Nato navies no match for Somali Pirates (aided by human-rights laws)

Somali Pirates just killed 4 hostages.

The entire world’s navies cannot win against a rag-tag "navy" of 3rd world bandits? At sea, where without the typical guerrilla war problems. The bandits cannot hide among the masses. Still they are almost safe.   Human rights sensitivities protect them.

As human-stupidity has noted before, Somali pirates rewarded with asylum in Europe.   Often, Somali Pirates are just released. If they drowned their weapons, and no positive proof can be found, then obvious pirates are just sent home to come back and try again next week We don’t have enough proof to convict in a far away court.

Our human rights laws were not made for Somali pirates. Our human rights laws are well intended, but often ineffective. They often cost us not only money, but cost victimization of innocent upstanding citizens. Of course the cost is exorbitant. Entire navies are there to arrest them. Free flights to Europe. free defense lawyers, and free housing for 5 years in jail. Asylum, welfare, and family immigration to Europe later on. And we all pay in higher merchandise cost for the vastly increased shipping insurance rates.

No wonder many people think that old fashioned methods like summary execution would be much more appropriate methods to nip piracy in the bud. The same way as Guantanamo’s human rights violations probably are saving lives and stemming the terrorist tide.

Late action is another problem. The problem has grown, it is very late. The enemy has become rich and powerful. Now the pirates have good weapons, equipment, good logistics. Similar things have happened in the drug war and with the spam problem. We created the monsters ourselves. Had we acted forcefully beginning, there would be no spam problem. Now the top spammers make millions a month, and enlist the worlds best hackers to aid them.

Admiral MARK FOX (Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet): At 8 o’clock this morning local time, a rocket-propelled grenade was fired from the Quest, by the pirates, towards the Starrett. Immediately thereafter, gunfire also erupted inside the cabin of the Quest.

Several pirates appeared on deck and moved up to the bow with their hands in the air in surrender.

LANGFITT: When U.S. Special Forces boarded the yacht, they said they found the Adams and two fellow American sailors dead or dying. The other sailors were identified as Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, both of Seattle, Washington.

Admiral Fox also said they found two pirates who had already been killed. He emphasized that U.S. Special Forces did not shoot those pirates, and had not tried to launch a rescue.

Officials: Somali Pirates Kill 4 American Hostages|NPR

Somalische Piraten immer brutaler|Der Spiegel (in German, with very intelligent comments)


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7 thoughts on “Nato navies no match for Somali Pirates (aided by human-rights laws)”

  1. @theantifemist
    I was about 70:30 with that comment – 70% joking : 30% serious. Just a tongue-in-cheek suggestion really.
    Thanks too for the heads up on that 4chan site – I’ll steer clear of it.
    I not only stopped visting porn sites (or even soft / conservative ‘girlie’ sites), I also destroyed all of my computer’s hard disks and all external media. If they come around here and sieze my computers, the only incriminating data they’ll find is stuff such as this site and yours and a few other anti-feminism pages, as well as yahoo and google searches for related stuff: Words like ‘paedophile’, ‘child’, ‘consent’, ‘pornography’… and many more.
    I don’t know if they can throw me into prison and enrol me on the child-sex offender register for that… Or maybe they can?

  2. @Alan Interesting points. I don’t think the virus cp thing would be necessary. I’m sure there are 50 million computers in the USA and Europe each (especially Europe) with at least a thumbnail trace of a ‘sexual image of a person who appears under 18’. It’s impossible to avoid if you surf for porn (and I had the sense to stop long ago). Which of course raises the issue of ‘selective justice’ in who the police decide to raid and prosecute.

    The only way paedohysteria will stop is when the individuals affected finally learn to use exisitng human rights laws to stop it. Without human rights laws, not a single hope of avoiding a second holocaust within our lifetimes.

    Regarding the hacking solution, while I would never support illegal actions to bring down feminism (so long as we still have a legal voice to oppose them), I have wondered why the likes of 4chan haven’t chosen more relevant targets. I have visited their site twice, when researching stories (such as the anonymous support of wikileaks) and both times discovered the place was full of jailbait photos. Every one of those 4 chan contributers must be aware that at any point the police could raid their homes, take away their computers, and sentance them to a zillion years of ass rape in prison. Yet on one of the two occasions I visited that site there was some guy posting that 4chan should go after ‘paedophiles’. Wierd. You’d think they’d rather go after the feminazis who create the laws that make it impossible to even visit a site like that without unavodiably leaving traces of illegal material on your harddrive.

