Olympic political correctness: though shalt not pose with weapons, befriend rightists or joke about Blacks

The scourge of political correctness is worse then during Adolf Hitler’s Olympics. In the 1936 Olympics, black Jesse Owens could participate and win a gold medal, despite Hitler’s objections. In  2012 Voula Papachristou was not so lucky. Support for a legal party that got 7% of the Greek vote plus a joke about Blacks eliminated her from the Olympic team. Voula Papachristou‘s joke was not inciting violence, it was not even derogatory or discriminatory.

Though shalt not talk about Blacks except in praise

But really this is not about discrimination. it is about the fact that blacks are sacred objects, and you do not make jokes about sacred objects. But this truth, that in liberal society blacks are sacred objects, cannot be stated aloud because it would reveal too much about the liberal order, so instead it is said that we must “never discriminate between human beings and races.” 3

So what if she was racist and decried that Africans are brining crime to Europe and should not be let in? In the liberal 1800’s or early 1900 such would be personal opinions, free speech, political opinion. Mankind fought for democratic freedom, for constitutional rights. But now, freedom is no more.

Full participation in the Olympics is only allowed to athletes who get a clean pass on political correctness. Excelling in sports is not the only pre-requisite. One needs a clean bill from the political correctness crowd.

Though shalt not pose with rifles in a US gun shop


Australian swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk will be sent home from the London Olympics at the conclusion of their respective swimming events, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has announced.

The pair came under heavy criticism after posting a photo of themselves online brandishing high-powered weapons in a US gun shop.D’Arcy and Monk to be sent home early

Though shalt not have a boyfriend with unpopular political opinions (Guilt by association)

It is not enough to be politically clean. Your friends must be politically correct too.  Befriending candidates for election is enough to get one’s Olympic stay cut short. Ever tried to find cheap housing during Olympic games, when expelled from the Olympic village?

Then there is the case of Nadja Drygalla, a rower who was pressured to leave the German Olympic team last Friday after a TV station reported that her boyfriend was Michael Fischer, who had been a candidate for the far-right National Democratic party in a regional election last year. Some also claimed Fischer had been involved in disruptive protests against immigrants.

Drygalla vehemently denied harboring any extremist views. But the news report prompted Michael Vesper, chief of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, to call her in for a long talk.

“She explained the matter from her point of view,” Vesper told journalists. “I made the problem clear to her.” According to Vesper, the rower reaffirmed her allegiance to the Olympic Charter, and he acknowledged, “I have no doubt that she not only stands upon the foundation of the German constitution but also on that of the Olympic values.” But then Drygalla announced she was “voluntarily” leaving the Olympics, and Vesper accepted her “choice.”  Olympic Political Correctness (Why I take offense at the 2012 London Games)


The treatment of Drygalla recalls the classic “guilt by association” tactics that liberals usually rail against when the victims are Communists. The National Democratic party may be odious (government officials have labeled it anti-Semitic), but it is a legal entity with elected members in two state parliaments.

Though shalt leave space for weaker nations: Not the best advance to the finals

The 4th best scoring gymnast and reigning world champion got excluded from the 24 member finals. The #4 must not get into the top 24? So why should not the 6th fastest sprinter be excluded from the 100 m finals,  so white sprinter ranked #15 can participate in the Finals, creating more racial balance and justice?

The above title was meant as a provocative joke, but now I see it is a serious proposal. Affirmative action for White and Asian sprinters. Just as we hire unqualified fire-women that don’t pass the physical requirements her male colleages have to satisfy, and that thus can not carry an injured heavy man.



Although Wieber’s score of 60.032 was the third best overall score during qualification, she will not advance because the Olympic gymnastics format only allows two competitors per team to advance.


The Two-Gymnasts-Per-Country Rule That Eliminated Jordyn Wieber Is Totally Indefensible

Geddert and Karolyi are right: It’s absurd to keep the best athletes out of competition for medals. That’s not an unusual practice at the Olympics, though. Consider table tennis,which added a two-athlete-per-country limit prior to the London Games in a calculatedattempt to limit Chinese dominance of the sport. The top four men and the top four women in the world are all Chinese. On the men’s side, Zhang Jike, the current world No. 1, and Wang Hao, the world No. 4, qualified for China in singles. World No. 2 Ma Long has been relegated to the team competition, and No. 3 Xu Xin isn’t even in London. In keeping these players out, the Olympics has allowed the enforcement of diversity to trump the quest to crown the best in the world.

One can at least see the logic behind imposing a limit of three entrants on each event, but it’s ridiculous to deny a country the opportunity to claim all three medals. The winner of the bronze in men’s table tennis will know that he didn’t prove himself against the best in the world—that he’s only on the podium so the IOC can snap a picture that doesn’t include three Chinese flags.

It’s a good thing that the Olympics bring in athletes from smaller nations and that the games aren’t restricted to the best of the best. But inviting in the weak at the expense of the strong is the wrong kind of affirmative action. It’s a slap in the face to athletes who deserve to be there, and it’s unfair to those who take their place and will always wonder if they truly earned their spot.



What this also means is that Jordyn Wieber, "the reigning world champion in the all-around and a favorite to win Olympic-gold," will not be allowed take part in that round because she finished 3rd among the U.S. women’s team on Sunday.

But what if Wieber’s 3rd place score was higher than the first place score received by a team member from another country? Technically it could happen, but the rules committee guards against it by erasing the scores of each individual gymnast once the two advancing team members have been decided.



Form your own opinion.

Olympics 2012: politically correct judges decided that Russian Gymnast Victoria Komova is too White to get Gold Medal.

The other difference is that a black woman (Douglas) won the gold medal. Recall that the white woman (Wieber) was excluded from the all-around team. So from the US, the black woman was selected as the sole individual star, shooting up the ranks despite not being clearly better than her rivals.

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