Paternity Fraud is Rape! Paternity Rape is worse than Rape-Rape.

Paternity rape (aka. paternity fraud, "paternal discrepancy" or a "non-paternity event")  is a life destructing violation of financial, psychological, physical and mental integrity of a man. The cuckold man is profoundly impacted by this heinous crime. Fraudulent cuckolding is comparable to secretly implanting the fertilized egg of her husband’s mistress into the womb of an unsuspecting woman.  Or bringing home the mistress’ baby and hypnotizing his wife into believing that the baby is hers. Or intentionally switching babies in the hospital.

A cuckolded paternity raped man is much worse off then a women raped

  • Paternity fraud gone awry: elephant baby hatches from chick's eggThe victim devotes his life, finances and his dedication, love and effort of decades to a lie. Not just the money, but his life’s dedication
  • to a cuckold child that has zero genetic relatedness to him (evolutionarily the worst disaster and failure)
  • The cuckold victim gets raped by government, who forces him to pay for the cuckold child to the cheating mom. The mighty government takes the cuckold victim’s  money by force, under the threat of prison, often even after he has proven not to be the father. Do you understand? Unjustly robbed and raped by dictatorial government, for life.
    • There is no escape. Not even fleeing to another country because paternity claims are usually enforced internationally, and deadbeat dads lose their passport.
    • Paternity rape is as bad as being locked in a war zone rape camp. Constant, daily, non-stop abuse. Suicide is the only exit.
  • black-babyThe paternity rape victim gets raped, day by day, by a woman he trusts, by a woman that knows (or suspects) that her husband is not responsible for the child’s care. it is a persistent state of rape, sapping away the cuckold’s life energy and force for decades. It is truly life changing.
  • Paternity fraud rape is high treason. Paternity rape is a mean, heinous, abhorrent, abominable, atrocious, awful, evil, execrable, grave, hateful, hideous, infamous, monstrous, nefarious, odious, outrageous, revolting, shocking, unspeakable, vicious, villainous crime

10 best paternity reactions (Video)

Feminists dramatize innuendo, justify fraudulent paternity rape

Feminists dramatize minute inconveniences like cat calls, ogling, objectifying gaze, "elevator eyes" as if they were  "devastating" "life changing events". Feminists created an entire sexual harassment industry (SHI) around such minor issues and achieved laws that violate fundamental human rights, freedom of academic expression in harassment legislation.

Men lose out because they don’t dramatize truly life changing fraud like paternity fraud and birth control lies.

Rape-rape (forcible rape) is much less traumatizing then cuckold paternity rape (paternity fraud)

  • Rape-rape has only an hour’s duration,
  • If rape-rape results in a baby, that baby is the victim’s flesh and blood. Only the father is not the father of her choice. In case of marital rape or date rape the father might even be one she would have chosen to be the father.
  • After rape-rape the woman has the option of aborting the baby. Even countries that prohibit abortion usually make an exception for rape.

Female language manipulation language manipulation created 24 types of rape. We should add

  • Paternity rape
  • Birth Control rape: a sex act without valid consent. A man agrees to sex, based on the lie that the woman is taking birth control. Or worse, the woman damages the condom, or artificially injects sperm from a condom or from oral sex into her vagina. The inverse analogue, the 5 second rape, the man that did not pull out, has already been criminalized.

Free sex? OK. Fraud? NO!

I am a sex positive liberal man!
I think women can fool around!

In that case, just don’t marry! Or make a marriage contract stipulating open marriage!


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Paternity Fraud is Rape! Paternity Rape is worse than Rape-Rape.
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Radical masculist manifesto: on equal terms with radical feminists

Radical masculism: a necessity to fight back against radical feminists on level playing field

Radical masculists are needed as the male self defense army against radical feminism’s onslaught

powerful feminists overpower meek chivalrous menA few scattered men’s rights activists  meekly voice protest against a few isolated examples of feminist injustice.,  Insufficient to  neutralize a 100 year long world wide concerted organized feminist press and policy drive has used lies, manipulation, repression, police power to ruthlessly roll back constitutional rights, the Magna Carta, due process. Feminism has changed the world into a medieval nightmare of laws stacked against men.

