BBC’s dishonest, misleading reporting on Darren Wilson/ Michael Brown. An analysis.

Misleading readers 16 times in one single article!

Michael Brown: Ferguson officer won’t be charged for 2014 killing |BBC

<follows a cute adolescent photo of Michael Brown.>

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Dishonesty #1: A sweet childhood photo of heavy set strong-arm robber and police assailants is not an innocent mix-up. We can assume that the main stream media journalists are no stupid amateurs and act with conscious intent. So we can clearly see deceptive intent to suggest the killed police assailants is an innocent sweet child.1.

Recent photos from the strong-arm robbery right before his death would give too bad an impression,  Media’s childhood photos of Trayvon Martin were and still are even more blatantly misleading

Michael Brown was due to start college two days before he was killed

Dishonesty #2: He was due to start college 2 days earlier? Strange that he did he not start? Darren Wilson prevented him from starting college 2 days earlier? 6 days after graduation, starting college2?

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