. It was their son’s birthday and he was a virgin. The father brought him down. She bought a birthday cake and a present.

We are focussing on the plight of sex-less males, because females rarely have problems getting sex, even if they are ugly or disabled.

As for disabled women, many tell me they would love to pay somebody who knows what they are doing, who helps them learn what their bodies are capable of enjoying, but most never try. They may be nervous that the man they are paying is not entirely professional and they may not think enough of themselves to treat themselves to the luxury of pleasure. That, I hope is changing. Most of the women I know who have paid have gone to female sex workers, and none of them have involved their mother in the process of making contact.

Females, or males, with mental disability have a very serious problem:: Any person who has sex with them is a *rapist, by feminist re-definition of the word and legal meaning of "rape". Thus nobody can legally have sex with them, ever.  

We already mentioned the suffering of the horny hormone driven teenager, whose sexuality is a legal mine field

We have touched on the problem of the pedophile (Jack McClellan) or child porn addict, whose victimless outlets are systematically blocked, utlimately leading to personal despair or criminal child abuse (Milton Diamond)

A Swedish sex worker on absurdity of Swedish prostitution laws

  1. We want to save you (the sex worker). And if you don’t want to be saved, you will be punished.
  2. Are women prostituting themselves out of free choice?  Does a nurse work long night shifts out of free choice?  Or because she needs to pay the rent.
  3. It is illegal to buy temporary sexual services. What about clients that come for 20 years, outlasting several marriages?
  4. It is illegal to pay sex with money, or drugs. So if "paying" sex with a few drinks is illegal, then almost all sex is illegal prostitution.
  5. Landlords are obliged to kick out prostitutes, lest they will be charged with pimping
  6. even roommates can be charged with pimping, so sex workers MUST work alone, reducing safety.
  7. grown-up children who live for free with their mother, while studying, can get convicted for pimping.
  8. clients can not call police if they suspect trafficking or pimping. They would be accused of a crime if they called police

A Swedish sex worker on absurdity of Swedish prostitution laws


We discuss only

the impediments for responsible adults to decide about their own work and fate. The serious issues of teenage sexuality are not even mentioned. For example, in many countries one can have sex with a 16 year old. But if one gives her money, it becomes a felony.

One out of 3 college students in Berlin would consider doing prostitution, stripping, sex work (Brandenburg Academy of Science)

Sex work an acceptable job option for 1/3 of Berlin college students (29.2% in Paris, 18.5% in Kiev). In a scientific study by "Studienkolleggs zu Berlin", that will be presented Wednesday to the Brandenburg Academy of Science. There is a lot of media gossip about this topic, but rarely scientific studies. 3200 students in Berlin, Paris, Kiev  were inquired about their attitudes about "prostitution as a part time job". 3.7 % (1 in 27) of students in Berlin work in the sex industry. They strip, work as escorts or prostitutes in bordellos or erotic night clubs.

prostitution-berlin30% of students in sex work have debts, compared to 18% of the rest of the student population. Only 50% of sex workers get financial help from relatives, compared to 65%. Most important motive : "higher hourly wage", followed by "financial emergency", "search for adventure", "enjoying sex" in equal percentages. Experts from an agency advising prostitutes said "illusions, dream of easy quick money, desire for physical closeness and sexual curiosity".  One female student said: money is always an object, or else a woman has no need to use a whore house to to act out her sexuality. They earn between 50 and 300 Euro per day.

Surprisingly, men and women work in equal percentage in the sex industry. Only 49% are heterosexual (vs. 85% of comparison group), 33% homosexual (vs. 5.3%), 37.8% bisexual (vs. 8.8% in comparison group).

Human Stupidity Analysis

We at wish there was information about gender distribution in sexual orientation. It seems to us that heterosexual male sex workers would have restricted earning opportunities. We are surprised about the openness to prostitution and sex work, compared to the main stream media hysteria, especially in the United States (Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked)

Comparisons to attitudes the United States, Brazil, etc. would be very interesting (legal prohibitions related to prostitituion would hamper such studies) It also does not seem that these students are "trafficked" "victims" that need to be saved from their own action by feminists, justice system or political correctness police.

No major character differences could be found between sex working and other students in terms of openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness. In Berlin, 40% of students showed curiosity, in Paris 40% of students valued sex workers. 60% of sex workers cited problems like stigmatization, sexually transmitted diseases, and problems with their partners.

Sources: Der Tagesspiegel  Welt Online Hamburger Abendblatt

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Sex trafficking: An US American problem too?

Feminists and others that are opposed to prostitution puposefully confuse issues like:

  • voluntary vs. forced prostitution,
  • adult vs adolescent vs child prostitution.

Here is an analysis of such a confusing article that allows  for an adolescent to be a “trafficked child” even when there is no trafficker.

But the human traffickers who ensnared her had a different vision for Lena, shipping her to America and exploiting her in the sex industry for profit. They met her at the airport with news that her study abroad placement had been changed. She was given new bus tickets and sent off to Detroit, Michigan. Once there they took her passport and her freedom.

After almost a year of enslavement, Lena risked her life to make a daring escape.


Now lots of questions arise. How can a girl be kept imprisioned for a year, while in constant contact with customers? Are there any details that were omitted? did Lena really come with an I-5 Student visa? How come her schoold did not miss her? Or was she smuggled into the US, consensually?

Now, in the US, prostitution is illegal. This might be a good reason for girls to claim being a trafficing victim when caught. But, let us suppose the story is true. I believe such stories exist, but they are probably very rare.

The “Human Trafficking Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School […] works to identify solutions to combat human trafficking“.  I am here to help to identify such solutions:

How can such tragedies be avoided? Well, this is similar to the drug industry: legalizing lighter drugs would solve a lot of the crime connected to drug trading. Equally, the problems of true human trafficing can be solved by methods that Mrs. Carr probably would not endorse:

  1. legalizing prostitution and
  2. legalizing prostitution by foreigners by emitting work visa to sex workers

would make most human trafficers jobless.  Easy availability of 18 year old legal prostitutes would probably reduce the desire for 16 year old illegal jail bait.

Now Mrs. Carr somehow changes topic. Lena was seemingly not underage, but she mixes these things up with child prostitution.  Children are under 12 or under 14 years old, but prostitution of adolescents does not sound as catchy as child prostitution, so conveniently, Mrs. Carr introduces some more confusion.

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Sex trafficking: An US American problem too?
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“Belle de Jour”: Cancer Scientist financed Doctorate with Prostitution Work

Today a positive example, against human stupidity:  An independent professional women comes out of the closet and admits she enjoyed her work as a prostitute to finance her doctorate studies.

Last month John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, said on his Web site that “fiction” like “Belle de Jour” created a “myth” that sex workers were “independent women, empowered by the hold they have over men.”

Well, Mr. Archbishop, the myth is true. And independent empowered women made money with the power she had over men! Not a poor victim of male violence, as feminist myth and religious zealots want to insist.  Maybe the true victims are lonely men that paid prices as high as 300 pounds per hour.

The 34-year-old said she became a call girl in 2003 to support herself in London while completing her doctoral thesis after realizing she had no qualms about being paid for sex.

She contacted an agency, working as a prostitute until late 2004, describing it as “so much more enjoyable” than an earlier job as a computer programmer.

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