"Mother’s baby. Father’s maybe." Mandatory DNA testing at birth can instate gender equality.

When technological progress could be of disadvantage for feminists, they use their manipulative skills to outlaw its usage. Recent technological advances in DNA paternity tests could uncover female adultery and liberate a cuckold from life long payments. To avoid this, feminists’s infinite creativity invented a baby’s “right to her/his genetic material” to prevent a father from taking a bit of blood, saliva or hair from his putative offspring for genetic testing. Feminist women want to maintain the status: before the advent of DNA testing, women managed to hide the offspring of adulterous relations and made the cuckold husband paternity and pay for the resulting offspring. Now most countries create obstacles to paternal DNA testing, so cheating wives do not get discovered.

The Conspiracy Against Cuckolds. Women are sure of maternity. They know for sure the baby is hers. Men can’t be sure. Feminists are against gender equality, they want to prevent men from being sure about paternity.


Women who actually introduce cuckold babies into her family, make her husband pay for her infidelity, defraud the men out of huge amounts of money. This female fraud is treated leniently. The female adulterous fraudsters are even are protected by laws that make it difficult for cuckolded fathers to do genetic testing.

In some countries fathers who do paternity test on their putative offspring risk 3 years in jail.

We propose equal rights. Women are sure about maternity, so mandatory paternity testing at birth is the only way to level the playing field and have equality of information.

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As always, women want to have their cake and eat it. Whenever they are at a disadvantage, they want equality. Whenever they have a privilege, they want to keep it. No equality.

When paternal certainty gets them child support money, they enforce laws for DNA testing:  Even if mother cheated, lied, or raped: father always pays child support.

When uncertainty favors a cheating adulterous wife, they instate other laws that punish putative fathers for DNA testing.

It never ceases to amaze me that women get men to enact and enforce their lopsided laws. Most likely this is not a planned conspiracy by feminists, but evolutionary inborn ‘feelings” that translate into concerted action by big groups of females, (Female evolutionary Superiority in social manipulation causes feminist Language Distortions’ universal acceptance )

What damage is done if a woman cheats? 20 years of expense for her husband to feed a cuckold baby!

A cheating wife can make a man invest his life’s work and savings into a child that is not his. This is one of the worst frauds there can be. 20 years of work, a major part of a man’s life, stoled, due to fraud. This fraud should be a felony with long mandatory prison term.

That is real cheating! Amazing, cuckolding a man with a child that is not his is not regarded high treason!  And now we have the technology to prevent this cheating, to protect men from the worst effect of their wive’s infidelity.

A man who goes to a prostitute, who has enough money, harms nobody. Except the pride of his wife.Maybe reduces a little the time and money alotted to his wife and kids. But his wife will never pay for a man’s girlfriend’s offspring.

Modern paternity tests threaten female cheaters, so protective laws were enacted

Amazingly, the feminist influenced legal system managed to undo the technological progress. The female cheater is often protected by law, which makes paternity tests difficult or illegal.

The Conspiracy Against Cuckolds: Cheating women get legal protection.

[Snce 2006] all men who suspect they may be the father of a child, but who do not have parental responsibility, will be banned from testing a child’s DNA. The new Human Tissue Act will make it a criminal offence to test a bodily sample, including for paternity testing, without proper consent

    And as usual, women manage to come up with some amazing logic, that the 6 month old baby has a right and interest in his/her genetic material. And stupid men just lap up such drivel and buy it. I am amazed!

    Yes: up to 3 years in jail when a British man does genetic testing on his own child!


    This drakonian law is from Britain.  But in most countries, genetic testing by cuckold fathers is getting complicated. In Germany, a similar law to impose jail sentences on fathers was defeated.

    In Germany, even if a cuckold father takes a genetic test and sees he is not the father, this test is invalid. And it is not grounds enough to do a court ordered test. Father will be forced to go on paying for the kid his adulterous wife bore from another man.

    Insanity! Absolute injustice against the man. The woman commits large scale fraud to get large part of a man’s earnings for her boyfriend’s son. And the law protects the adulterous woman and her boy toy. Insanity enshrined in legal code. Amazing!

    All this DNA secrecy with the intent to protect family peace and the well being of the children.

    Amazing how feminists win all wars, and men are just the lambs who accept all injustice.

    Why not 3 years in jail for deceiving a man and make him pay for a child that is not his?

