Women can stop rape! Don’t drink, don’t get raped! Simple.

A woman drinks alcohol at a party. She has sex with a man. The next day she wakes up and feels raped. Modern *rape laws agree that she was raped. She can get the man convicted for consented-to-sex-but-consent-was-invalid-due-to-alcohol rape. 1  2 3

Consensual date rape can is preventable and can be totally avoided.

women-decides-about-reproductionThis rape could have been avoided with 100% certainty. Had she not consented, she would not have been raped. Had the woman not drunk, she would not have been raped.

  1. Either she might have consented, when sober, just as she consented when drunk. Sober consent would be valid (because she was totally sober). No-one else to blame but herself for having consented to the sex act. No rape would have happened.
  2. Or she would not have consented to sex, when sober, and the sex would not have happened. Thus no rape would have happened.
    1. If she insists on drinking, she could have an analogy to the "designated driver", a sober friend that has the instructions not to let her go home with anyone, rather to deliver her home safely. This can be easily enforced, the sober friend just can drop the message, to potential suitors, that she is unable to consent and any sexual act will be prosecuted as rape, to the fullest extent of the law.
    2. Does this sound confusing? Well, modern rape does not require the women to resist. It does not even require the woman to say "no". A woman that enthusiastically consents to sex, even a woman that takes initiative to have sex against a man’s wish, can be a rape victim if she was drunk (out of her own volition to drink) or if she is under the age of consent.

"Rape" was clearly defined for 2000 years, until re-definition 50 years ago

We should revert the feminist language abuse that confuses clear terms like *consent and creates such language monsters like "invalid consent rape",

Some of the 20 types of *rape are more difficult or impossible to eradicate. Forcible rape, which involves threat of true violence. Clear, explicit, true non-*consensual rape is harder to avoid. This confounding of forcible rape with other consensual forms of rape is an offense to victims of true forcible rape

We should scrap the patronizing laws that consider women un-empowered, not responsible for their own actions. So if a woman drinks, she still would be responsible for her actions. Unless if she could prove she was in a total stupor (which still is the consequence of very irresponsible behavior).

Raped men are responsible for child support

man-decides-about-his-financesMen, even when passed out drunk and raped by a women, still have to pay child support for decades.Similarly, immature boys that are statutorily raped have to pay child support. Or men whose sperm was stolen from a condom or from a sperm bank. Or when the woman "forgot" the pill on purpose or got impregnated by someone else. The man always pays child support. 

Women are not responsible for actions under their control (drinking, consenting when drunk). Men, on the other hand, are financially liable for pregnancies that arise out of none of their own fault but out of the pure fault of the woman.

Of course, in the above analysis, we resorted to logic, which is a patriarchic tool of female oppression by men.

Re-definition of the word "rape"

Discussions about rape have been obfuscated by feminist re-definition of the word "rape". "Rape" is not what it used to be.  So in discussion about rape, people usually think of real forcible rape-rape in the old sense of the word "rape". But force, or active clear non-consent have long ceased to be requirements to prove re-defined "rape".

Feminist re-definition has made our language totally confusing and changed the meaning of words like *child, *consent, sex, porn (copine scale), child porn and *rape.

Non-consensual date rape. Non-consensual forcible rape.

Not all types of *rape are totally preventable.  We will write about non-consensual rape or non-consensual date rape in another post.

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10 thoughts on “Women can stop rape! Don’t drink, don’t get raped! Simple.”

  1. Can someone please explain to me how a man, passed out drunk, can be raped? How does an unconscious man get an erection? Or are you talking about ANY sexual activity other than intercourse constituting male rape?

    1. A man can get a hard-on, even ejaculation in sleep. Young men get hard-ons all the time without much provocation.

      If a skillful woman plays with a passed out man’s penis, most likely he will get an erection.

      There is at least a famous court case where there was actual offspring as a result of such a “rape” of an unconscious passed out man. Result: HE had to pay child support.

      She was not arrested for rape or sexual assault.

  2. Consensual date rape can is preventable and can be totally avoided: This rape could have been avoided with 100% certainty. Had she not consented, she would not have been raped. Had the woman not drunk, she would not have been raped

    This is poor logic. I mean, look at the title to the first portion of the post…it doesn’t even make sense – in fact, it’s an oxymoron.

    For one thing, a woman can not consent to sex and STILL be raped, the rapist just doesn’t listen to her. And unless you are a psychic, just because a woman doesn’t drink doesn’t mean that she won’t be attacked and raped.

    The ONLY thing you can say is that not drinking would lower her chances of her being attacked.

