Even if mother cheated, lied, or raped: father always pays child support.

When paternity testing is useful for the women, it will be enforced and used to prove paternity, so father can pay up. And pay he must, always.  If the sperm is the man’s, he has to pay child support.

Man has to pay child support even if pregnancy is result of

  • deceit,
  • fraud,
  • “stolen” sperm taken from a condom and artifically injected,
  • statutory rape of a minor
  • or even real  rape of an unconscious passe out man by the woman.

On the other hand, cuckolded men are supposed to pay for children of adulterous relations of cheating wives, when the sperm is not theirs. When paternity testing is against the mother’s best interest, they invent the the well being of the child requires that paternity tests be NOT allowed. See “Mother’s baby. Father’s maybe.” Mandatory DNA testing at birth can instate gender equality.

We are awe-struck how feminists manage to tilt all laws so they serve their personal interest.

We don’t favor a “conspiracy theory”. Women do not conspire consciously how to bet manipulate public opinion with distortions.  Rather we propose a female evolutionary mechanism to band together to lobby for what feels right to them. (Female evolutionary Superiority in social manipulation causes feminist Language Distortions’ universal acceptance )

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Woman lies about birth control:

Man has to pay child support

A woman’s fraudulent misrepresentation regarding the use of birth control or the ability to become pregnant, however, has never shielded the father from child support liability. [ . . .]
The courts have universally held that the father’s allegations that the mother had deceived him were totally irrelevant to the issues of paternity and support. Child support statutes are based on the financial situation of the parents and the needs of the child, not the personal agreements concerning contraception between the parties.

It is a pity that criminal courts are not equally worried about the needs of the child. They jail the adult breadwinner in statutory “rape” cases between loving long term partners, leaving the child with only the minor mother (or father) and no financial support.

Woman gets sperm from oral sex or from a condom, injects it into herself

Man has to pay child xsupport

the woman in question, a nurse’s aid, apparently met him in a hospital while he was visiting a relative. He further alleged that she performed oral sex on him while he wore a condom. He then claimed that after the act, and unknown to him, she inseminated herself using a syringe with semen retained from the condom.

After paternity was proven, the court decided that, because the man intentionally engaged in a sexual act with the woman, he was in fact liable to support the child. State_of_Louisiana_v._Frisard

Lesbian asks for sperm, signs contract that she is solely responsible for child support.

Man has to pay child support.

Is a man still liable for child support even if he does not engage in sexual intercourse with a woman, but merely provides sperm for artificial insemination and agrees with the mother that there shall be no child support liability? Once again, the answer has been yes. In these cases, the courts have uniformly held that outside the strict requirements of the jurisdiction’s statute governing artificial insemination, a mother simply cannot waive child support on behalf of the child and the father cannot waive his parental rights; such a contract is void as against public policy.
Woman (statutorily) “rapes” underage boy.

Boy victim has to pay child support

In every case that has addressed the issue, the court has held that a man who was underage at the time of the conception of the child, and was therefore a victim of statutory rape, is nonetheless liable for child support. Typical of the reasoning in these cases is San Luis Obispo County v. Nathaniel J., 50 Cal. App. 4th 842, 57 Cal. Rptr. 2d 843 (1996). In that case, the court stated:

One who is injured as a result of a criminal act in which he willingly participated is not a typical crime victim. It does not necessarily follow that he is a victim of sexual abuse.

The law should not except Nathaniel J. from this responsibility because he is not an innocent victim of Jones’s criminal acts. After discussing the matter, he and Jones had sexual intercourse approximately five times over a two week period. [ . . . ]

This State’s interest in requiring minor parents to support their children overrieds the State’s competing interest in protecting juveniles from improvident acts, even when such acts may include criminal activity on the part of the other parent…. This minor child, the only truly innocent party, is entitled to support from both her parents regardless of their ages.

Woman rapes unconscious man

Man must pay child support.

A friend of both the mother testified as to the same facts, plus the fact that about two months after the party, the mother said she had sex with the father while he was “passed out” and that it saved her a trip to the sperm bank. Another friend testified that the mother had said she had sex with the father, “and he wasn’t even aware of it.”

A physician testified that it is possible for a man who is intoxicated to the point of losing consciousness may nevertheless have an erection and ejaculate; they are not conscious, voluntary activities.

The father argued that because he did not have sex voluntarily with the mother, he was not liable for child support. The court disposed of the argument, comparing it to the arguments made in L. Pamela P. v. Frank S.: the wrongful conduct of the mother in causing conception did not obviate the father’s support obligation.

Civil courts seem more reasonable. If it were not for the unreasonable criminal justice system!  In several cases of statuory “rape”, perpetrated by a long term loving partner, a child was born. Against the expressed desire of the minor “victim”, the adult “perpetrator” was jailed, leaving the baby in a defunct family with one minor mother/father without an adult breadwinner (who was in jail).

