Black Comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has shows cancelled in France after Nicolas Anelka’s inverted Nazi salute

Bordeaux Mayor Alain Juppe bans anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala

Bordeaux Maior bans comedian’s show


‘Anti-semitic’ comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has his show cancelled in France after Nicolas Anelka’s inverted Nazi ..

The first stage of a Tour de France by the controversial stand-up comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was banned on Tuesday as a threat to public order – igniting a legal and political row over censorship and free speech. Dieudonné’s show has been widely condemned as anti-semitic.

Politically correct speech codes and hate speech laws are creating medieval repression. It is hilarious that the victim of the censorship is Black, a protected class, and that the extreme right supports his rights to free speech.

Almost all 6,000 places for Thursday’s show in Nantes in western France had been sold at up to €43 a ticket before the local prefect, acting as chief of police, ordered the performance to be cancelled.

6000 people have voted with their wallet, and are prevented from seeing as show they want to see.

The censorship effort makes him famous, but if there is no place in France that he can do his shows, the fame is of little benefit.



Several other towns on a 22-stage national tour by Dieudonné – the creator of the “quenelle”, a hand-gesture which is alleged to resemble the Hitler salute – have already announced that the black comedian is persona non grata. Tuesday’s decision follows a government circular which strongly recommends regional prefects to ban Dieudonné if they believe that his show could lead to “criminal offences”.

Under the French constitution the national government cannot, in theory, issue a blanket ban on theatrical performances. It is up to regional prefects – the senior national government officials in charge of policing and other matters – to take decisions based on local considerations.

In practice, the wording of the circular issued by the interior minister, Manuel Valls, on Monday offered them little choice. President François Hollande removed any doubt by calling on the prefects on Tuesday to be “vigilant and inflexible” in implementing the recommended ban.

An order to repress free speech, from the highest level of government. Note: this is not a Muslim hate speech preacher, it does not incite violence.

It also emerged on Tuesday that the landlords of the theatre in Paris which permanently hosts Dieudonné’s one-man show have decided to give the comedian notice to quit the premises.

Great. Almost like the inquisition.

Get him kicked out from all venues. He already was fined tens of thousands of Euro. Quite ruinous.  A serious attempt to stifle free speech.

Mr Valls say that Dieudonné’s act – which mocks the Holocaust and accuses Jews of running the world – is no longer artistic or comic but is a form of extremist political rally.  The comedian’s lawyers announced that they would seek an injunction to overturn the ban.

They have a good chance of succeeding. Several previous attempts to prevent him from appearing have been struck down in the courts in recent years as an infringement of liberty of expression.

The decision to, in effect, censor Dieudonné had also been criticised by civil liberties pressure groups, centre-right politicians and the respected centre-left newspaper, Le Monde. The French branch of the League of Human Rights said that a blanket ban would “rally support for Dieudonné for those who consider themselves oppressed”.


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    2. You have to wonder how many times that crazed Muslim who murdered a soldier in London had violated Britain’s speech codes without any jail time. I believe he was even involved in assaulting a policeman during a demonstration. But they’re quick to slam people into jail for single anti-PC tweets. It’s bias but it’s also anarcho-tyranny, the authorities will prosecute who it is easy to prosecute.

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