Márcio Costa accuses pretty funk rapper politician wife Verônica Costa of 20 hours of torture. No domestic violence arrest was made.


Verônica Costa, city councilwomen and famous funk rapper in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  was accused by her husband Márcio Costa to have ordered her brother and step father to savagely torture him for 20 hours with beatings and acid. He claims they tied his arms and legs with chains, beat him, doused him in kerosene or gasoline and threatened to set him ablaze. As proof he has his serious injuries, second and third degree burns. Police found gasoline in their home, an item that most people would not be possessing routinely in their home. 

Torture victim in hospital Márcio Costa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, husband of funk rapper Verônica da Costa

There could be potential doubts about the accuser’s truthfulness. Though it would be the first time of a victim inflicting serious injury upon himself in order to make false accusations.

Brazilian men accused of domestic violence get arrested and jailed without bail for accusations of merely shoving or lightly slapping a woman. (google "lei Maria da Penha") 

Detail of severe burns on the tortured husband's legs

Márcio Costa claims that, during the torture session, his wife asked him about marital infidelity, asking for the name of his alleged lover. She also kissed him in the midst of the torture.

The alleged domestic violence torturer was not arrested, rather she is counter-accusing her husband of being a violent drug addict. She claims he arrived home with all the injuries.  Domestic violence is an unbailable crime.

Husband claims to have escaped when he was left with only one relative guarding him, he claims they were planning to kill him. Immediately after his escape he already told a neighbor about the torture. Women can get men arrested even if they tell the story months after the alleged facts.

In addition, torture is a special crime with specially severe punishment in Brazil.


More misandry from Brazil

The Brazilian congress just approved a law that prohibits bodily searches of women. No word about men.

(watch the man’s injuries in the video)

  1. Márcio Costa will be heard again, police say (Google translation of original Márcio Costa será ouvido novamente, diz polícia )
  2. Husband of Veronica Costa out of the hospital and says he thought he would die (Google translation of original Marido de Verônica Costa sai do hospital e diz que achou que fosse morrer)
  3. Veronica Costa accuses ex-husband of jealousy and cocaine and ecstasy use (Google translation of original Verônica Costa acusa ex-marido de ser ciumento e usar cocaína e ecstasy)

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2 thoughts on “Márcio Costa accuses pretty funk rapper politician wife Verônica Costa of 20 hours of torture. No domestic violence arrest was made.”

  1. This was disturbing. Domestic abuse cases are always difficult to disentangle as to who did what. Hopefully justice will prevail in this case.
    -Rich V.

  2. Hopefully this might gain some publicity for men’s rights in Brazil. Is there anything like a men’s rights movement in Brazil? Are the public/media sympathetic to this poor guy?

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