    A woman who makes a cuckold dad work for 20 years to pay a few hundred thousands $, €, £, for a child that is not his, causes severe financial and emotional damage to a man. Then later on, society wants to protect the child by preventing dad from knowing he is not the father. Well, the culprit for any trauma to the child is the lying cheating woman.

    Does she get 3 years in jail for that? For causing trauma to her husband and her child? No. the law protects her. It makes it hard or impossible for a man to find out the truth about her cheating. And if he finds out he usually is required to go on paying.

    A woman is sure the baby is hers, a man should enjoy the same certainty.
    Men need to demand gender equality!

    Technology allowed women to liberate themselves from evolutionary constraints and gender roles.

    Superior male strength is no more needed for survival, Technology makes women independent from men’s daily hunting and constant breast feeding. So women demanded and got equal rights.

    Now it is time for men to demand equal rights. DNA testing gives the tool to liberate men from paternal uncertainty.

    Women always had maternal certainty. Technology can give men paternal certainty.
    No women ever got cuckolded into unknowingly raising an out of wedlock baby mothered by her husband’s lover.

    Technology gave us the tools to reach equality: we should make sure no man ever has to raise an out of wedlock baby of his wife’s lover. And nowadays we have the technology to guarantee this gender equality!

    Require mandatory DNA testing at birth. So paternity is as certain as maternity!

    Mother can be sure of maternity. “Mother’s baby, father’s maybe.” Equal rights requires to assure daddy of the paternity. Right? No unfaithful father ever deceived a woman into rearing an out of wedlock baby, thinking she is the mother!

    Then we need no more double standard. Women can have as much sexual freedom as men do. They will be responsible for the consequences, and their lovers will have to pay child support.

    Feminists want to hide the truth about paternity from men, to protect children and family peace!

    Notice that the law restricts genetic testing with the intent to keep families intact and tu guarantee that children are reared in a functional family. Even if it is at the cost of cuckolding the father. Prevent father from knowing the truth, for the sake of the family.

    So, men can demand the same: as we see how families get torn apart by revelations of men’s infidelity (Tiger Woods for example), let us hide male infidelity. In the past, there was an honor code to hide male infidelity from the wife.

    Let us codify this honor code. Let us keep male trysts secret. So families are protected from des-integration due to cheating scandals.

    Equal rights: hide the truth about men’s sexual infidelity from women, to protect children and family peace!
    Make laws to ascertain secrecy about men’s sexual infidelity (to maintain family peace and protect children’s well being )

    Let us make 3 year jail sentences for telling wives about their men’s trysts and infidelities. You see how this destroyed Tiger Wood’s family? The women should be punished for having spoken in public. They distroyed Tiger’s family!

    Isn’t it strange? Feminists always manage to apply the most convenient logic that suits their own interest. If one wants to hide the truth  about paternity from men, in order to protect the family and well being of children, then why not protect

    Just as we instituted laws and jail sentences to prevent men from doing genetic testing to discover their partner’s out of wedlock offspring(for the sake of family peace):

    Let us institute laws and jail sentences for those who uncover the secrets of male infidelity (whose consequences are much lighter for the wife, as she never can get cuckolded). Nobody is allowed to tell a women about her husband’s infidelity. And, of course, a prostitute’s ethics code would totally forbid revelations about their customers, just like physicians, psychologists’s or priests’ secrecy requirements.

    Wll, then ,for family peace, maybe the law should protect the man’s secrecy in his affairs too. Impose harsh prison terms on those who tell about a man’s sexual escapades!

    Why don’t people who rat on a man’s infidelity get 3 years in jail? Like the prostitute who violated her professional ethics, broke expectationos of confidentiality, cheated her customer who could expect her keeping her mouth shut

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  1. I am a woman. And I would love to have DNA testing mandatory at every birth. It would be fair. If a marriage is between two people both the man and woman should feel secure within their sexual relations. Also, STD testing before a marriage as well? It would solve blame games.

  2. The truth is, this is the reason why so many husbands don’t wish their wives would cheat. They might be raising kids that aren’t theirs.

  3. This is why men don’t allow their women to cheat. If my girl does that to me again, I’d beat the crap out of her and the other guy.

  4. That’s why a woman who’s more attractive than her man leads to domestic violence because it’s easy for a woman to cheat and get pregnant by another man.

  5. And I forget to ask for: how many ” mask o faces ” you think a women could have in the time of a normal 5 years relationship? And ; how much time of relationships fo men need to know very well a companion is woman? Its there a frame time for it?

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