Sex offender earns right to assisted suicide (Belgium’s Frank van den Bleeken)

BBC) — A Belgian man serving a life sentence for rape and murder will be allowed to have doctors end his life, after a landmark ruling.
Unable to control his violent sexual urges, Frank Van Den Bleeken, who is 50, argued he would never be freed.
The decision follows a three-year legal battle by the prisoner, who was convicted in the 1980s.
The ruling is the first involving a prisoner since the assisted dying law was introduced in Belgium 12 years ago.
Van Den Bleeken will soon be transferred to a hospital where the medical procedure will take place, his lawyers told reporters.
"But I cannot say when or where that will happen," Jos Vander Velpen added.   [read more at BBC News, Reddit comments]

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Human-Stupidity Analysis

Thinking of victimshuman rights, of protection of future victims of sex offenses and rape, assisted suicide looks like a good option. Sort of like a voluntary death penalty.

Of course, there are issues of victimless crime, *consensual *rapepeople left to die in prison for groping adolescents in the 1970ies, or life in prison for possession of photos. Should these be allowed to die?


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