Rapper DMX vows to break every rule to hurt George Zimmerman in celebrity boxing match

George Zimmerman offered to fight anyone, in a celebrity boxing match. Among 15000 eager candidates, rapper DMX was selected.Wanted dead or alive george zimmerman

DMX promised to massacre Zimmerman in the ring if he got the chance. To be exact, he said, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.” He then said he’d literally piss on George’s face. [1]

Black violence is socially acceptable

Amazing that nobody demands a fair fight. George Zimmerman is such a a pariah, that MSN and the Florida State Attorney, with impunity, could call him “murderer” after his acquittal. 2 5

As you can imagine, the list of people willing to fight Zimmerman was long. Among the 15,000 candidates was the rapper Game, who told TMZ: “I would not be boxing for me… I’d be boxing for the legacy of Traven Martin and his family.” DMX also told TMZ that he wants to fight on behalf of “every black person who has been done wrong in the system…

That of course is a problem. A relentless slandering campaign by the press, led by the justice department has spread lies about a clear cut case of self defense against the vicious life threatening attack by Trayvon Martin. See details further down.

I am going to beat the living fuck out of him. I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him up right.” He also threatened to piss on Zimmerman’s face. 3

In the press and in comments hardly anyone would condemn DMX for his violent unfair criminal attitude. Is unfair violence really an accepted part of rap culture? Black misbehavior is usually excused, if not expected. It was perfectly acceptable that, last year, the New Black Panthers put up a US$ 10 000 bounty on Zimmerman, dead or alive.

It is strange. George Zimmerman was outclassed and almost killed by Trayvon Martin. What makes him think he can survive against a mean street fighter who is out for blood and vows to fight unfairly? Even in a fair fight, there are plenty of men who can seriously hurt a rookie fighter.

White House Petition to Stop George Zimmerman DMX Boxing Match

Zimmerman recently said he was $2.5 million in debt. 2cnn “His pictures sell for US$ 100 000, “Those who are driving up the price are likely not art lovers, but more likely Zimmerman’s supporters.” 2cnn

George Zimmerman had been financially ruined by unjust persecution, and by unchecked and unopposed vigilante threats that obliged him to stay in hiding. Thus he was, and still is unable to do normal gainful work.

George Zimmerman has been haunted by the permissiveness of Black misbehavior. Most would give Trayvon Martin the right to bash George Zimmerman‘s head onto a concrete slab, just for feeling upset for, maybe, being followed from afar.

It does not matter that Trayvon Martin actually seems to be a violent burglar, because he was found with burglary tools and apparent jewelry loot on campus. Rather, this part was white washed.



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