Only killers on death row have right to quick painless death. Quadriplegics and cancer patients have no right to assisted suicide to shorten months of slow dying

Law abiding citizens must not escape a painful death through assisted suicide. Except for Dignitas in Switzerland, rarely an institution assists dying people’s suicide to escape a slow torturous and tortuous death.

If murderers and rapists take 20, or 120 minutes to die, all world breaks loose. [2] [3] [Wikipedia]. Human rights for criminals and felons are world wide priority.

When we mortal citizens are in death throes, there is no mercy. When we will die, we will have to slowly rot with cancer, starve to dearth for a week, or spend 20 years on life support child in coma or quadriplegic. Our slow death may take weeks and months, and no one is allowed to help the dying man or woman and fulfill his/her wish to put an end to his or her suffering.

One thing is certain, however, inmate Wood died in a lawful manner and by eyewitness and medical accounts he did not suffer," she said. "This is in stark comparison to the gruesome, vicious suffering that he inflicted on his two victims—and the lifetime of suffering he has caused their family."

Mr. Wood was convicted of shooting to death his ex-girlfriend, 29, and her father, 55, in 1989.

His punishment had been delayed by a July 19 ruling from the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ordered Arizona not to put him to death until more was disclosed about the drugs and the executioners to be used in his lethal injection. The U.S. Supreme Court lifted the stay on Tuesday.

Arizona has disclosed the type of drugs it intends to use—a combination of midazolam and hydromorphone—and the planned dosages. But it has declined to reveal information about the manufacturers and suppliers of the drugs, as well as details about the qualifications of the state prison employees assigned execute Mr. Wood.

The painful death is due to boycott of reputable pharmaceutic companies: they refuse to provide the drugs necessary for execution, forcing the state to buy them at doubtful vendors, which leads to the lamentable result of slow death.

The state argued that releasing such information would deter manufacturers from providing the drugs and expose the identities of the executioners, whose qualifications were reviewed by a state inspector general.

That combination of drugs has been used in one other U.S. lethal injection, the January execution of Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire for kidnapping, rape and murder of a pregnant woman, according to Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center. The Ohio inmate repeatedly convulsed and appeared to gasp shortly after being injected, according to firsthand accounts.

Concerns about lethal injection led the chief judge of the Ninth Circuit, Alex Kozinski, to suggest on Monday in a dissenting opinion that states consider switching to the "more primitive" but "foolproof" firing squad as their primary method of executing death-row inmates. WSJ

A shooting squad certainly is an efficient way to kill a convict. A quicker and less painful a death then almost of all of us will die.

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