All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quotas for Whites /Asians needed to offset black privilege.

All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black. How can we make such a racist prediction?

The fastest non-black man in the world, European champion  (Christophe Lemaitre) decided to skip the 100 m run. 9 Olympic participants run faster then Lemaitre in 100meters. He has no chance for a medal in 100 m, while he has been #4 this year in 200 meters.

In the last decades, Olympic finals and semifinals in 100 m running dashes consisted (almost?) exclusively of Black men and women.


BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES | MEN’S 100M ATHLETICS FINAL. Where are the Asian finalists? Discriminated against?

racist-dog271 fastest runners on earth: 1 white Christophe Lemaitre & 70 blacks. Are races equal?

Conventional wisdom teaches us that race is only skin deep. Gender and race are socially constructed. If there are more men then women in top CEO positions, then this is due to discrimination by the evil patriarchy.If Blacks are underrepresented in top Universities, it is due to the never-ending legacy of 19th century slavery.

Equally, the lack of Whites and Asians in the 100 m Olympic finals must be due to discrimination. As everyone knows, all races are equal. Actually, race does not exist. Check this playlist of 25 100m races . I saw one lone white man among all the Blacks. Even Asian games and European championships consist largely of Blacks.

Discrimination everywhere?

How Much Can Discrimination Explain? | Walter Williams

  • Does the American basketball league discriminate against whites? 70% of the players in the US basketball league are black!
  • How come, Jews, a discriminated group, earn 30% of US Nobel Prizes even though they are only 3% of the population?
  • If you see a tiger approaching you, do you stereotype the tiger and run? Or do you first try to find out about the individual tiger before you make a discriminatory decision?
How Much Can Discrimination Explain? | Walter Williams



Olympics Beijing 100m Finals for Women

Olympics Beijing 100m Finals for Women. Blacks only, in clear discrimination against White and Asians races


Men’s 100m Final – Helsinki2012 European Championship

There are a few Whites in the European Finals. Consider that Europe is mainly white, and that the European Championship winning time would have scored 8th place in the Jamaican championship final. Christophe Lemaitre decided not to run in the 100 m dash in London’s 2012 Olympics.

European Championship Finals Helsinki 2012


European champion Lemaitre skips 100m to focus on 200m at London 2012

He added: ‘In the results over 100m, Christophe is only ranked 10th among those who have entered.

‘Over 200m, we can hope for a medal.’

Carraz did hint, though, that any significant withdrawals from the 100m might prompt a rethink

Lemaitre, the first white man to break the 10-second barrier, has only run 10.04secs for the 100m so far this year.

He is the world No 4 over 200m, though, having clocked 19.91s to win the Diamond League meeting at Crystal Palace 12 days ago.

Lemaitre also won 200m bronze at last year’s World Championships in Daegu.

Mexico 68 Olympic 100m Men’s Final

Did not see any non-Black competitor. Did you see any Asian or White?

Mexico 68 Olympic 100m Men’s Final. Whites need not apply.

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7 thoughts on “All 2012 Olympic 100m dash finalist will be black men. Racial Quotas for Whites /Asians needed to offset black privilege.”


    “There are no fast nigerians, ghanians, senegalese and so on.
    Better global doping controls and you will see athletes of all races in the finals. Ben johnson was a lame duck without steroids.”

    That’s a good point.

    Human-Stupidty thinks black people are genetically inclinded to cheat and break the law etc, so why do we need to bring in the theory that black people are genetically better sprinters than whites? Surely it can be explained by the fact that black sprinters are far more likely to break the rules and take performance enhancing drugs?

    1. Interesting theory. Black sprinters are more inclined to cheat, thus win races. Most such theories can be tested empirically, of course, with a lot of effort and work.

      I would guess that successful cheating requires lots of intelligence and effort. Also there seems to be evidence that certain black sub-races have more fast twitch muscles and more favorable bone structure.

      I repeat: most hypotheses can be scientifically tested. But non-PC results can be career ending, so many theories are NOT correctly analyzed by academics.

      Actually, your interpretation is wrong: blacks are more impulsive, have less self control, are more violent (sorry, Rushton has plenty of research supporting this, this is not some racist presumption of mine). These are NOT qualities needed to successfully circumvent doping controls.

      Equally, successful white collar crimes, successful organized warfare often require lots of discipline and intelligence and thus would NOT favor black perpetrators.

      Blacks seem to be over represented in street robbery and everyday violent altercations. Not in complex, planned criminal hoists.

  2. You dont need racial quotas. Without the heavy drugged americans and west indians you will have fair races.
    There are no fast nigerians, ghanians, senegalese and so on.
    Better global doping controls and you will see athletes of all races in the finals. Ben johnson was a lame duck without steroids.

  3. There is actually a non-black British sprinter who just won the World Junior Championship 100m at 18 years of age in a time of 10:05. He’s already the fastest teenager in history and he only needs to run a few hundredths of a second faster and he has a good chance of reaching the final.

    Staggering thing is he only took up athletics seriously 6 months ago – prior to that he was an amateur football player.

    There is some ambiguity about his racial heritage but it appears that he is of White British and Turkish descent.

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