A level playing field is a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules Level Playing Field | Wikipedia

A radical masculist manifesto

We need radical masculists who, like radical feminists, are not shy to make preposterous demands

  1. Paternity fraud and birth control lies should be felonies.  Hard to prove? Invert the burden of proof:  "Men never lie about birth control".
  2. Drinking, smoking, overeating during pregnancy should be felony reckless endangerment of a fetus.
  3. Gender quotas in prison are urgently needed to get 51% female prisoners. We recommend stricter punishment for female felons and special mercy for male criminals. Gender is socially constructed: if there are 7 times more men in jail then women, then this clear gender discrimination needs to be remedied.
  4. Domestic violence against men is 98 % underreported (Tiger WoodsBill Clinton): "Has a women ever slapped you, shoved you, thrown an object at you"?
  5. Raise men’s awareness of rape: "Have you ever said ‘Stop, I am tired", or "Not now" and the woman did not stop that exact second"? Then you are a rape victim! 3 out of 5 men have been raped and are not even aware that they were victims of a crime.
  6. An infant can not consent to eating unhealthy food. Feeding health damaging food to an overweight non-consenting infant thus is felony "child poisoning".
  7. Sexual innuendo, bantering should be protected free speech
  8. Disdainful female rejections and typical put-downs ("loser", "nerd", "small dick") create a hostile work environment and are harassment.
  9. Freedom to buy and sell sexual services should be a universal human right
  10. Like priests and psychologists, prostitutes should have the professional duty to keep their clients secret. Spilling the beans about infidelity destroys families and thus is bad for the children. The press should be held to the same secrecy standards, as it was common during President J. F. Kennedy and still is customary in France. .
  11. Find an equally offensive motto equivalent to the feminist war cry: "all men are rapists". "All women are gold diggers" is not good enough, gold digging is not a felony. Maybe "all women are bank robbers". Just re-define "bank robbery" like feminists re-defined "rape", "consent", "child", and "pedophilia".

If all this looks absurd, read below how women not only demanded but actually enacted similarly absurd laws to control, punish and financially exploit men.

Once feminists totally and terminally disavow and ban lunatics like Andrea Dworkin and Valerie Solanas, rescind all unjust anti-male laws, then radical masculism can be put on the back burner. Until then, the bad cop radical masculist is needed to support and inspire the good cop pussyfooted men’s rights movement.  You can not fight a rabid terrorist hate group with flower power or reasoned moderate argument alone. You need a counter-force using methods as forceful as the perpetrator. Another example of failure of peaceful moderation was Neville Chamberlain’s attempt to appease Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany

"Man’s rights activists": chivalrous, respectfully striving for equality and justice

Men are friendly lap-dogs who love women and don't want to hurt or imprison women.  No match for rabid radical feminists attack dogsChivalrous men, who love women, deeply concerned with women’s well being, worried about justice, fairness, and honesty, desirous of equality and harmony, verbally voice concerns about inequalities.

  1. Men’s righters are a small group of scattered men who discuss issues and don’t do political activism.
  2. Men fighting for true equality (while the feminist side unabashedly wants perks, advantages, special protection)
  3. Men complaining about serious injustice and pain like prison terms, crippling financial family court verdicts, while feminist side cannot tolerate anything and whines about minute disturbances like objectifying gaze
  4. Men are scared to be called misogynist
  5. Men are chivalrous white knights who willingly yield to women. Willing to die in the Titanic letting women take life boats first.
  6. Men are forgiving towards women, hard against men. Many men have maimed or killed other men who unjustly were accused of rape

These men’s rights pussies are no match for feminists.

A bunch of friendly lap-dogs against an organized army of vicious man hating feminist attack dogs that fight unfair. No match.

Radical feminists successfully annul constitutional rights, due process, free speech

Feminist are powerful, ruthless, deadly like dangerous murderous dogsWomen (51% of the population) fighting as a cohesive group, led by extremist man hating radical feminists. These don’t just spout lunatic fringe theories.

Rather they successfully manipulate and brainwash women and men world wide to get sexist biased man-hating laws enacted in all nations. They garner support of the UN and the mainstream press. Radical feminist success is mind boggling.

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Radical masculist manifesto: on equal terms with radical feminists
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