    BTW, I’m sure every single journalist with an interest in the wikileaks case has visited 4chan at least once, as well as millions of other americans. IN which case they will all probably have traces of illegal jailbait porn on their hard drives.

  3. I agree that full human rights for anyone the gynocracy labels as a pedo have already been suspended. But the only thing standing in the way of ‘pedos’ being clubbed to death in public squares, like the Jews were in places like Lithuania at the start of WWII, are the last remaing vestiges of recognition that such people are human too, and have at least the right to life.

    I think the problem is the ridiculous hypocracy and inconsistancy in the application of human rights thinking by the progressive left. Cherrie Blair (wife of Tony) once said that human rights laws should not apply to paedophiles. This is the same woman who said that palestinian terrorists had a right to blow up Israeli men, women and children. Muslims who pray to a man who fucked a 9 year old girl and dream of eternal paradise screwing harems of virginal 13 year old girls.

  4. Just as an FYI-the Russian Spetznas cleared a Somali pirate boat in 30 seconds. I will leave it to the imagination how they did this.

    With cold-blooded sociopaths, unemotional responses are the only way to deal with the situation. When certain people show no regard for human rights, then those rights should not be extended to them.

  5. I’m not sure I’d like to go down the road of dismissing human rights. Human rights are surely the last bulwork against human stupidity of the masses? If it wasn’t for human rights I think quite a few million ‘paedos’ would already have gone the way of the European jews.

    1. Human Rights of so called Paedophiles have already been suspended. Due process, cruel and unusual punishment, pursuit of freedom and happiness,

      (note: there are real pedophiles that are attracted prepubescent children and act out their lust, be it with violence or without.

      And there are 17 year old “pedophiles” with 15 year old girlfriends in long term consensual relationships)

      theantifeminist :
      I’m not sure I’d like to go down the road of dismissing human rights. Human rights are surely the last bulwork against human stupidity of the masses? If it wasn’t for human rights I think quite a few million ‘paedos’ would already have gone the way of the European jews.

      1. In the above post about the Somali Pirates you made some comments about ‘late action’. The very last sentence: “Now the top spammers make millions a month, and enlist the world’s best hackers to aid them.” gave me an idea…
        If we similarly used some of the world’s best hackers, to spread our “Spam”, we might actually at least make a start t making the world wake-up to this hate campaign started by feminists and how they have been manipulated to perpetuate and propagate their campaign, might eventually make some inroads towards change.
        An even simpler but maybe not so productive way to employ the services of these hackers might be to have them write some malicious code (a Trojan or virus) that could spread quickly and efficiently to EVERY computer and computer network that has a connection to the Internet… I’m talking about a virus that has at least, but preferably the same ability at propagating itself as what the infamous ‘I Love You’ e-mail virus of around 1999 or 2000, that spread itself to the entire planet in less than 48 hours. This virus was however, very destructive and there are still remnants of it in circulation today.
        However, it was cleverly designed at least in its very effective method of propagating around the Internet.
        What if we had a team of similarly skilled programmers create a code that copied child-porn to EVERY computer and network on the Internet?
        Providing it does basically these two things:
        1 it copies RANDOM C.P. images to each machine, so that no 2 computers have the same pictures and
        2 it ONLY does that and nothing else, i.e. does not delete any files or inflict damage to the user’s operating system or cause other nuisance damage.
        I think it would be hilarious – imagine what they’re going to do with about 30 to 50 million US “Paedophiles” that they catch with c.p. on their computers. Would they give ALL of them the ‘standard’ MINIMUM sentence? Who would pay for the new prisons they’d obviously need to build?
        As for the other consequences – the victimization and witch-hunt scenarios, I could see America’s second Civil War erupting…
        Okay maybe a bit of a pipe-dream, but it would at least ‘Throw a Spanner Into The Works’ of the gyonacracy…

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