The court also compared the father’s argument to the arguments put forth in the statutory rape cases, concluding that the “rape” of the father could not preclude a finding of liability for support.

If the roles were reversed, if the woman was raped while unconscious, automatically, out of public interest, the perpetrator would be jailed with $500,000 bail and risk over 10 years in jail. Then he would get on the sex offender list and automatically lose the right to ever see the children, unless supervised.

Raped woman is
NOT required to pay child support
a man is strictly liable for where his sperm ends up even when he unknowingly and involuntarily engages in a sexual act. Instead of comparing the father’s predicament with the mother’s predicament in Division of Child Support Enforcement ex rel. Esther M. v. Mary L., No. 94-33812 (1994.DE.19031), where a mother was relieved of her child support obligation because she was raped, the court imposed a child support obligation because of the fact of paternity. This can only be termed a strict liability theory of sperm.

All italic quoted text from IT’S TEN O’CLOCK: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR SPERM ARE?, a rigorous legal scholarly work.

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15 thoughts on “Even if mother cheated, lied, or raped: father always pays child support.”

  1. I cannot believe this s**t! How do you beat a rape case where the female rapes a male? This happened to someone I know and now he has to go to court because this woman is claiming him the father. He was passed out on couch and she jumped on him he woke up and was extremly drowsy and didn’t know exactly what was happening and fell asleep again from sleep deprevation. When he awoke he realzed what happened and told the woman that it would never ever happen again and should not of in the first place he does not want his marriage ruined. He got the papers i wanna say about 2wks ago at the most. He really does not know this woman very well except she worked w/ him. How can he beat this case or what can he do any suggestions? The child is about 5 months old he does not know for sure he is the father because she always had guys around her. Please help court is i think aug 29,2012

    1. If even statutory rape charges against women are hard to press (the child is the PROOF of sex with the minor) he will have a hard time pressing rape or sexual assault charges. Even more if the woman gets the pussy pass, to be kept out of prison so the poor children are not left alone.

      He might have better chances trying to get custody and sue her for support. Backed by the sexual assault charges, declaring her unfit and a danger to the children. Again, this would easily suffice against a man, but not much chance to be successful against a woman rapist.

      But realistically, he probably can not get out of it. A man had to pay support for a woman who stole his sperm from the sperm bank with forged signature. Maybe he can fight to pay the lowest support possible by proving he was abused.

      You would do good to find an organization that gives you legal help. Not sure who will do as most institutions are under the control of feminists. Even the ACLU

      you can pose the question at reddit.com/r/mensrights

      I appreciate if you mention the link to this article, if you do so.

      It is relevant which country and state this happened. What kind of proof or witnesses there are. Strong proof is certainly a help.

      You know, a woman needs no proof in rape accusations. The alleged rapist is considered guilty unless PROVEN innocent. If you accuse a woman of sexual assault, prepare to prove your case beyond reasonable doubt.

      Let me know your results.

  2. wow. ive been going through something very similar to this crap. Is there any way of getting back at or beating a case like this? it makes me sick to read this crap and it makes me sick all those women out there who proudly act like its their god givin right to have these rules and soo called “power” over men in the government. if you have any advice i’d like to hear it.

    1. Feel free to tell your experiences here in all detail. Sorry for the late approval, my spam filter filters out 10 000 spam and still leaves a few dozen spam amidst a few good comments.

  3. Hey there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome. nicholson88xhd.hpage.com/great_with_wood_coat_rack_4649769.html

  4. the higher court ruled that, if Phillips’ story is true, Irons “deceitfully engaged in sexual acts, which no reasonable person would expect could result in pregnancy, to use plaintiff’s sperm in an unorthodox, unanticipated manner yielding extreme consequences.”

    The judges backed the lower court decision to dismiss the fraud and theft claims, agreeing with Irons that she didn’t steal the sperm.

    (‘Trapped in a nightmare’
    Phillips sued Irons, claiming he has had trouble sleeping and eating and has been haunted by “feelings of being trapped in a nightmare,” court papers state.

    Irons responded that her alleged actions weren’t “truly extreme and outrageous” and that Phillips’ pain wasn’t bad enough to merit a lawsuit. The circuit court agreed and dismissed Phillips’ lawsuit in 2003)

    Phillips accuses Dr. Sharon Irons of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” after their affair six years ago, saying she secretly kept semen after they had oral sex, then used it to get pregnant.

    He said he didn’t find out about the child for nearly two years, when Irons filed a paternity lawsuit. DNA tests confirmed Phillips was the father, the court papers state.

    1. So deposited sperm should be demanded back immediatly. A written pre-sexual agreement should state that sperm remains the property of its originator and has to be returned immediately.

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