Paternity Fraud is Rape! Paternity Rape is worse than Rape-Rape.

Paternity rape (aka. paternity fraud, "paternal discrepancy" or a "non-paternity event")  is a life destructing violation of financial, psychological, physical and mental integrity of a man. The cuckold man is profoundly impacted by this heinous crime. Fraudulent cuckolding is comparable to secretly implanting the fertilized egg of her husband’s mistress into the womb of an unsuspecting woman.  Or bringing home the mistress’ baby and hypnotizing his wife into believing that the baby is hers. Or intentionally switching babies in the hospital.

A cuckolded paternity raped man is much worse off then a women raped

  • Paternity fraud gone awry: elephant baby hatches from chick's eggThe victim devotes his life, finances and his dedication, love and effort of decades to a lie. Not just the money, but his life’s dedication
  • to a cuckold child that has zero genetic relatedness to him (evolutionarily the worst disaster and failure)
  • The cuckold victim gets raped by government, who forces him to pay for the cuckold child to the cheating mom. The mighty government takes the cuckold victim’s  money by force, under the threat of prison, often even after he has proven not to be the father. Do you understand? Unjustly robbed and raped by dictatorial government, for life.
    • There is no escape. Not even fleeing to another country because paternity claims are usually enforced internationally, and deadbeat dads lose their passport.
    • Paternity rape is as bad as being locked in a war zone rape camp. Constant, daily, non-stop abuse. Suicide is the only exit.
  • black-babyThe paternity rape victim gets raped, day by day, by a woman he trusts, by a woman that knows (or suspects) that her husband is not responsible for the child’s care. it is a persistent state of rape, sapping away the cuckold’s life energy and force for decades. It is truly life changing.
  • Paternity fraud rape is high treason. Paternity rape is a mean, heinous, abhorrent, abominable, atrocious, awful, evil, execrable, grave, hateful, hideous, infamous, monstrous, nefarious, odious, outrageous, revolting, shocking, unspeakable, vicious, villainous crime

10 best paternity reactions (Video)

Feminists dramatize innuendo, justify fraudulent paternity rape

Feminists dramatize minute inconveniences like cat calls, ogling, objectifying gaze, "elevator eyes" as if they were  "devastating" "life changing events". Feminists created an entire sexual harassment industry (SHI) around such minor issues and achieved laws that violate fundamental human rights, freedom of academic expression in harassment legislation.

Men lose out because they don’t dramatize truly life changing fraud like paternity fraud and birth control lies.

Rape-rape (forcible rape) is much less traumatizing then cuckold paternity rape (paternity fraud)

  • Rape-rape has only an hour’s duration,
  • If rape-rape results in a baby, that baby is the victim’s flesh and blood. Only the father is not the father of her choice. In case of marital rape or date rape the father might even be one she would have chosen to be the father.
  • After rape-rape the woman has the option of aborting the baby. Even countries that prohibit abortion usually make an exception for rape.

Female language manipulation language manipulation created 24 types of rape. We should add

  • Paternity rape
  • Birth Control rape: a sex act without valid consent. A man agrees to sex, based on the lie that the woman is taking birth control. Or worse, the woman damages the condom, or artificially injects sperm from a condom or from oral sex into her vagina. The inverse analogue, the 5 second rape, the man that did not pull out, has already been criminalized.

Free sex? OK. Fraud? NO!

I am a sex positive liberal man!
I think women can fool around!

In that case, just don’t marry! Or make a marriage contract stipulating open marriage!


Just don’t deceive your husband to pay for the offspring off your sexcapades. And then invent charades like: it is in the "best interest" of the child not only to fraudulently steal his hard earned money but also to subvert his life purpose of raising his own children, his own flesh and blood.

Of course, this is against age old ingrained habits programmed into the mammalian brain. Even into bird brains. Females cheat and cuckold. Isn’t it great that feminists think that old wrongs and old injustices should  be remedied?

Extra Pair copulations in animals

"Extra pair copulations" occur in most animal species that once were once considered monogamous. Females gain reproductive advantage by occasional pairings with a different male. They diversify the genetic makeup of their offspring and often manage to get fertilized by a male with superior genetic makeup. By shopping for better genes, they can increase the genetic quality of their offspring.

extra-pair-copulationFor human females, the best strategy is to get the best possible provider and protector for her children, and the best genes, the best genetic quality. Unfortunatel, for most women, the hottest, most exciting, most successful man is rarely willing to commit to her and to take good care of her future offspring. Thus the tendency to settle with the second best, but available, "dad" and still seek adventure with a hotter "cad".

Human females dress more provocatively during their fertile period and human extra pair copulations happen more frequently around ovulation. Cuckolding, thus, is part of human genetic makeup. A woman’s womb and a man’s sperm has been equipped for Sperm competition, scientists proved. So obviously our psychology has been equipped for cuckolding.


Measuring paternal discrepancy and its public health consequences J Epidemiol Community Health 2005;59:749-754 PDF

6 thoughts on “Paternity Fraud is Rape! Paternity Rape is worse than Rape-Rape.”

  1. carol,

    You are just another regular feminist. You only care about women suffering and choose to marginalize the pain caused to men by lying and deceit.

    Thankfully, I was never raped or had lied to regarding paternity of my two children.

    I would much rather be raped than to know that my family is build on lies and that the love I gave my children is hollow.

    Maybe you don’t understand the pain and fear to face this, maybe I don’t understand the fear from rape. The point is that paternity deceit causes long term effects in all cases and huge pain to the “father” and the children.

    Society today is on your side and ignores men’s issues, we are just told to deal with. When we were a male dominated, rape was not taken seriously and paternity deceit was punished by death (of the wife, the lover and sometime even the husband). Today it is reversed, it shouldn’t go back to the old ways, it was wrong, but a balance should be reached. Women who lies about paternity should face jail time similarly to that given to rapists.

    1. Must be terrible to find that you devoted 20 years of your life, work, and money trusting a lying cheating cuckolding bitch and children that are not yours.

      I disagree that rape was not taken seriously in the past. Real rape rape was taken very seriously. Only the modern forms of “rape” were not taken seriously. Like getting herself drunk, consent, and then be sorry the next day rape.

  2. This is truly offensive. Actual forced rape affects last longer than an hour. IT is something many men and women struggle with. They feel guilt and shame; which can also lead to self harming and thoughts of suicide. If a man feels his rights were taken with paternity he can always sue, and possible win whatever money he asks for or whatever damages were done he may be compensated for.They can even choose not to be in the child’s life. No matter how many times a person sues for rape, it can never be taken back.The rape can not be erased from a person’s brain. If a woman is raped and is impregnated; it is almost a violation all over again. Just knowing the evil person who raped her is now partly growing inside her can be really traumatizing. This is not how every woman feels, but it is how some feel. You do not discuss the lifelong emotional trauma actual rape victims face, not only were they violated but their power was taken from them. Men who are raped are even afraid to speak up because of stuff like this; saying it’s not a big deal. Paternity fraud does not have any of the affects mentioned earlier.If a man is stressed for money he can just get another job . I do believe that there should be more paternal rights for men, but this article speaks on it the wrong way. I get the point your trying to get across but your only taking away from the fact rape is a big deal. You’re article is stating that physical sexual rape should not be taken seriously. Again, I know the point you are trying to make but your wording is completely off. You do not need to downplay something, to make something else look better or in this case worse.

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