    Next consenting to sex is a whole other subject. OF course rape doesn’t happen if you consent to sex. The only thing I can think of is if she did consent and she changes her mind before sex happens. In that case, once she says “no” loud and clear, the guy has to stop. If he continues to try to have sex with her after that, then it can be considered rape.

    A woman does have the right to change her mind. Now if she changes her mind WHILE having sex, then I can see that situation being complicated.

    In terms of men who are raped:

    Men, even when passed out drunk and raped by a women, still have to pay child support for decades.Similarly, immature boys that are statutorily raped have to pay child support.

    I too disagree with the notion of guys in the above situation having to pay child support.

    In the end, I have no problem suggesting to females ways to stay safe. The whole notion of “What about teaching guys not to rape”, while true, it ignores the fact that there are people out there who WILL commit crimes. While this world exists, there will always be criminals, so the best thing to counter that is to protect ourselves.

    However, problem arises when people reduce rape to what she was doing at the time, what she was wearing, if she’s promiscuous, etc. It’s fine if you want to get all the facts, but too often it’s all about if the woman “brought it on herself”. I don’t see this happening with any other crime but rape.

    We can’t forget that the person who caused the rape was the rapist.

    1. You just got deceived and confused by modern feminist re-definition of “rape”. A woman can perfectly consent to sex and still be raped. By today’s warped language and misleading laws.

      a) if she totally consented, even took the initiative. But then for some reason the consent is invalid. For example, if she is drunk, drugged, feeble minded, declared incompetent, legally.

      b) if she is underage, like 17, then she is being raped. Even if she took all the initiative.

      c) if she simply lies, and says she did not consent. After all, one dogma is “women don’t lie”. So in rape accusations, all normal due process guarantees are taken away and the man has to PROVE he did rape her that she did consent. And all this without cross examination, with assumption of guilt until proven innocent, …..

      c) if she signed a notary document of consent, she can always claim she withdrew consent. See “5 second rape” and “I have to go home” rape in the *rape link in the article.

      I hope you read the article, and the corresponding links to understand modern rape laws.

      1. a) Well, if she’s unconcious due to drinking and drugs, then she can’t consent = rape. As for being feeble minded or declared incompetent legally, isn’t it true that they can’t even consent to surgery or anything legal? I understand though that people don’t go around asking if a person is legally competent. With being feeble minded though – they really don’t know any better….so I can see why that’s a iffy situation.

        b) Yeah that’s true.

        c) That’s obvious, but it didn’t go inline with your point of not consenting=no sex, which I was disagreeing with when I was talking about consenting being another subject. Not saying it isn’t true though.

        d) That’s true, but my bit in part c applies to this too.

        By the way, I actually commented on an earlier post of yours (What’s the Big Deal About Rape).

      1. No, the victim can cause the rape. She drank, she consented, she claimed invalid consent

        But…..that’s not rape if she consented (not sure if you’re trying to “play on words” or not here). But if she drank and passed out before sex,then that’s not consent. And like I said before, she has the right to change her mind before sex (while having sex is a whole other subject, as well as passing out during sex lol).

        Really though, the best thing to do is to 1) don’t have sex with drunk people 2) don’t get drunk. However, I’m sure this may be difficult depending on where you party or hange out at 😛

        1. “consent” had been re-defined too. If the girl is drunk, then the consent is invalid, she can not consent, and thus she did not consent. Even though she said enthusiastically “yes”.

          So she said Yes, f.ck me, but still be a rape victim. Not my fault, it is re-definition of “rape” by feminists.

          Feminists wrecked our language. “Consent” lost its meaning. “Rape” too. Check the links in the txt.

  3. Hey man, I agree with many, though not all, of your posts. This one has a lot to recommend it. I especially liked the point: “We should scrap the patronizing laws that consider women un-empowered, not responsible for their own actions.” I say this sort of thing all the time. After all, if a man is drunk and commits a crime, say looks at child porn or hits another car, we don’t say “hey, its not his fault, he was drunk. He isn’t responsible.” However, I do have to recommend scrapping any reference to Manhood101. I liked the sentiment of the poster – that’s fine. But that group is cracked. I am a huge fan of The Good Men Project. But Manhood 101 is very very insulting to women. And this is coming from a female who is writing a dissertation/book about the feminization of American culture to the detriment of men. So, I don’t know if you are a member of Manhood101, but I just wanted you to know I think promoting them is inconsistent with some of your work.

    1. If you’re a fan of the Good Men Project, you’re a mindless CUNT. Your tiny brained opinion can immediately be discounted.

      Thank you Manhood Academy for exposing cunts like claire53!

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