Iraq conflict resounds on German streets. 100 police separate ISIS and Yazidi fighting in Herford.


Iraq conflict resounds on German streets | The Local

The Iraq conflict spilled onto the streets of Herford in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday evening as hundreds of members of the Yazidi faith clashed with supporters of Islamist terrorist group ISIS.

Diversity through immigration enriches Germany: The Iraqi war is fought right in their back yard.  Germany imported and breeds radical Muslim fundamentalists, terrorists, Jihad fighters,

Around 300 Yazidi took to the streets in the early evening. They were demonstrating against the attacks on members of their faith in Syria and Iraq and a religiously-motivated attack against their community earlier that day, Herford police reported.

ISIS is committing ethnic cleansing and genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and even Shia Muslims, in Iraq. [4, 5]. Germany would be a boring place, if it were not enriched by such diversity.

The police decided to intervene after a large group of hooded people started attacking passers-by in the town centre, with at least one person injured. The police used pepper spray to control the mob, confiscating tools and one firearm, and took the details of 86 people involved.

Diversity is worth such expensive police action. In Berlin, African invaders of schools and public squares also cost millions to police.

Police reinforcements were called in from all over eastern Westphalia, including officers from Bochum and Dortmund, to keep the different groups apart. The police deployment lasted throughout the night and involved well over 100 officers, a Herford police spokesman told The Local.

A large portion of the 9.11 terrorists came from GermanyGerman residents and citizens (?) fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 

Kurds, Yazidis, all warring parties are in Germany. Unlike Germans,  "oppressed" Muslims have the right to be anti-Semitic and commit violence against Jews.  Germany finally gets enriched by diversity.  "Diversity is our strength"!

The anger was touched off by a fight between five Yazidi and six radical Islamists in a restaurant near Herford train station at around 4pm. The restaurant was displaying a poster inviting people to join in a demonstration in support of the Yazidi in Iraq.

The 31-year-old owner of the restaurant and a 16-year-old schoolboy, both Yazidi, were wounded in the fight, which police said was fought with a knife and bottles.

Six people were arrested after the fight, most of them Islamist supporters from Chechnya and all of them known to the police

The ISIS has been persecuting members of the ethnically Kurdish Yazidi, who mostly live around the town of Mosul in northern Iraq. Some Muslims call the Yazidi "devil worshipers" because they follow their own monotheistic religion.

There are thought to be around 60,000 Yazidi in Germany according to the faith’s central council, most of them living in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

This is almost 10% of the world wide Yazidi community

Many of them fled abroad during the years of persecution they have faced in their homeland.

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6 thoughts on “Iraq conflict resounds on German streets. 100 police separate ISIS and Yazidi fighting in Herford.”

  1. In France, this has taken the form of violent riots, as Muslims attack synagogues and Jewish youth form street defense groups.  [Gaza conflict: France criticizes ‘anti-Semitic’ riot, BBC, July 21, 2014]  What precisely the French people gain by hosting these kinds of vibrant conflicts on what is still technically their soil is left unanswered by pro-immigration politicians.

    In Britain, the “conservative” government of David Cameron was embarrassed when its token piece of diversity, the Pakistani Muslim Baroness Warsi, resigned in protest over Gaza (and also to further her own ambitions.)  The resignation was especially amusing because it came the day after the Baroness (does anyone else feel the urge to start laughing?) was chosen by Cameron to represent the government at ceremonies commemorating the beginning of World War I.  [Baroness blunder: Muslim, working class and northern, she ticked all the boxes. Her tragedy was that her ability didn’t match her ambition, by Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail, August 6, 2014]

    Germany too is being hit by anti-Israeli protests.  As the Washington Post notes, “The majority of those taking to the streets are part of a vast pool of Muslim immigrants and their German-born children.”  [Anti-Jewish slogans return to the streets in Germany as Mideast protests sweep Europe, by Anthony Faiola, July 30, 2014]

    Countries in Latin America are recalling ambassadors to protest Israel’s actions.  [South Americans in Israel are shocked by new anti-Israel attitudes back home, by Judy Maltz, Haaretz, August 6, 2014]


  2. God almighty, Germany and Europe need to shed the PC cultural slavery they’re suffering from and kicks these invaders out!

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